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Linsn LED offers a complete range of Indoor & Outdoor Rental LED Display products for events, stages, stores, television studios,boardrooms, professional AV installations and other venues. You can choose the right series for your rental applications. Pixel Pitch from P1.953mm to P4.81mm for Indoor Rental LED Display and from P2.976mm to P5.95mm for Outdoor Rental LED Screen.

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Rental LED display can be a great option for your events to generate revenues and enhance the attendees’ experiences. This is a comprehensive and in-depth guide of LED screen rental projects, aiming at answering all potential questions you may have to increase the efficiency and potential profits for your events!

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1. What Is Rental LED Display?

One of the obvious differences between LED rental displays and fixed LED displays lies in that the fixed LED displays will not be moved for a long time, but a rental one may be disassembled after one live event is completed such as a musical event, an exhibition, or a commercial product launch, and so forth.

This feature puts forward a basic requirement for rental LED display that it should be easy to assemble and disassemble, safe, and user-friendly so the installation and transportation will not cost too much energy.

Moreover, sometimes “LED display rental” refers to “LED video wall rental”, which means the rental displays are often large to meet the requirement of simultaneously mass viewing.

led rental display events

Types of LED Rental Display:

Indoor Rental LED Display – indoor LED display often requires small pixel pitch because of the close viewing distance, and the brightness is often between 500-1000nits. Moreover, the protection level should be IP54.

Outdoor Rental LED Display – outdoor LED display usually needs to have stronger protection capability due to the installation environment may face more challenges and changes such as rain, moisture, wind, dust, excessive heat, and so on. Generally, the protection level should be IP65.

What is more, the brightness should be higher as the brighter ambient sunlight can lead to reflection on the screen, resulting in unclear images to viewers. The normal brightness for outdoor LED displays is between 4500-5000nits.

2. What Rental LED Screens Can Do for You?

2.1 From Brand Level:

(1) It encourages the engagement of viewers, impressing them with your products and services better.

(2) It can advertise your products in various forms including images, videos, interactive games, and so on to promote your brand, and create more profits.

(3) It can generate revenues by sponsorship.

2.2 From Technical Level:

(1) High contrast & high visibility

High contrast often comes from the comparative high brightness. High contrast means clearer and more vivid images and can bring higher visibility on many occasions such as when the screen is placed under direct sunlight.

The high contrast makes LED rental displays have outstanding performance in visibility and color contrast.

(2) High brightness

The brightness of outdoor LED displays can reach 4500-5000nits, higher than projectors and TV.

Moreover, the adjustable brightness level also benefits people’s eyesight.

(3) Customizable size and aspect ratio.

You can customize the screen size and aspect ratio of LED screens cause they are composed of single LED display modules that can build large LED rental walls, but for TV and projector, it can not achieve big screen generally.

(4) High protection capability

For indoor rental LED display, the protection level can reach IP54, and for outdoor rental LED display, that can be up to IP65.

High protection capability prevents the display from natural elements such as dust and moisture effectively, which can prolong the service life, and avoid unnecessary degradation of play effect.

3. When Will You Need One?

For your rental projects, there are three prevailing choices in the market – projector, TV, and LED display screen. According to the specific conditions of your events, you need to decide which one is the most suitable one to boost the human traffic and revenues for you.

When you need is a LED display? Please refer to the conditions below:

(1) The display will be placed in an environment with comparative strong ambient light such as sunlight.

(2) There are potentials of rain, water, wind, etc.

(3) You need the screen to be specific or customized size.

(4) The scene needs simultaneously mass viewing.

If the requirements of your events are similar to any of them above, meaning you should choose a rental LED screen as your helpful assistant.

3.1 LED Screen Compared with Projection

(1) Size

As long as you have the ability to drive your mobile rental LED display, our mobile screens will fit snugly alongside it without taking up too much room. While it is noted that the footprint projection screens tend to be bigger in size, including ours for sizes 40ft and up, they are exclusively provided in this format.

(2) Brightness

LED screens are able to maintain brightness throughout the day, and LED screen rental can offer high adjustable brightness to make sure you can see the screen clearly under direct sunlight.

Projection screens are great for nighttime movies but struggle near bright light or before sunset.

(3) Resistence

Outdoor rental LED display owns protection ability with at least IP65, and can resist water, heat and moisture. However, projection has lower protection ability and is not recommended to be used in outdoor.

3.2 LED Screen Rental Events

Live Sporting Event;

Stage rental led display;

Wedding led screen rental;

Concert venues;

Business presentations;

School commencements;

Camera feeds;

And more…

4. Where Will You Need One?

As we know, rental LED displays have many types that fit different application scenarios such as indoor rental LED display, outdoor rental LED display, transparent LED display, flexible LED display, high-definition LED display, and so on. That means, there are many using scenarios for us to utilize such screens to improve our profits and human traffic.

Buying or Renting a LED Screen?

The LED screen rental industry is experiencing rapid growth, driven by the increasing demand for high-quality audiovisual support at concerts and events of all kinds.

Investing in the rental LED wall can be a profitable venture, as the investment can be recovered in just four or five events, depending on the size and rental period. 

Moreover, LED screens that feature quick assembly and disassembly systems result in a more convenient and cost-effective installation process than other models on the market.

That means, if you want to do some rental screen investments, it can be a worthwhile decision with a high return!

5. LED Display Rental Price

This can be one of the most concerned factors for most of the customers – the price. Here we will clarify several important factors influencing LED screen rental costs.

(1) Modular or mobile rental LED display

Generally speaking, mobile LED screen will cost less than modular LED display, and the labor cost will be less.

module or rental led screen

(2) Pixel pitch

As you may know, smaller pixel pitch often means a higher price and higher resolution. Even though the fine pixel pitch represents clearer images, choosing the best pixel value according to the actual viewing distance can be a cost-effective way.

For example, if your targeted viewers will be 20m away from the screen most of the time, then choose a P1.25mm LED display may be a good deal as the unnecessary premium. Just consult with the providers, and they are suspected to give you reasonable proposals.

(3) Outdoor or indoor use

Outdoor LED screens are more expensive than indoor LED displays most of the time as the requirements for outdoor displays are higher such as stronger protection capability and brightness.

(4) Labor cost

For example, if the installation is complex, and the number of LED modules you need to install is large, or the time duration is long, all these will lead to a higher labor cost.

(5) Service time

When the rental screen is outside of the warehouse, the charging is beginning. It means the cost will take the amount of time that takes to install the screen, set up the equipment, and disassemble it after the event finishing.

5.1 How Much Does A LED Wall Screen Cost?

The LED wall screen rental costs can be various from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This depends on the sizes, configuration, applications, and so on.

In the first part of this chapter, we discuss several the most important parts of 

If you are interested in LED screen rental cost, you can just send us messages right now to get the detailed quotations!

5.2 How to Get the Most Cost-efficient Rental Display?

How to negotiate the best price for your rental screen projects? After knowing the related factors that decide the pricing, we will give you some other insight tips to get the most cost-efficient rental LED displays.

(1) Get the right pixel pitch

The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the price. For example, the renting fee of P2.5 LED display may be more expansive than P3.91 LED display a lot. So spend your money to chase the lowest pixel count sometimes can be unnecessary.

The optimal viewing distance is typically 2-3 times the pixel pitch number in meters. If your audiences will be 60 feet away from the display, then they may not find out the differences between the two pixels LED board. For example, the appropriate viewing distance for 3.91mm LED screens will be 8-12 feet.

(2) Shorten the total time of your LED screen rental project.

For LED rental projects, time is money. You can arrange the staging, lighting, and audio in place firstly, and then introduce the screen to the site.

What is more, don’t forget the shipping, receiving and installation will cost some time. That is one reason that why the user-friendly design of LED displays is quite important cause it will save lots of time and energy and they are often front and back services available. Try to streamline the process to save you more budget!

(3) Try to avoid peak periods or book in advance

Different events will have their peak demand windows. For example, try to avoid renting in some major holidays such as New Year, Christmas, and Easter.

If you want to rent the display for events held in these holidays, book the display in advance to prevent tight stock.

(4) Prepare redundancy at reduced rates

Spare parts and redundancy can set the safety net for your events, and many providers will offer you this part at a reduced rate or even for free.

Ensure the company you choose has experienced staff for repairing and replacing, meaning reducing the risks of any emergencies during your events.

6. Rental LED Screen Installation

The installation of rental LED screen should be easy and quick as the displays may be delivered to other places after the events finished. Usually, there will be professional staff majoring in the installation and daily maintenance work for you.

When installing the screen, please notice several aspects including:

(1) Move the cabinet carefully to avoid edge bumps which will lead to the troubles of LED lamp beads falling, and so on.

(2) Do not install the LED cabinets when they are powering on.

(3) Before powering on the LED screen, checking the LED modules with a multimeter to exclude problems.

Generally, there are some common installation methods including the hanging method, and stacked method, and so on.

The hanging way means the screen will be rigged to either an overhead truss system, a ceiling grid, a crane, or some other support structure from above; and the stacked method represents the staff will put all the weight of the screen on the ground, and the screen will be braced in multiple locations to make the screen “stand” stable and rigid.

7. How to Control Rental LED Display Board

Classic Series

There are two kinds of control methods including synchronous and asynchronous control systems. The basic structure of LED control system is generally like what the picture shows:

When you choose a LED display using synchronous control system, it means the display will show the real-time content of the computer screen connected to it.

The synchronous control method needs the computer (input terminal) to connect the synchronous sending box, and when the input terminal provides signal, the display will show the content, and when the input terminal stops the display, the screen will stop too.

And when you applying asynchronous system, it doesn’t display the same content that is being played on the computer screen, meaning you may edit the content firstly on the computer and send the content to the receiving card.

Under the asynchronous control method, the contents will be edited by computer or mobile phone firstly and will be sent to the asynchronous LED sender box. 

The contents will be stored in the sender box, and the screen can display the contents that have already been stored in the box. This allows the LED displays to show the contents themselves separately.

Moreover, there are some points for you to understand the differences better:

(1) Asynchronous system mainly controls the screen by WIFI/4G, but you also can control the screen through computers too.

(2) One of the most obvious differences lies in the truth that you can’t play the real-time contents by the asynchronous control system.

(3) If the number of total pixels is under 230W, then both of the two control systems can be chosen. But if the number is larger than 230W, it is recommended you can only choose the syn control method.

Typical LED Display Control Systems

After we know the two types of common control methods, now let us get started to figure out several control systems we often apply:

(1) For asynchronous control: Novastar, Huidu, Colorlight, Xixun, and so on.

(2) For synchronous control: Novastar, LINSN, Colorlight, and so on.

Moreover, how to choose the corresponding sending card/receiving card modes for the displays? There is a simple criteria – choose the one based on the loading capacity of the cards and the resolution of the screen.

And the software you may use for different control methods are listed below:

led display control system

8. 3 Reasons of Choosing Linsn LED As LED Screen Rental Manufacturer

(1) High-definition LED display with good prices

Linsn LED provides a series of HD LED display based on your needs. Our MA series, NG series and so on all can support small pixel pitch LED displays.

The LED screen rental projects completed by us can be used perfectly in many applications that need HD LED display panel such as exhibitions, shopping malls, hotels and so on.

(2) Quick delivery with sufficient production capability

We owns matured and effective production lines that can produce high-quality LED display screens with fast delivery, which is improtant for  LED display rental projects as many of them require timeliness.

(3) 7/24 services

Linsn LED provides well-around 7/24 pre-sale services, mid-sale services and after-sale services!

Just send a message to us and tell us your requirements, our professional staff will provides you proposals and detailed quotation.

Also, we have high-level technicans to offer you technical guidance such as connection and installation.

5% free spare part and 3-years warranty are our advantages all the time.

linsnled factory machine

9. How to Choose Right LED Display Rental Company?

When we want to do some LED display screen business, the first thing is no doubt to find a reliable and veteran LED display supplier. Choosing the right LED display rental company sometimes means your rental LED display business has already half successful. We may all want to know how we can choose the right one, but have difficulty in distinguishing which one can prosper our events finally.

Do you wish to know how to achieve this? Let’s discuss together!

9.1 Service – Three Parts

We put this factor as the first one, meaning you should consider it as a key point when choosing LED screen rental company.

The services you can expect to have can be divided into three parts: first, the professional technical services which can guide you to deal with all potential technical questions during the rent term. 

Second, the onsite service. There is usually an onsite staff help to set up, operate and tear down the screen. 

Third, the LED screen supplier should provide you a set of mature plan for your rental LED screen using project, and make sure they are selling you the products that you really need.

The service shall make you feel 100% comfortable in your choice of both provider and LED display product.

9.2 Product – Quality, Transportion and Price

Product is always the soul of a LED display manufacturer.

First of all, take account of the quality of the rental LED wall. Although the specifications of some rental LED screen may not be so different from each other, the production process can be various so that influences the actual quality of the final product.  

To avoid choosing such ‘gift-wrapped’ LED display, you can ask the LED supplier for videos and photos of their workshop, productive process and quality control inspection.

And there is a gold rule – don’t choose the product whose price is lower than the market price too much. The price which does’t comply with the common sense has a great chance to cause more loss in the future, for example, the inferior quality will make you suffer from the bad image quality so degrade your events.

The next point is, the package and transportation. If you want to do a giant LED screen rental business with the supplier, meaning there will be a huge number of LED display module to transport.

So keep in mind that the products should be packed correctly, and the transportation shall be safe and intime to ensure your events will not be affected.

Finally, the price. How much money we will pay is still one of the most concerned issues. For the pricing of LED display rental activity, many factors contributes to the final result – types, locations, avalibility, size, etc. But bear in mind the price should’t be the only and the first reason for your selecting (of course the cost still should be within your budget section) as the price and quality often have a positive correlation.

9.3 Special Experiences in LED Screen Rental Industry

One way to judge the reliability of a LED screen rental company is to figure out whether the company has enough experience in the rental LED display industry.

There are many types of LED video displays such as the fixed LED display and rental LED display screen, and the designs are varied including special-shaped LED display whose designs beyond that of a traditional square or rectangle LED screens. 

And different bases of screen made of a variety of materials say magnetic, rubber and aluminum can play their unique role for diverse purposes.  

In a word, just because a company appears to have done a large scale work, it will not have them being the best fit one for your project. Therefore, check their hand-on experiences for the type of LED screen which you really want!

9.4. Qualification

While going to choose the best LED display screen manufacturer, the very first thing to do is considering the authentication and reliability. They are several methods you can apply:

First, you can check their industry certification. 

Second, ask for the photos or videos of their production process, workshop and quality control, or you can travel to the spot through video phone. Of course visiting the premises is the better choice. Third, search for the reputation of the company. 

For instance, you can browse the company’s official site to check customer reviews on it.

BIS certificate for linsnled

Example: BIS Certification of Linsn LED

9.5. Software and Hardware

Except from the rental LED display screen itself, the hardware such as LED video processors and LED sender are also necessities. These accessories, combined with transport and installation services, can have a significant impact on the final price, and they are just as important as the screen itself. Therefore, check that these hardware can meet your requirement and work properly.

What is more, easy -operating software. You can let the staff teach you how to be used before the events. If you are a novice, it will necessitate the simple and clear software interface.

9.6. Delivery Performance

During peak season, the product of some experienced and reputable LED companies will be out of stock. That is why preparing ahead of schedule sometimes can win you more advantages.

9.7. Future Development

Generally, when we choosing a rental LED display screen supplier, it implies that we are selecting a business partner for long-term, maybe 5 to 10 years. 

Given such condition, we can take account of the strategic planning of the company to find out whether it corresponds to ours.

9.8. To Conclude

To conclude, the ideal LED display rental company should meet the following characteristics:

(1) Owning long history and specific product experiences;

(2) Comprehensice service ability including installations of different models in different projects, and professional technical support which means there should be an experienced staff team for technical support, installation, plan, repair and onsite service;

(3) Complete with necessary accessories around the LED screen of both hardware and user-friendly software;

(4) Reliable delivery performance and great production capability;

(5) Prove that they enjoy reputation to remain in the market by supplying customers with high-quality services and products;

(6) Developing plans that is in accord with yours can be one of the merits of buiding business relationships in long-term.

10. FAQs of LED Screen Rental

(1) How about the costs of the LED screen rental project?

Undoubtedly, one of the most concerning factors when renting an LED display is the pricing. Typically, LED display companies do not list rental prices online due to varying costs based on specifications, event location, functions, availability, and more.

However, there are still guidelines you can follow to gain an overall understanding and estimate of the pricing breakdown.

(2) What are the suitable pixel pitches?

Here are some common pixel pitches such as P2.6, P2.97, P3.91, and P4.81. The suitable pixel pitch should be chosen based on viewing distance, budgets, and so on.

Selecting the right pixel pitch depends on various factors, including the viewing distance of your intended audience, event locations, cost-effectiveness, and more. It’s crucial to seek guidance from a trusted rental LED company for professional advice.

(3) What services can be included with LED wall rental projects?

There are several factors to consider when calculating the cost of renting an LED screen. Firstly, ensure that the cost includes timely after-sale services such as technical support during your rental term. It’s crucial to choose a reliable company that provides quality service, especially if you’re new to LED displays.

Secondly, a skilled LED technician will be onsite to handle the setup, operation, and tear-down of the rental LED screen.

Thirdly, sound and power are generally included in the rental rate. However, additional costs may apply for services like camera feeds or extra installation workers, which may be charged separately in most cases.

(4) What is the mobile LED display price?

The pricing for mobile LED screen rental varies depending on factors such as product size, event location, and availability. To provide you with an accurate quote tailored to your specific event needs, please contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your event and explore how we can assist you.

(5) What are the differences between LED screens, TV, projectors, and LCD display?

For example, LED display screen has higher brightness level and high protection ability. If you need to install the screen outdoors and also have the ability to show contents clearly under direct sunlight, just choose LED screen.

(6) What warranty do you offer for the LED displays?

We provide our customers with a 2-3 year warranty along with long-term technical support and after-sales services. Components fees are applicable, and customers are responsible for round-trip freight charges.

(7) How is the quality of your products?

Firstly, all our components are sourced from internationally renowned companies such as Nationstar, Kinglight, Meanwell, ensuring the quality of our LED lamp beads, power supply, flat cables, and LED controllers.

Secondly, we implement strict utility and quality testing, including a 72-hour aging test for every LED display before delivery from our professional aging workshop.

Thirdly, our experienced team of technicians, sales staff, and management, with over 12 years of industry expertise, supports our mature production line and comprehensive services.

(8) Do you provide spare parts for emergencies?

Yes, we do. We offer 5% spare parts free of charge to our customers for self-replacement when LED modules fail.

(9) Can you provide samples?

Yes, we can. You can participate in our special sample activity by contacting us, and LED display modules and cabinets can be sent to you as free samples.

(10) Do you offer OEM or ODM service?

Yes, we do. We can incorporate your logo on the PCB board, package, and cabinet. With strong OEM and ODM capabilities, we can accommodate almost all your requirements.

(11) Do the rental LED screens you provide offer high visual performance?

According to your requirements, we can produce LED display screens with refresh rates up to 7860Hz and maximum brightness around 12,000 nits, meeting basic requirements such as wide grayscale of 14-16 bits and viewing angles.

(12) How Much Time the Set-up Will Cost?

Generally speaking, the installation of rental mobile LED screen will cost less time than modular rental LED screen. The set-up of the former can be fast and labor saving, and it even can be completed within 30 minutes. And the modular LED video walls are a little more labor intensive, and the probable time costing is determined by the size of the screen.

If your rental LED screen for events is a large one, don’t forget to leave enough time for the preparation.

(13) Do You Supply Power?

The mobile ones usually contain on-board generator power, and modular LED displays frequently include power supply if it is a necessity, but some companies also will charge for them.

The amount of power needed usually based on the size of LED screen, and the power requirements should be communicated timely and throughly with your LED display rental company at the stage of planning.

(14) Will Sound Be Provided?

Mobile LED displays will contain on-board speakers, and the modular LED wall may provide this or you will need to pay for them, so consult with your supplier in advance.  

(15) What Contents Can I Display?

There is almost no limitation to what you want to play on the rental LED wall – you can display advertisements, movies, scorings, camera feeds, statistic pictures and so on. It is easy to understand that the content possibility has huge potentials with the display technologies been developing for decades.

However, some factors such as the resolution of the LED display screen, the video input and output should be reviewed before you deliver your content to the screen. 

The incompatibility between the video sources and the specifications of the LED rental wall will lead to the sources wasting. Still the same, ask the LED rental company for more details before your activities, and they shall give you practical suggestions.

(16) TV, Projectors, Rental LED Display, Which One Do I really Need?

For this question, you can consider them from the matching degree of your exact requirements and the features of these media devices. There are several questions you can consider from:

a. Where is the location site? See if it is indoor or outdoor? If the application site is outdoor, then the changing environment may ask for stronger durability, and the LED screen will be best for you.

b. Whether there will be mass simultaneous viewing, and whether you need high-quality display even under the sunlight? If the answer is the yes, then the rental LED screen wall stands out for its discretionary size and adjustable brightness.

Finally, there is a “popular contestants” – LCD screen. It comes forward due to the comparatively low initial price point, and mature technology. You can click LED and LCD for more tips for making a choice between them.

11. Parts of Linsn LED Wall Rental Customer Cases!

linsn stage LED displays to purtogal
stage screen led customer case 2
ma960 led stage screens display
ma960 led stage screen displays
ma1000 led display to italy
linsnled stage video screen

Customer Case 1 - P2.976mm Rental LED Display to UK:

P3.91 Outdoor Rental LED Display
Linsn Outdoor Rental LED Display
MAGIC500 Rental LED Screen
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Installation Country: UK

Pixel Pitch: P2.976mm

Module Resolution: 84X84dots

Module Size: 250X250mm

Cabinet Quantity: 200pcs

Cabinet Material: Magnesium Alloy

Cabinet Size: 500X500mm

Cabinet Resolution: 168X168mm

Refresh Rate: ≥1,920Hz

Application: Various Indoor Enviroments

Customer Case 2 - P5mm Large Screen Rental Project to Nigeria

Installation Country: Nigeria

Pixel Pitch: P5mm

Cabinet Size: 960x 640mm

Display Height: 1920mm

Display Weight: 16000mm

Display Size: 30.72㎡

Installation Site: Shopping mall

Protection Level: IP54

Application: Advertising, Informing, Entertainment, and so on

Customer Case 3 - P3.91 Giant LED Display to the UK

Installation Country: the UK

Pixel Pitch: P3.91mm

Display Size: 25m*1m

Module Size: 250X250mm

Cabinet Quantity: 100Pcs

Cabinet Material: magnesium aluminum

Cabinet Size: 500X500mm

Refresh Rate: 1920Hz

Application: Outdoor applications

Related Product - MA-Y Series 3D Video

12. Conclusions

For events that need daytime viewing, simultaneous mass viewing, and may face some uncontrollable environmental factors such as wind and rain, rental LED display can be the optimum choice. It is easy to install, control and manage, and can engage audiences and enhance your events largely. Now you have already known LED rental display a lot, just contact us for your favorable quotation!