Predict Rental LED Display Trend: Challenges Paralleling Opportunities

The rental LED display trend is brilliant, almost anywhere with relatively strong business atmosphere, the existence of LED display screen can be reasonable. 

For example, rental LED screens are infiltrating many aspects of our daily life including LED billboard hanging on the high building you can see in streets, stage background of a music festival which your friends inviting you to come together, truck LED screen passing by near the roadside and so on.

However, with beefing up of rental LED screen, there are diversed market demands for them to improve and develop. And this article will discuss some of the most typical and possible development tendency of them.

Linsn P3.91 Indoor rental LED screen

Rental LED Display Trend

1.Lighter and thinner:

This can be one of the most reasonable trends for LED display rental experts to research and develop as this can be a breakthrough for easier installation and safer transportation. 

Because rental LED displays are different from fixed LED display, it need to be installed onsite (of course mobile one are not) and sometimes the preparing time left for installation staff is not very long, so the light weight can help to save more energy. 

What is more, for suppliers who need to transport the screens for a long distance, lighter displays will save more transportation fees and avoid overloading.

The thinner cabinets, not only will contribute to the light weight, but also can reduce risks of inadequate heat dissipation.

2.One screen for multiple uses:

This assumption derives from the speciality of LED display rental business, that is, rental LED display company is always bearing the cost pressure. 

For majotiry of these rental businesses, customers will rent LED displays from suppliers who have already purchased or produced the screens, thus pursuing lower initial cost can be their common object.

Therefore, this need urges the multiple uses of rental LED screen to develop to reduce the costs of itself. For example, applying COB technology can give the LED screens higher resilience so as to be used for more applications and scenarios such as indoor and outdoor stages.

Linsn P5 640 640 LED display rental

Linsn P5 640*640 LED Rental Display for Thailand

3.More standardized rental LED product

As the entering barriers of the LED display rental business is not high while the technological requirements put forward to manufatures are complicated, there are emerging some companies want to take shortcut such as coping design and cutting corners to save R&D and production cost.

What is more, the products itself exist problems of poor quality and unevenness. For instance, the non-universal mounting plate and aperture will cause a lot of inconvenience for installation and purchasing.

As a result, the standarlizaton of rental LED screens will be a trend in the future to create a win-win situation for both suppliers and customers to save them both energy and money.

4.More intelligent and interactive

It is a waste of sources if you don’t utilise the interactive functions of the rental LED display screen when it actually can provide.

Just imagine, an interactive LED screen is placed in the shopping mall and can intercommunicate with passengers who passing by, which will definitely attract their eyes and leave them a good and deep impression of the mall.

To design the rental LED display to be more intelligent and interactive means you can impressive the customers and also leave them unique visual experience.

5.Better compatibility of LED control system

Incompatibility between LED control system and LED display screens will make the debugging and services much more complicate. 

However, LED rental displays may need to be installed in various sites for different applications. Therefore, this will lead to increasing workload of technicians.

LED display rental for events

6.Patent protection

At present, many suppliers are reluctant to spend money and energy on research and development with such ideas to save cost, which eventually leads to numbers of technology plagiarism. 

One the one hand, the lack of patent protection of LED display rental company will depress R&D enthusiasm in the industry. 

On the other hand, it is no doubt that this bad morals will increase the risks for customers to buy counterfeit and shadow products.

To maintain technical competitive advantages, the patent protection will become the concerns of the whole industry.

7.Fine pixel pitch LED rental screens

There is a huge market for fine pixel pitch LED rental screens to occupy with higher demand for high-quality display nowadays. 

The higher requirements come up with more challenges to manufacturers to develop more stable small pixel pitch LED screen with relatively low cost. 

Moreover, according to the proposals published by the government of China to the domestic LED screen industry, the 4K industry will be more progressive in 2022, and more breakthroughs in the field of 8K screen is yet to be achieved.

The Bottom Line

In the fierce market, many requirements are put forward to rental LED display supplier, and we can foresee the rental LED display future such as lighter and thinner cabinets catering to more environments, multiple uses developed for saving costs and time, more standardized rental LED product, increasing awareness of patent protection, more intelligent and interactive functions and fine pixel pitch LED rental display.