Shop LED Display Solutions

LED displays can enhance the shopping experience for customers by providing useful information, such as product features and prices, and creating an engaging atmosphere! Linsn LED provides high-standard shop LED screen solutions worldwide. 

ma640 indoor led display

Indoor LED Display

Transparent LED Display

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LED Poster Display


How to Choose Right Retail LED Display?

(1) Choose the right LED screen size: it is vital for us to know what size the screen needs to be. Customers may need to measure how large the area to be covered by the screen is.

(2)  Know the best pixel pitch: many customers do not know which pixel pitch can meet the two requirements of high-quality visual experiences and high cost-efficiency at the same time. Just contact our professional staff now, and we will give you the best advice!

(3) Fast installation and maintenance: Linsn LED provides high-standard LED display screens for shops with features of fast installation and easy maintenance, saving you lots of budgets and labor!

(4) High-quality components:  check if the LED cabinet, LED lamp bead, power supply, driving IC, aviation plug, etc can meet your requirements.

(5) Certifications: check if the supplier has the necessary certifications.  We provide LED display screens with CE, RoHS, FCC certificates, and EMC-A, and EMC-B LED displays that can meet the standards of the European LED display screen market to customers worldwide.

Where Can LED Display Board for Shop?

led display for shop windows

LED Display for Shop Windows

(1) Increased Visibility

LED displays can increase the visibility of the shop and attract the attention of potential customers. 

By displaying high-quality videos, images, and animations, shops can create an eye-catching display that stands out from other stores.

(2) Promotion

Let people understand promotion events, products, and services of the stores quickly by grabbing their attention immediately and showing the contents effectively.

digital led poster price

Digital LED Poster Display

LED poster displays can be placed in prominent locations within the stores, or you can put them at the entrance.

(1) Flexible installation

Multiple installation methods are available including bracket standing method, base-standing installation, lifting or hanging installation, multi-cascading installation, and other creative ways.

(2) Seamless splicing

Linsn LED poster Screen is equipped with rapid connectors, allowing it to seamlessly connect with other screens to create a large display that functions as a single, cohesive unit.

shelf led display for supermarket_副本

Shelf LED Display

(1) Various media formats supported

Shelf LED displays can display promotion and discount information in text, image, and video format.

(2) Super slim and light

The screen has thickness of only 22mm, which is the thickest in the whole market. 

(3) Maximize space utilization

Applying these screens can effectively utilize shelves that were previously unused and draw attention to the information displayed on them.

retail indoor advertising display_副本

Indoor Advertising Display

(1) Highlight brand features

For example, LED advertising displays can show customers the latest product series, and can more promotional information.

Moreover, through showcasing colors, spokespeople, and products, brand positioning can be understood well by all audiences.

(2) Attract more traffic

Imagine strolling around in a shopping mall and suddenly coming across a beautiful, colorful LED display screen showcasing the exact product you were looking to buy. Wouldn’t it make you want to walk into the store? Undoubtedly, an attractive display is a useful tool for increasing sales volume!


LED Cabinet Recommendations

MA640 indoor led wall

MA640 Series LED Cabinet

MA480 Series LED Cabinet

MA480 indoor led video wall
ma250 led cabinet for shop

MA250 Series LED Cabinet

Here is a consensus on the market now: If you want to stand out from numerous competitors, then you have to pick some effective and new ways differing from traditional advertising – like a LED display board for shop.

As we all know, it is sometimes a tough task for us to attract more attention in this fierce market.

In this post, we will introduce to you all things about LED displays for shop – how to choose high-quality retail LED display, what kinds of LED display board for shop you can concern about, solutions and so on…

Just read the article to get more insights about LED screen for shop!

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1. Definitions: What Is LED Display Board for Shop?

LED display screen can capture your shopper’s attention to boost your business and impress customers. This is a useful method to improve your profits quickly.

Just imagine, when people walk in your shops, the display can show them advertisements and important messages quickly, catch their eyes immediately, and give them a better shopping experience. And of course, improve the possibilities of walking in your stores and buying something.

That is terrific, isn’t it?

However, you may not know exactly what types of retail LED display you can utilize. Therefore, we will introduce them to you in the following.

2. 6 LED Display Solutions for Retail LED Screen!

Now, you may want to ask: what LED screens can I apply for shops? And in this part, we will introduce some of them to you to discover how much value you can get from them.

For instance: transparent LED display to light up your glass window; LED poster screen which can make you stand out from traditional poster advertising, shelf LED display, an innovative display to beautify your shops, and flexible LED display that can build creative LED screens. 

2.1 Transparent LED Display Board for Shop

As the name implies, transparent LED display refers to LED displays that have high transparency, and can show videos and images without blocking lights from outside. Also, people can see the inner environments of building easily.

It is often mounted on the wall of retail shops and can display almost every kind of content you want such as messages, images, and videos.

The working principle is the micro-innovation of the light bar screen, and targeted improvements for the SMD manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging, and LED control system. 

So, how it can improve your potential profits?

2.1.1 Advantages of Transparent LED Screen

You may have to say that this kind of LED display is now still a relatively innovative advertising tool in malls and shops.

Many of your competitors have not realized the advantages of it, and apply them to their business. So if you take the chance, you may make a step in advance.

Here are some benefits of it but not limited as below:

How Can You Apply Transparent LED Screen for Shop?

First, we discuss this point from the level of different product types:

2.2 Transparent LED Window Display (Transparent LED Poster Series)

 BrightnessProtection LevelApplications
Indoor600-800 Nits 800-1200 NitsIP43 IP54Market stores, meeting room, exhibition, station waiting room, and so on
Outdoor=5000 Nits (Normal brightness) =7000 Nits (High-brightness)IP65 IP68Low latitude area (strong light exposure) Rainy/moist area, coastal area

Linsn transparent LED poster owns a delicate size of 700*1000mm, and high transparency of up to 85%. 

It is designed for glass window walls, and is very suitable for shopping malls and retail shops. Usually, you can see them mounted on the glass wall of buildings.

Features of LED Window Display for Shop

(1) Thin cabinet, lightweight for easy installation

As the screen will be mounted on the wall, thus lightweight and thin cabinet design are necessary.

(2) High heat-dissipation

There are special designs for such screens such as ventilation holes to improve heat dissipation. This is a very important feature for wall-mounted displays.

(3) High transparency

Linsn transparent poster LED display owns high transparency of up to 85%.

Meanwhile, the failure rate is low as the matured design and production technology.

2.3 Curtain LED Display

Compared with transparent LED posters, curtain LED displays have simpler structures, larger pixel pitch and customized size.

It is usually used for outdoor advertising and has many features that are similar to other kinds of transparent LED display such as high transparency and lightweight.

linsn curtain led panel wall

Features of Curtain LED Screen

(1) Save more cost and labor resources:

(2) Customized size with lightweight 

Due to its modular design, it can be combined with other cabinets to construct the size you want.

Also, the cabinet weight is light, lower than 20kg/㎡, and the steel structure parameter is 68mm*20mm*29mm.

(3) Faster installation

Only 10 seconds are needed for per-square meter installation; 60 times faster than some traditional outdoor LED displays. The fast maintenance will save you lots of time and energy.

(4) High brightness with high dissipation ability

High brightness level which can reach 8000cd/㎡;

Excellent heat dissipation because the cabinet adopts super thermal conductivity material;

Current 5.3 ma and Temperature 25℃.

(5) High protection level

2.4 LED Poster Display

LED poster also refers to display scree with back supporting legs and with size as a rectangle.

LED poster display has outstanding features including an easy-moving structure, easy-operation software, multiple-media option, portable, and so on.

You can often see them at the entrance of shops, or near elevators.

2.4.1 LCD Poster or LED Poster: Which Is Better?

As common playing equipment, LCD posters are usually placed in shopping malls and many other indoor applications, too.

Here is a confusion: LED poster or LCD poster display, which one is better for me to choose?

To figure out this question, we need to discuss the differences between them.

(1) Definition 

In this area, LED poster performs better as it supports high-definition images and videos with wider grayscale, higher contrast ratio, and wider color gamut.

(2) Protection capability

LED displays have higher protection ability and thus can be used both indoors and outdoors.

However, LCD screens can only be used for indoor applications

2.4.2 What Are the Advantages Compared with Traditional Poster?

Well, the most obvious advantage can be its higher efficiency. 

Traditionally printed posters need to be changed frequently if you want to change the contents on them. Also, it can not meet the requirements of multiple sponsors.

However, LED poster screen can change the contents anytime you want, and all things can be finished with several taps on your mobile phone.

The screen can show images and videos in a delicate way, and can adjust the brightness level based on the environmental light.

Compared with traditional ones, they are obviously more attractive and effective.

2.4.3 Features of Poster LED Display

(1) Slim structure and lightweight

The super lightweight of 35Kg makes the whole display easy for moving and install.

The thickness is only 45mm per cabinet, and can achieve seamless splicing by placing multiple LED posters together.

(2) Multiple installation available

For instance: bracket standing installation, base-standing installation, lifting or hanging installation, multi-cascading installation, etc.

You can place them in your shops without occupying too much room.

(3) Easy operation with smart cloud management

Our LED poster screens are very easy to operate and maintain. For instance, you can control and manage the display through your mobile phone. The management app is straightforward and easy to understand.

It also supports real-time play, cross-platform information delivery, USB or WIFI support, and IOS or Android multi-devices.

(4) Portable design

One of the most unique features of LED poster screens is the back bracket and easy-moving wheel on the bottom.

This display can be moved in any angle without tools easily, which facilitates the flexible installation a lot. 

(5) Flexible content management

Compared with traditional poster, retail LED poster displays have features of dynamic content, network effects and high-quality images and videos.

2.5 Shelf LED Display

Shelf LED displays are ultra-thin displays that can be mounted to shelf, and display videos and images. It is an innovative method to achieve visual marketing and utilize the space of shops as much as possible.

You can upload content with USB, Wifi, 4G, and network. 

shelf led screen

2.6 Creative LED Display

(1) Creative-shapes LED display

Unlike conventional flat LED display, there are many other types of display with different shapes like ball LED display, cube LED display, hexagon LED display, triangle LED display, and so on.

The fashion-forward appearance can draw people’s eyes once they pass by. 

The multiple sides also allow to display more contents so enlarging content possibility.

(2) Floor LED display

When people step on the floor LED display, the corresponding effect will be displayed on the screen.

It is very entertaining to people, and engages them in your events.

Just put one in your shops or malls, it will impress your customers a lot.

(3) Flexible LED Display

Flexible LED display is often used for angled screens such as curved LED display, cylinder LED display, ball LED display, etc.

By using it, seamless LED display can be achieved even though there are requirements for complex design.

2.7 Shopping mall display screen

Shopping mall display screens are the thing you can almost see in many areas of shopping malls. You can apply these screens to decorate the malls, advertise products and services, promote events, entertain customers, act as digital directories and so on.

3. How Can Retail LED Display Bring You Benefits?

What benefits can retail LED display for shop bring to you? Here we list several of them but not all:

Taking advantages of LED screens, more business values and wider brand images can be achieved for you!

4. Conclusions

In this post, we find details about LED display board for shop – such as products you can choose, how to find the right one, how the price, how to control it, etc.

Do you want to get high-quality retail LED display or other kinds of LED display screens with good prices and well-around after-sale services?

Just send us a message if you have any ideas. Also, we are in a big promotion activity now! Just contact us, and you will have the chance to get free LED modules, or even cabinets!