Right Angle LED Display – What Can It Bring to You?

Today, we want to talk about right angle LED display. Compared with traditional flat LED display, the right angle corner LED screen are more attractive & with wider viewing angle, which can MAX the audiences capacity in a certain area & it’s motivated for a pleased atmosphere due to LED’s vivid characteristics.

The Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) growing sharply as its features of large capacity of audiences, especially during the Pandemic, people are NOT allowed gathering indoor. 

The most outstanding carrier for DOOH is the L-Shape Corner LED billboard, which is eye-catching for more on-the-go consumer crowd.

The newest creative technology glasses-free 3D (also called naked-eye 3D) L-Shaped corner LED display, catches eyes of not only the walker-by but also the industry & the general public.

People tend to go vengeful shopping in the post-pandemic era. The DIA (Digital indoor advertising), such as on shopping mall, theater, subway station, etc, the application of right angle screen-especially the 4/5/6-sided cube display, allows audiences viewing the screen from different angles not matter initiative or passive, would motivate customer’s desire & impulse MAX.

right angle led screens

Chapter 1: Main Features of Right Angle LED Billboard

√ High brightness & eye catching

Compared to LCD displays, The LED offers significant advantages: better black levels, which results in higher contrast. LEDs are brighter than either of the other technologies, which makes your display more visible during the daytime & helps you to attract more attention. 

Not only that, but LED displays also tend to be more vivid as they provide wide range of colors, which usually fill in the environment with a pleasing atmosphere & motivate people’s attention & mood.

√ Wider viewing angle & more viewers/audiences

Compared to a flat LED display, which has a viewing angle of only 180 degrees, a right angle 90-degree display offers a viewing angle of 270 degrees, while a 135-degree display offers a viewing angle of 225 degrees.

Chapter 2: Special Attention Point

Here’s some crucial points to be considered in advance if you’d like a worry-free & best performance LED billboard.

1.Seamless splicing

Problem: Right angle LED displays allow the image to show even around a corner, while the seam on the corner position always effect the performance of the complete content, and the black line would affect viewing experience to enjoy the content.

Solution: Upgrade the module to right angle one & cabinet matches them exactly. Choose other more seamless material, such as Aluminum other than Steel.

For example, the EV1000 Aluminum right angle outdoor LED screen shipped out to Korea, the seam is around 5mm

right angle led display screen

2.Waterproof for the right angle position (outdoor LED display)

Problem: It has been a headache for cabinet manufacturer about the waterproof matter on the corner part, after years using, sun & rain, this is a problem that hard to maintained.

Solution: The traditional Iron cabinet is hard to avoid this problem, with upgraded model specially designed for the outdoor L Shape/cube right angle screen, such as EV960, OF800, this problem would be solved.

3.How to Ship, Install & Maintain it


As to it’s bigger/abnormal size especially the right angle part, the packing size would be bigger than traditional flat screen. 

Choose the model which can be dispatched to several flat cabinet for usual packing, such as EV960 & OF800. 

Kindly confirm with supplier for the packing size before checking the freight especially if it’s by air or express (There’s beyond size cost for some express, such as DHL), also take chargeable weight into consideration about the freight.


For LED cube display, usually it’s with hanging bar for hanging installation.

For L-Shape display, it’s usually wall-mounted installation.


For cube display, if the size is big enough, we can have back service, with cabinet have back door, for small size, such as 500*500mm*4sided screen, to maintain it from front would be better, with receiving card, power supply all front-accessible.

For outdoor L shape wall-mounted display, how to maintain the corner part from front is better to be concerned in advance.

Chapter 3. Right Angle Screen with Five Model LED Cabinet

The right-angle led screen is a new type of product, mainly used to solve the problem of right-angle jointing. The main applications are pillar screens, cube screens and other right-angle positions, which can realize the seamless jointing problem of right angles.

There are several kinds of Right Angle LED Display cabinets are available. 

According to different installation locations and requirements, we recommend the most suitable products for you.

  • Light-weight cabinet with only 7.5KG
  • Die-cast Aluminum cabinet
  • For Indoor Rental cabinet, the brightness is 800nits and For outdoor rental LED display
  • the brightness is 4500nits
  • Cabinet size can not be customized
  • Not good for outdoor fixed installation
  • Aluminum cabinet weight 28KG & Metal cabinet weight 35KG
  • Energy Saving LED Display; can be Both Front and Back Service
  • It has only outdoor cabinet available and brightness can be at 6500-10000nits
  • Cabinet size are available
  • 960*1280/960*960/960*640/1440*1280/ 1440*960mm
  • Very good option for outdoor fixed installation
  • Light-weight cabinet with only 17KG
  • Energy Saving LED Display
  • It has only outdoor cabinet available and brightness can be at 5000-6500nits
  • Cabinet size are available 500*500/500*750/500*1000mm
  • To be precise, this can only be used as an arc-angle screen, but not a right-angle screen
  • 800*900mm cabinet weight 22.4KG and 800*1200mm cabinet weight 28KG
  • Energy Saving LED Display; can be Both Front and Back Service
  • It has only outdoor cabinet available and brightness can be at 5500-6500nits
  • Cabinet size are available 800*900/800*1200mm

The biggest advantage of Metal cabinet different from the above cabinets is that it can be customized in size. And the disadvantage is that the weight is heavier and It will be get rust if used outdoor for a long time.

Chapter 4. Customer Case

Case 1: Indoor P3.91 cube display 

  • Screen size           4×1.5m×1.5m
  • Resolution           4× 384(W)×384(H)=589,824 pixel dots
  • Best viewing distance  3m-30m
  • Installation place      Germany, Shopping mallCabinet              P3.91 mm 500*500mm Die-casting aluminum cabinet
  • 7.5kg/pc, 4×3pcs (W) *3pcs (H)
  • Refresh rate          1920HzThe main function of the cube display is Advertise more vividly.
beveled edge led display
right angle led screens

Case 2: Outdoor P10 IP68 Waterproof energy saving display

  • Screen size             14.4m (W) × 4.8m (H)
  • Resolution             1440(W) × 480(H)= 691200 dots
  • Best viewing distance    10m-100m
  • Installation place        South Africa, Plaza
  • Cabinet                P10 EV960*960 mm Steel cabinet, 27kg/pc, 15pcs (W) *5pcs (H)
  • Refresh rate            3840HzThe main function of the video wall is to display some advertising videos & pictures on sales center, to attract & motivate customers’ buying demand.
curved led display screens

Case 3: Indoor P2.976 display 

  • screen size            5m (W) × 3m (H)
  • Resolution            1680 (W) × 1008 (H)= 1693440 dots
  • Best viewing distance   3m-30m
  • Installation place       Potugal, Live concert
  • Cabinet              P2.976 500*500mm Die-casting aluminum cabinet, 7.5kg/pc, 10pcs (W) *6pcs (H)
  • Refresh rate          1920Hz


The main function of the video wall is to display some music videos & pictures on live concert, to make the live concert more vivid & immersive experience.

indoor right angle led displays

In this article, we discussed the functions, the specialities and real customer cases of right angle LED display. Linsn provides our customers worldwide high-standard right angle LED screen, and all-around after-sales services.