2024 Full Guide of Round LED Screen Display

Searching for captivating digital signage to elevate your brand’s visibility in retail? It is time to discover the unique appeal of round LED screen.

Circle LED screen, with its vibrant display effects effectively showcases your brand logo or customizable signage to catch customers’ attention.

Despite its size compact, these screens can significantly improve your merchandising business by creating unforgettable visual experience.

Interested in the innovative and versatile round LED panel?

This article offers a full guide to help you deeply gain knowledge of the round LED display and how it to update your visual presentations and boost your brand’s influence in retail settings.

Table of Contents

Part 1. What is the round LED screen?

The round LED screen is a modern and creative LED display, its shape is a circle.

Different from traditional rectangle LED screen, it has exclusive visual attraction and suitable for applications requiring a unique and eye-catching display.

As the development of advertising market and needs for creative LED screen, the circle LED screen has becoming a powerful tool to draw pedestrian interest and expand advertising impact.

In response to changing market trends and need for personalized solutions, these innovative LED screens have been enhanced to meet diverse and unique needs,

The uniquely shaped circular LED screen stands out with its distinctive design, providing a rich and engaging visual experience that sets it apart from traditional displays.

Its features:

(1) High brightness

High brightness level to ensure its visibility in various lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.

(2) Wide viewing angle

The LED panels always have wide viewing angles so everybody around the LED display can see the content.

(3) Modular design

Many round screen LED consists of modular panels, and these panels create round LED screens by seamlessly splicing.

At the same time, this design allows flexible configuration and easier maintenance.

(4) Customized content

The display content can be highly customized, including still images, video, and dynamic animation.

(5) Size

You can customize different sizes according to different needs to make it perfectly integrated into the environment and enhance brand effect.

(6) Special shape

Compared to traditional rectangle LED displays, the shape of a round LED screen has more impact for customers, because it is a circle.

Meanwhile, for many merchants, it is also a wonderful gimmick in their promotion for improving their sales and enhancing their brand image.

Part 2. What can round LED display bring to you?

So, as an LED creative screen, what can it bring to you?

1. Brand promotion

Utilize the LED round screen to open up your brand logo, trademark, or special symbol, boosting your brand’s visibility on bustling streets.

Moreover, the vivid images and amazing visual presence of circular LED display will leave a lasting impression on your clients, enhancing your brand influence.

circle led screen

2. Advertising

LED screen supports to display various types content, such as words, images, or videos.

Through dynamic and impactful images, consumers can be lured by the marketed items or promotional deals, which can enhance the advertising influence and gain rich returns.

3. Information display

Except for completing the innovation of advertisement or band promotion relying on display various types of multimedia content, it also can be used for display some information.

For instant, the round digital LED screen is ideal for signage to guide passengers go to exit or offering direction information in airport or train station.

4. Attracting talent

In large shopping mall, the manager usually make use of creative screens to attract talent and elevate merchant popularity.

The massive round LED display in the atrium draws consumers with its distinct visual charm.

These innovative LED displays are increasingly becoming the first choice for enhancing the shopping experience

5. Decoration and landscaping

Within the walls of science and technology museums, theme exhibitions or hotel lobbies, circular LED screens are designed to display various video content, showing different styles and characteristics.

Part 3. Where can use the circle LED display?

1. Retail & shop

The round LED screen can be installed at the entrance to attract customers counting on dynamic advertising or welcome information.

As an alternative, integrated with shop windows to display promotions, new products, digital models, and so on.

Besides, you also put it in the shop as digital signage to highlight sales, promotions, or product information.

small round led screen

2. Corporation lobby & reception

It can be placed in the lobby to display welcome information, corporate videos, or brand content to enhance the lobby design.

It can also be used as an information bulletin board to display the company’s real-time information, news, or event arrangements.

3. Exhibition hall, museum, or science and technology museum

The highly customized display content of the circular LED screen is combined with the architectural style to display video materials of different styles, thus enhancing the architectural design sense of the museum.

3. Train station, airport, or subway station

The round LED screen always can be regarded as digital signage to display exit or other direction information to help passengers find the direction quickly.

In the meantime, it also can be used to display other important information.

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4. Commercial center

The circular LED screens also can play the role of commercial LED display in commercial centers to enhance the overall creativity and unique visual impact and attract people.

5. Bar

Place it at the entrance to display the club brand logo and attract the attention of passers-by.

Or use it to display product advertisements and third-party advertising content in the store to increase sales or obtain additional returns.

6. Barbershop

Maybe you already find when you walk in the street, you always see a barber shop logo or name digital signage with flickering lights. It is hard not to notice and make you have a deep impression.

Although you may not have the urge to go in just because you see it, you will think of it if you need it next time. It is the charm of the round LED screen.

Part 4. The benefits of LED round screen

1. Unique visual attraction

The round form offers a modern and visually attractive alternative to traditional rectangle screens. And makes it an ideal choice for attracting attention in a competitive environment.

The unique shape naturally attracts attention and leaves a lasting and deep impression. Therefore, it become a valid option for advertising and promotion displaying.

2. Application versatility

The LED round screen can used for various environments, from retail and company offices to outdoor advertising spaces and public utilities.

Meantime, banking on customizable sizes, whether as a digital identity or as a large billboard, is a good choice.

3. Lightweight and slim

Circular LED signs are used at the entrances of various stores and coffee shops. They support double-sided display, which has higher visibility and a more significant brand effect.

At the same time, the lightweight and slim LED cabinet can be hung and fixed by a bracket, making installation more convenient.

In addition, a lighter cabinet also means lower requirements for the supporting structure’s weighing capacity, which will provide greater safety.

4. High stability and protection capability

Linsn LED uses high-quality LED modules, power supply, and cabinet material and combines with an excellent manufacturing process to ensure the high stability and protection capability of round LED display.

Also, the electronic components inside an LED screen can get better protection through its highly waterproof and dustproof features while working normally in various environments.

5. Easy to manage

Banking on humanized design, via asynchronous control system to play various media contents easily.

Simultaneously, some LED displays support to switch content seamlessly through Wi-Fi directly or professional APP for achieving remote control.

6. Cost-effective

Although the cost of purchasing an LED display is not cheap, the modular design simplifies subsequent maintenance, and the long-term operation and influence it brings also make the round LED display extremely cost-effective.

This is also one of the reasons why many merchants are willing to pay investment.

Part 5. How to get a small round LED screen?

The small round LED screen can be used for displaying brand logo or special symbol to make your brand stands out in vibrant street,

The large round LED display can be used for improving architectural creativity and attracting more traffic.

So, compared to traditional LED display, how to get a perfect round LED screen?

Here, we will introduce 3 most common methods:

1. Conventional LED module

To use conventional LED module to make LED display showing round via the way of round edging and cooperate with screen control software settings to achieve circular display effect.

However, you need to notice, this method is recommended for circular LED displays with small diameters.

As well as, for aesthetic reasons, the smaller the diameter of the frame, the better.

traditional led module

2. Fan-shaped PCB splicing

Compared method 1, this method’s process steps is more complex.

First, the LED display factory need to custom mold opening fan-shaped PCB panel.

Then, Use concentric circles to stitch the fan-shaped PCB boards into a perfect circle.

Its pros: Smaller edging size, better appearance, better display effect.

Its cons: The process cost is higher and the production cycle will be longer.

3. Trapezoidal LED module splicing

If you need a large circular LED screen, you may not be able to achieve it through the above two methods.

In this case, you need to use the trapezoidal LED module splicing method to achieve it.

led module

Whether indoors or outdoors, LED display manufacturers will provide you with two circular LED display solutions:

Circular framed LED display: larger frame

Frameless circular LED display: smaller frame (generally less than 2cm)

Part 6. Different types of round screen LED

1. Outdoor circle LED screen

The circular outdoor LED screen ensures the advertising contents to be display normally relying on high waterproof, dustproof, and brightness features.

2. Double-side round LED display

The double-side round LED display typically is used for the entrance of retails, restaurants, and coffee shops to display brand logo.

Meanwhile, banking on high brightness and resolution features of LED display, it not only can make your shop catch pedestrians’ eyes in busy streets to add sales but also can become a part of store decoration to help
you unify the store style to make it more distinctive.

3. Transparent round LED screen

The circular transparent LED screen is an eye-catching device for major chain stores.

The high transparency and unique arc shape make the store more distinctive while maintaining the visual effect in harmony with the store style.

round shaped transparent led screen

4. Round ceiling LED display

The round ceiling LED display usually is used for commercial building, meeting room, hotel hall, and other places.

They play a role that decorate your space, display art work, brand logo, and information notification.

5. Round ground LED screen

Circular ground LED screens are usually used for indoor and outdoor advertising display and interactive experience.

In places such as shopping malls, airports and exhibition centers, they can be used to display products, provide navigation guidance, increase entertainment effects and provide interactive games.

circular led screen

Part 7. Explore more creative LED displays

Besides round LED screen, the triangle LED screen, DJ booth LED display, diamond LED display also are constantly entering the public’s field of vision.

Utilize special shape and the advantage of LED display screen high definition display to enhance your brand influence, elevating promotion, and getting high profits.

The highly flexible LED module can perfectly present your creativity through the LED screen.

Flexible LED modules can create various creative LED displays for you, such as cylindrical LED displays, spherical LED displays, fan-shaped LED displays, curved LED displays, and more.

Linsn LED display has a professional R&D team and production team.

With the leading LED display technology, strict product quality management system and diverse needs of users, we provide a variety of professional creative LED display solutions for global customers.

In addition to circular LED screens, we can also provide you with cylindrical screens, spherical screens or four-sided LED displays.

Part 8. Conclusions

In this article, we introduce the features, advantages, applications and how to get a perfect round LED screen.

And you must know how beneficial it is to your brand promotion.

Linsn LED Display can provide you with a variety of creative LED display solutions, including circular LED display, spherical LED display, cylindrical LED display and other creative LED display.

Contact us and enhance your brand influence right now!