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Linsn RV803 LED Receiver For TS803 LED Sending Card


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Linsn RV803 LED Receiver For Fullcolor LED Display


1, The control system development based on the Linsn eighth generation Gigabit Ethernet port, compatible with all the features of the cable transmission, all-digital, all-fiber transmission mode
2, the high transfer rate, transmission speed dual-port 2Gb per second, single-port 1Gb per second
Long transmission distance, transmission range up to 500 m (standard multimode 500 m), 20 km single-mode, 20 km or more to be ordered
Excellent safety signal transmission, unlike the traditional wire to produce sparks or static electricity and other phenomena due to short circuit or poor contact
5, strong anti-jamming capability, the light signal transduction, not subject to external electromagnetic interference, confidentiality
6, lightning, optical signal transmission completely lightning
7, good compatibility, support single-mode and multimode modules, scalability, strong, applicable in the construction of a good fiber-optic network
8, easy to install SFP square interface standard, plug and play
9, easy maintenance, long life, fiber, not like a copper cable oxidation, corrosion
10, a great range of applications, such as: stage performances, airports, railway stations, sports centers, shopping malls, highways and other large places
Led large-screen optical fiber transmission control system is the spiritual core Yu technology based on the most cutting-edge ground fiber conduction standard developed LED large-screen control system. The system led large screen is more stable, more efficient and more beautiful picture quality. While strengthening the theatrical screen, the highway to indicate the application of the screen.