Rv908/RV908H/RV908T LED Receiving Card

The difference of Linsn Rv908/RV908H/RV908T LED Display Receiving Card

LINSN 908 Receiving Card has RV908, Rv908H,Rv908T.

Linsn 908 led receivier has the 12 pcs 16P interface of HUB75. The difference of RV908/RV908H/RV908T is: RV908 has the different HUB75 Array interface than RV908H/RV908H receiving card.
Linsn RV908 LED Receiving Card

The picture above is RV908 LED Receiving Card

Linsn LED Receiving Card
RV908H has the Monitoring Function ,RV908T has not this Function.

For linsn led opnion, RV908/RV908H/RV908T ,three of them are good to work with ts802 sending card. RV908H/RV908T has the good price. if you need it,please contact Linsn LED