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The Smart LED Shelf Display is a slim LED advertising screen designed for impact and creative visual marketing. You can upload content with USB, Wifi, 4G, network. You can connect multiple Smart shelf LED Price Tags to create a large screen or divide the screens to play multible video product promotions.

Light enough to be moved and big enough to be seen at a distance makes our Smart shelf LED Panels a real asset to bussiness who wish to have a high visual impact to attrack attentions.



Super Thin Thickness

Linsn LED shelf LED display has the thin thickness and light weight to facilitate installation and transportation, also, reducing the burden of the shelf. The thickness is only 2cm, which will occupy less room and is easy to install!


Light Weight

Simple structure and reliable raw material allow our shelf LED screens to have super light weight, only 835g per unit.

LED Module

The shelf led display module is made with GOB Craft to offer an excellent visual experience. 150X60mm,300x120mm, 200x50mm, 200×150,200x100mm,
128x128mm,128x64mm are available.

Front view and rear view for 150X60mm led Module for reference.


TOP-GOB Process do a surface coating and whole PCB board is fully sealed with epoxyresin; which enhance the protection level from physical damage
with anti-fog /dust-proof, easy to clean, abrasion proof, damp-proof, anti-collision, antistatic, anti oil-pollution and anti-oxidation etc.


Linsn shelf led display (W×H×D): with frame:303×64×21mm Display area:300x60x21mm;
(Front view and rear view for 300mm long for reference)

Product Makeup

A: Aluminum alloy frame : Made of 1 pieces straight long frame (connected to aluminum plate at side) Perfect flatness in display
B: GOB Technology on Modules: Better protection against touching ,hitting and water spray



Optical ParameterPixel Pitch (mm)P1.2mmP1.5mmP1.875mmP1.5625mmP2mm
Viewing Angle (H/V)160° / 160°160° / 160°160° / 160°160° / 160°160° / 160°
Brightness (cd/sq.m.)800800800800800
Refresh Rate (Hz)>3840>3840>3840>3840>3840
Optimized Viewing Distance (m)1~101~101~101~101~10



Input VoltageAC110V or AC220V±10%50/60Hz
Input Interface Ethernet / USB / Wi-Fi




Module Size in Pixel (W×H)125×50100×4080×32128×3264×32
Module Size in mm (W×H)150x60mm/300x120mm
IP RatingIP 40



Operating Temperature/ Humidity (℃/RH)-10℃~40℃/10~90RH%
CertificationCCC / CE / ETL / FCC

Product Details

shelf led display details

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LED Shelf Display Full Introduction 2024!

1. What Is LED Shelf Display?

A shelf LED display, also known as a smart shelf display or LED shelf strip, is designed specifically for integration into retail shelving units. 

It consists of LED panels or strips installed directly onto the shelves, allowing retailers to showcase dynamic content, including product information, pricing, promotions, advertisements, and branding messages.

1.1 What Is LED Shelf Display?

The LED display shelf from Linsn LED features a slim and lightweight design, high protection, supports multiple installation methods, and multiple control and cascading modes. 

Additionally, it utilizes GOB LED technology, greatly reducing accidental damage to the LED lamps and the surface, ensuring long-term stable operation.



Linsn LED LED Shelf Screen

2. Where Can You Apply Digital Shelf Edge?

Digital shelf edge can play vital roles in various retail scenarios to improve product visibility, attract customers and improve customer experiences. Here are some typical applications for you to refer to:

(1) Supermarket: 

Used to display product prices, promotions, nutritional information, and recipe suggestions, facilitating shoppers in making purchasing decisions.

(2) Pharmacy: 

Displaying medicines, health products, and promotional information, providing health tips and prescription renewal reminders.

(3) Online Store: 

Highlighting product features, specifications, and pricing to assist customers in making informed purchasing decisions.

(4) Cosmetics and Beauty Stores: 

Showcasing makeup tutorials, skincare tips, and product recommendations to demonstrate the effectiveness of beauty products.

(5) Convenience Store: 

Promoting new products, special offers, and limited-time discounts, displaying nutritional information and ingredient lists for food items.

(6) Department Store: 

Providing product information, price updates, and promotional offers in various departments to meet the needs of different consumers.

(7) Liquor Store: 

Displaying wine tasting notes, cocktail recipes, and seasonal promotions to attract customers’ interest.

(8) Pet Store: 

Showcasing pet care tips, grooming advice, and product recommendations, promoting pet adoption events and service offerings.

3. How to Install This Product?

In this chapter, we will show you details of installation of this useful product.

In this video, we show you how to install digital shelf display.

First step, splice the adapter board with the modules.

Second step, connect the internal power cable and signal cable.

Third step, install the back cover and screw it.

Fourth step, connect the power cable and network cable on both sides of the screen.

Here are the picture guidance of how to install the products and how to splice 2 of them together.

3.1 How to Splice 2 pcs Strips?

3.2 Installation Method


(1) Ensure to work on a clean and level surface. If working directly on the ground, take steps to safeguard the unit from potential damage.

(2) It’s advisable to wear gloves to maintain cleanliness during operation.

1. Attached screen by screwsing M6X14 screws;

2. Attached screen with fold plate by M3X6 screws;

3. Attached screen to gondola with another side of fold plate by drilling screws;

4. Rendering of ②;

3.3 Cabling Diagram

4. How to Control?

You can easily control the contents and change the program quickly through control box, router, and CLOUD.

4.1 Display Application Via Control Box

4.2 Shelf LED Display Router Application

Using playing software updates playlist to each display. Each screen also can be controlled and managed via LAN and Internet.

4.3 Display Application Via CLOUD

Connect the TB6 for shelf LED display to Internet via Wi-Fi / Cable, log in the cloud platform, remotely control and manage the Shelf LED Display in different regions.

5. Instruction Notices

1. Due to flame, electric shock, fall down, this product may cause injury to person, even death;

2. This product is not suitable for swimming pools, sauna, bathroom and other humid environments;

3. This product is non-waterproof, or cannot be used in complete outdoor environments;

4. Please do not block the ventilation holes during operation;

5. Please take moisture-proof measures when packing and stock;

6. Please do not drop, strike, scratch, warp or shake LED display or external equipment;

7. Please make sure the front protection panel out of scratch with hard objects;

8. Please make sure the product is operated under professional staff due to inside strong current;

9. Please make sure the ground is flat and even before placing the product;

10. Ensure eye protection by avoiding direct viewing of the screen at 100% brightness.

11. Power off the display during periods of inactivity, disassembly, installation, or maintenance.

12. Avoid using optical devices with concentrated functions to prevent eye discomfort or injury.

13. Disconnect the power during lightning storms or implement lightning protection measures. Also, power off if not in use for an extended period.

14. Verify that all electrical components, cables, and connections meet current standards before using the product. Replace any damaged or overheated power cables immediately.

15. Operate the product under the supervision of trained professionals due to its high internal current. Seek assistance from professional personnel for any inquiries or concerns.

16. Ensure correct grounding of the product to prevent electrical shock hazards.

17. Confirm that the AC power supply complies with local building and electrical standards and is equipped with overload and earth fault protection.

18. Please do not expose the product to direct sunlight; ensure the environment remains below 45 degrees Celsius.

19. Avoid attaching any objects to the screen surface.

20. Refrain from modifying the product or adding new components.

21. Wear a helmet to minimize the risk of bodily injury.

22. Ensure the ground surface is flat and level before installing the product.

23. Ensure proper heat ventilation for the screen, processor, and power components, maintaining a minimum distance of 0.1m from other items.

24. Securely grip the screen when assembling units to prevent dropping or tipping over.

25. Ensure that any fixed or connected structures comply with safety standards.

6. What Can You Get from Digital Shelf Edge Displays?

(1) Dynamic Pricing and Promotion: 

Retailers can use shelf LED screens to display real-time pricing updates, promotions, and special offers.

(2) Enhanced Product Visibility: 

LED screens placed on shelves or near products attract customers’ attention, making it easier for them to notice specific items.

(3) In-store Navigation: 

LED screens located inside the store can provide customers with interactive maps and navigation guides, helping them find specific products or departments.

(4) Interactive Product Information: 

LED screens equipped with interactive features allow customers to access detailed product information, reviews, and usage tips.

(5) Seasonal and Holiday Marketing: 

LED screens can be regularly updated, making them ideal for promoting seasonal products and holiday-themed promotions.

(6) Cross-Product Promotion Opportunities: 

Retailers can use shelf LED screens for cross-product promotion, promoting complementary or related items.

(7) Brand Awareness: 

Retailers can use shelf LED screens to display brand logos, colors, and information, enhancing brand recognition.

7. Typical Types of Digital Shelf Display

(1) LED bar shelf

LED bar shelf is also called LED liquor shelf or LED bottle display. It features shelves equipped with built-in LED lighting that illuminates bottles or glassware, creating an attractive display and enhancing the atmosphere of bars or nightclubs.

(2) LED price tag

LED price tags are digital display devices used in retail environments to showcase product prices and other relevant information. 

They typically replace traditional paper price tags with dynamic electronic displays that can be updated remotely and in real-time. 

LED price tags feature vibrant colors, high brightness for visibility, and high definition for clarity.


(3) Single-Sided Shelf Displays

These are LED screens that are mounted on one side of a shelf unit, typically facing the aisle or customer traffic.

(4) Double-Sided Shelf Displays

These LED screens are mounted on both sides of a shelf unit, allowing for visibility from multiple directions.

(5) 3-tier LED Shelf 

A 3-tier LED shelf edge refers to a shelving system equipped with LED lighting along its edge in three separate tiers or levels. 

It can often seen in bars as LED bottle shelf, and with its design, it can load more items with less room.

(6) Interactive Shelf LED Edge

Interactive Shelf LED Edge is a type of LED display technology integrated into the edge of retail shelves, allowing for interactive engagement with customers. This technology enables dynamic content display and user interaction, enhancing the retail experience and providing various functions and advantages.

8. Why Choose Linsn LED?

Established in 2016, Linsn LED is a leading provider of LED display solutions, offering top-notch products and services to customers globally. 

With certifications such as CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHs, and IECEE, we ensure high-quality and cost-effective solutions. Our products are widely distributed across the globe, with significant markets in Europe, America, South Korea, and Thailand. 

8.1 Sales Volume

In 2023, our annual sales revenue abroad reaches 100 million RMB, and 500 million RMB domestically!

linsn led sales volume

8.2 Professional Factory

By 2023, our factory has expanded to cover an area of 12,000 square meters, meeting our expectations and reflecting our relentless pursuit of excellence. We are confident in our ability to surpass current standards and deliver top-notch products and services. Collaborating with our customers, we eagerly anticipate forging a brighter future together.

We own professional production line for various LED display screens, strict inspection system, skilled staff, workshop, aging test workshop and so on.

LED Module Brightness Testing

led module quality check
LED Module Quality Check
led module assembling line
Assembling Line

Our Team

smt workshop

SMT Machine

SMD LED Production Line

9. Conclusions

LED shelf screen has multiple specifications with various pitch such as  P0.9375, P1.2, P1.5, P1.667, P1.875, P1.5625 and P2. 

It can show people clear images and videos to attract customers with vivid contents as price tag, promotional display, advertising screen, wayfinding screen, etc.

Linsn LED provides customers with the most advanced shelf LED screens with 3-years warranty, fast shipping, reliable technical support, and discounts. Do not hesitate to contact us by filling the simple form if you have any needs!

Tech Support

Linsn LED has professional technology support team to solve any tech problem for you, tech support covering installation, configuring, and anything about LED display, please check our contact us page.


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