Shinjuku Cat Billboard Videos- 3D Cat Magic!

The Cross Shinjuku Vision, located opposite the east exit of Shinjuku Station, is a new high-tech billboard featuring a Shinjuku cat billboard capable of displaying 4K images and equipped with speakers. 

On this giant screen, an adorable 3D cat is standing, laying down or doing other movements. This realistic cat is created by MicroAd Digital using naked-eye 3D technology. 

It has become a beloved attraction, charming everyone who walks by with its lifelike behaviors and engaging personality. 

In this post, we will explain the story behinds the cute 3D cat, the technology used for this Shinjuku 3D cat, and other stunning animal billboards you may be interested in!

Table of Contents

1. What Time Is the Shinjuku Cat Screen?

The video plays continuously from 7 AM to 1 AM, with scenes that shift throughout the day. In the morning, as dawn breaks, this adorable calico cat wakes up, opening its big eyes and curiously observing its surroundings.

As the day moves into the afternoon, the cat becomes more animated, standing up and meowing at passersby, capturing the attention and affection of many pedestrians. By evening, it slowly lies down, resting its head on its paws, and gently drifts off to sleep, creating a warm and serene scene.

Throughout the day, the cat displays three distinct modes, each with its own charm. At various times, you can see it meowing, yawning, and wagging its tail.

In this video, you can see when the cat appears on the giant screen with precise time markers!

2. Where Is the Shinjuku Cat Billboard in Tokyo?

The Shinjuku 3D billboard address is Cross Shinjuku Bijoun building at the East Exit Plaza of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. 

This giant LED billboard covers 154.7 square meters with curved design and naked 3D eye technology, providing immersive visual experiences for passengers and attracting huge profit potentials from advertising sponsors.

3. How Does the 3D Cat Billboard Shinjuku Work?

The Shinjuku 3D screen is running based on reliable equipment and naked-eye 3D visual effect. To achieve this stunning 3D effect, there are some requirements for hardware:

Part 1: High-definition Curved LED Screen

The billboard uses a large curved LED screen, which creates a more immersive experience by making the images appear to wrap around the viewer.

Here are some related parameters for you to refer to:

(1) High refresh rate: ≥3840hz

(2) High grayscale larger than 14bit

(3) High contrast ratio

(4) Configure multi-functional control card

(5) Seamless curved screen surface

Although there is no strict requirements for the curvature of screen, the L-shape curved LED display is the most suitable design for 3D LED screen as it is easier to create immersive 3D effects.

Part 2: Vivid 3D Contents

The content is specially designed to create a 3D effect. This involves using techniques like perspective and shading to make the images appear to have depth.

Part 3: Strong LED Control System

The control system should support the operation of large LED video wall, and high-resolution synchronous system. The controller should be multi-functional, and support functions including mapping, calibration, brightness level adjustment and so on.

Part 4: Viewing Angle

The perfect 3D effect needs a suitable viewing angle, and the best viewing angle is 45-degree diagonal position of the screen.

4. Working Principles of Naked-eye 3D Effect

The working principle of naked-eye 3D visual effect is using right eyes and left eyes to receive different images separately. 

These images are then combined and integrated by the brain to create a stereoscopic effect that encompasses vertical, horizontal, depth, and proximity dimensions.

You can refer to this article to know more details of how 3D billboard works!

How Do 3D Billboard Works?

Here is the video explaining how we perceive depth and create 3D effect in our brain.

5. What Are the Process of Creating 3D Contents?

First, determine the video style and the required materials. 

Next, begin constructing the animation scene and creating the main models to be showcased in the video. 

After refining the model materials and textures, determine the camera angles and the overall smoothness of the footage. 

Finally, proceed with the most crucial task in 3D video production: rendering and testing.

6. 7 Famous LED Billboards about Animals?

Besides this Shinjuku 3D display, there are other LED billboards about animals in Japan. Here we will introduce some of them to you:

6.1 3D Dog Billboard in Shibuya

On July 29, 2022, passengers in Shibuya, Tokyo were captivated by a remarkable sight: a giant 3D dog billboard. 

This digital marvel featured an Akita dog, which appeared to leap dynamically across multiple billboards, chasing after a frisbee. 

The lifelike 3D dog creates a striking blend of technology and entertainment in one of the city’s busiest areas. 

This huge dog LED billboard attracts tourists from worldwide, and has already became a landmark of this city.

6.2 Cat, Donkey, Bird 3D Screen in Harajuku

Tokyo’s Shibuya district boasts an astounding 3D billboard that features adorable cats, dogs, birds, and donkeys, adding a unique touch to the Harajuku scenery. 

These lifelike animal images, brought to life by high-tech 3D effects, appear to move freely on the screen, captivating the attention of numerous passersby.

On the bustling streets of Harajuku, people stop to enjoy this visual feast. These charming animals not only bring a touch of warmth and fun to the lively urban environment but also showcase the limitless possibilities of modern advertising technology. 

Whenever a playful cat chases a virtual bird or a friendly donkey looks down at the pedestrians, onlookers exclaim in amazement and eagerly capture the moment on their phones.

6.3 Lion and Bull 3D LED Wall in Chengdu, China

The Lion and Bull 3D LED Wall features an incredibly lifelike lion and bull, rendered with such precision and depth that they appear to leap off the screen.

The lion, with its majestic mane and powerful presence, seems ready to roar and charge right out of the display.

The bull, equally imposing, gives the impression of surging forward with unstoppable force.

These dynamic animations are made possible by advanced 3D rendering techniques and ultra-high-definition LED screens, creating a visual feast that leaves spectators in awe.

6.4 3D Tiger Billboard in Taiwan, China

In Taipei, China’s Shilin Night Market, there is an incredibly cute 3D tiger perched atop a tall building, delighting the passing visitors. 

This tiger, brought to life through advanced 3D technology on a massive LED screen, appears so realistic that it seems to genuinely exist in this bustling district.

Sometimes, it sits adorably scratching itself, an endearing sight that attracts numerous tourists who stop to watch and take photos. People often see it scratching its ear with its hind leg, its playful and funny actions bringing smiles and laughter to the viewers.

At other times, this 3D tiger becomes lively, chasing after a delicious-looking corn. It jumps nimbly across the screen, trying hard to catch the corn that seems just within reach. 

There are also moments when the tiger plays with the butterflies fluttering around. It leaps gracefully, trying to catch the colorful butterflies with its paws, but each time, the butterflies manage to escape at the last moment. 

6.5 Panda 3D LED Video Wall in Chengdu, China

In Chengdu, located in Sichuan Province in southern China, two remarkably lifelike pandas captivate passersby from a mesmerizing 3D billboard. 

These endearing creatures are depicted munching on bamboo and playfully stretching their heads on a state-of-the-art 888-square-meter, 8K resolution, glasses-free 3D screen situated in Yingjia Plaza. 

The high-definition display technology brings the pandas to life with stunning realism, creating an immersive experience that draws crowds of fascinated spectators.

6.6 Cow and White Tiger LED Wall in South Korea, Seoul

In Seoul’s bustling Gangnam district, a monumental 3D billboard near Samsung’s iconic LED Signage is captivating crowds with its spectacular visuals. 

On this large screen, there are lifelike cows and imposing tigers in action. Unlike the adorable tiger in Taipei, this time the 3D animal portrayal is more fierce and majestic.

This innovative display transforms everyday scenes into dynamic, lifelike spectacles that blend seamlessly into the urban landscape.

6.7 Reindeer and Tiger 3D Billboard

On this enormous 3D screen, a fierce tiger is seen chasing a swift deer. The two animals dash and dodge within the jungle scene displayed on the screen. 

As the tiger crouches and pounces while the deer nimbly evades, their movements are so realistic that each leap feels like they might jump right out of the display. 

The advanced 3D effects not only draw a significant audience but also showcase the impressive capabilities of 3D technology, delivering a truly breathtaking visual and sensory experience.

7. 3D LED Screen Solutions

Linsn LED provides a series 3D LED display solutions with various LED display modes and specifications including EV960 series, OF800 series and MA960 series.

In this part, we will introduce you product features, operation process and customer cases!

7.1 EV960 3D LED Screen Solution

  • 480*320mm Panel Design
  • SMD 3 in 1 LED Encapsulation Technology
  • Dual Service with Frontal and Real Maintenance
  • High Protection Aluminum Chassis Panel Design
  • CE,Rohs Approved
  • 3 Years Warranty and 5% Spare Part

Front Maintenance Tutorial

Waterproof Testing

7.2 OF Series Curved LED Screen Solution

of800 outdoor perimeter led display
of800 outdoor led screen display
  • SMD 3-in-1 LED encapsulation technology
  • Front access design for straightforward installation
  • 800×900mm & 800×1200mm dimensions
  • CE, RoHS, and FCC certified
  • 3-year warranty with 5% spare parts

7.3 MA960 Outdoor LED Display Series

  • High-Precision Magnesium Alloy Construction
  • 960×960mm LED Display Cabinet
  • Ideal for Fixed Installation, Rental, or Perimeter LED Displays
  • Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • 3D Display Support
  • Available in Two Back Cover Colors
  • 3-Year Warranty with 5% Spare Parts

Installation and Operation

Protection Ability Test

8. Conclusions

This Shinjuku cat billboard has become a viral landmark worldwide, attracting countless people to visit and take photos, and it has been circulating on the internet for a long time.

Its success is driven by advanced naked-eye 3D technology, a high-definition outdoor LED screen, and an excellent advertising location!