Shopping Mall LED Display Recommendations

Linsn provides high-quality shopping mall LED screen with fine pixel pitches and international-famous components. These screens can be installed at Entrance and Exits, Atriums and Common Areas, Storefronts and Shop Windows, Elevators and Escalators, Digital Signage Kiosks and so on.

ma250 series double-sided led display

MA250 Double-sided LED Display

ma640 indoor led display

MA640 Series

poster led screen for shops

LED Poster Display


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What Can Shopping Mall LED Screen Bring to You?

In malls, LED displays are utilised to generate an entertaining atmosphere and keep shoppers engaged. These displays are capable of exhibiting lively content like interactive games, videos and animations. Thus, contributing significantly to the mall’s vibrancy.

(1) Using LED displays, businesses can create a unique atmosphere within the mall and establish a positive image for their brand.

By showcasing their brand messages, logos, and captivating content, they can easily catch the attention of potential customers and draw them in.

(2) Through advertising partnerships and sponsorships, LED displays can help generate additional revenue.

By displaying advertisements from brands on the LED screens, mall management can work together to create newer revenue streams that increase the mall’s profitability.

(3) Revenue generation: LED display screens provide opportunities for additional revenue generation through advertising cooperation and sponsorship. Mall management can work with brands to display their advertisements on LED screens, generating a revenue stream that can contribute to the profitability of the mall.

(4) Flexibility and Customization: The LED display is very flexible and the content can be easily changed and updated. Mall operators can customize displayed content to reflect different seasons, holidays or specific mall events, ensuring information is relevant and timely.


Where Can You Place Shopping Mall Display Screen?

window led display

Window LED Display

Window LED displays are typically installed behind glass windows. Shop windows LED displays can be divided into two types of LED screens generally:

(1) Transparent LED display

(2) Classic LED display

Transparent window LED screens are popular as it can ensure indoor lighting while displaying images and videos. 

These classic LED displays can show colorful images in a more vivid method. No matter you choose the first one or the second one, human traffic can be improved as you wish!


retail indoor advertising display_副本

Retail Store LED Display

Want to stand out from other competitors? Then you must not miss retail LED display board!

Owning a retail LED display makes you put significance on brand features and store decoration.

Compared with static posters and billboards, LED screen can change the contents frequently, and also show them in a brighter and more vivid way.

By incorporating touch-screen technology or motion sensors, retailers can engage shoppers with interactive product catalogs, virtual try-on experiences, or interactive games, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

led business signage

LED Business Signage

You can see LED business signage almost everywhere as storefront signboard, LED advertising screen in store, transparent LED signage on windows and so on.

Why choose LED business signage but not stastic printed billboard? In a word, these LED signages have better visual performances. 

For example, higher and adjustable brightness level, stronger protection level, changeable contents in short times and lower costs in long-term.

Consistently and strategically utilizing LED signs can play a significant role in establishing brand recognition and raising awareness!

shelf led display for supermarket_副本

Shelf LED Display

(1) Utilise room and space: a shelf LED display shows people updated information and product promotion information. In the past, people will ignore this part of shelf, however, the shelf edge also can remind customers of important information unconsiously such as promotional information and product recommendation.

(2) Updated advertising: with a shelf LED display, you can create dynamic and eye-catching advertisements. By utilizing animations, videos, or scrolling text, you can engage shoppers and convey compelling messages about your products.

(3) Encourage cross-selling: By displaying relevant recommendations or bundles, you can encourage customers to explore additional options or consider higher-value purchases.


Creative LED Display Ideas in Shopping Mall

In addition to traditional flat LED screen, many creative LED screens with different shapes can be placed in shopping mall such as cylinder LED display, cube LED display, möbius LED screen and so on.

Linsn LED provides high-quality flexible LED module with high flexibility and multiple sizes 240*120mm, 320*160mm and 256*128mm.

Our Soft LED display modules are exceptionally flexible, featuring top-notch driving ICs and high refresh rate LEDs that ensure outstanding color uniformity. 

We provide a wide range of flexible LED panel options, including pixel sizes ranging from P0.9 to P4.

Professional Factory & Flexible Display Customer Cases

led module assembling line
Assembling Line
smt workshop

SMT Machine

SMD LED Production Line
cylinder led screen for shopping mall

Cylinder LED Display

immersive LED display for shopping mall

Immersive LED Display

Möbius LED display

Möbius LED Display

Pixel PitchLED TypeDensity(dot/㎡)Module PixelModule Size(mm)Driving ModeBrightness(Nits)
240*120mm Series
320*160mm Series
256*128mm Series

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MA640 Series LED Cabinet

LED Poster Display


What are the common types of shopping mall LED displays, and what advantages can you get from such screens? Moreover, the key consideration of implementing such a display. Just read through this article to get comprehensive advice!

Table of Contents

1. Types of Shopping Mall LED Display

(1) Shopping window LED display

At present, such transparent window LED displays are common in many shopping malls. This kind of screen has a high transparency rate of up to 60% to 95% and can be installed on glass windows seamlessly to enable enough indoor light and be compatible with the window structure.

Shopping window LED displays can beautify the whole shop, and do not take up space at the same time.

transparent window led display from linsn led
linsn led window display screen

Window LED Display Series from Linsn LED 

(2) LED poster display

LED poster screen can stand on the floor with its back brackets. One notable feature of LED poster displays is their easy-to-move structure, making them suitable for both rental purposes and fixed installations. 

The accompanying software is user-friendly, allowing for straightforward operation and content management. Additionally, LED poster displays support multiple media options, enabling businesses to showcase a variety of engaging content formats.

(3) Creative LED display

For example, cylinder LED displays or flexible LED screen with different shapes. These screens allow for more immersive visual experiences and a wider field of view.

(4) Floor LED screen

Floor LED screens are installed on the floor to create interactive and attention-grabbing visual effects. 

These screens are also installed near store entrances or in high-traffic areas to engage people to walk in.

(5) Advertising LED display

A vivid and colorful advertising LED displays can attract potential customers to step into retail shops and bring sales volume, which performs better in promoting and advertising.

(6) More

No matter what kind of screens you want to bring to your shops, just contact us at Linsn LED to get detailed project plans and recommendations from our professional technical staff!

2. What Are the Prices of Shopping Mall Display Screen?

There are several factors related to the prices of shopping mall display screens:

(1) Screen size and running time

The screen size has a direct impact on the final price. It is obviously the larger the screen, the higher the price. 

Also, there are different plans of running time for customers to pick. If you want your display to air during prime time, it will require a higher payment.

(2) Indoor or outdoor screens

It is obviously that outdoor LED screens may be more expensive than indoor ones. That is because higher waterproof level and higher brightness level.

(3) Configuration and specification

The screen pixel pitch, numbers of sending cards, brands of components, requirements for brightness and contrast ratio and so on.

Here is a recommended article about Novalct Screen Configuration – a detailed and practicle article that can help you understand how to configure LED display from 0 to 1.

3. What Are Advantages of Shopping Mall LED Screen?

(1) Better visual impact

LED displays in shopping malls provide vibrant and visually appealing content that captures the attention of shoppers. 

With high brightness, the displayed content is clear and visible within the visible distance. It is non-polarized and colorless, allowing for usage even under direct sunlight.

(2) Easy management

It is user-friendly and can be edited, added, deleted, and modified with ease using a mouse. 

With compatible LED control software and help from technicians, you can achieve real-time control and management easily, allowing for easy content updates and scheduling.

(3) More content possibility

There are many more content possibilities than traditional static printed billboards. For example, it can display videos, images, and audio, and also can change these contents in a very short time, saving labor costs and time.

Various information such as text, graphics, and images can be played through program editing and playback software.

(4) Durability and longevity

LED screens are built to withstand the demanding environment of shopping malls. 

They are durable, resistant to temperature variations, and have a longer lifespan compared to other display technologies, resulting in reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

(5) Interactive features

For example, floor LED screens in shopping malls can interact with people to draw their attention to boost more human traffic and generate more revenues.

4. Key Considerations for Implementing Shopping Mall LED Displays

(1) Understand basic structure of LED screen

To better implement shopping mall display screens, it is basic that understand the structure of LED displays.

For example, how LED modules and LED display cabinets compose LED displays, and the structure of the LED control system.

Here are the simple guidance:

a.LED displays can be built up by LED display modules and LED display cabinets;

b.The structure of the LED control system includes an LED controller, control computer, cables, and receiving cards.

structure of led displays

LED display controller:

The primary purpose of an LED controller is to receive video source signals from front-end video source devices or computers and convert them into differential signals suitable for transmission through Ethernet cables. 

These differential signals are then sent to the receiving card, which in turn displays the content on the LED display screen. Leading suppliers in the LED controller market include Novastar, Linsn, Mooncell, and Colorlight. Of these, Novastar currently holds the largest market share in the control system market.


The functions of signal cables are mainly used for connecting control computers, LED controllers, and sending cards. 

Ethernet cables are mainly used for data transmission between LED sending cards and receiving cards.

LED receiving card:

This is the core part of LED control system and can transfer RGB signals to logical digital signals that can be understood by the LED display circuit to control the images displayed on LED screens.

Please be notified that sending cards and receiving cards produced by different manufacturers can not be used at the same time.

(2) Calculating basic configuration

For example, you need to know the power consumption, screen definition, loading capacity of controllers and Ethernet port.

(3) LED screen configuration

This point includes the basic configuration of LED screen and system backup setting. You can ask the technicians to help to achieve the configuration of computers, sending cards, receiving cards, and LED screen connection. 

5. Customer Cases Sharing

Linsn LED has already achieved large amount of shopping mall LED display projects for customers from worldwide! No matter traditional LED displays or transparent LED display or other kinds of creative LED screens, we all have abundant experiences in producing, services and selling!

Transparent LED Display Cases Sharing

Linsn Indoor LED Display Customer Cases

Creative LED Screen Customer Cases

6. Conclusions

In this post, we discover some of the most important definitions of shopping mall LED display – types, advantages, concerns and typical customer cases from us!

Anything you want to know more about this attractive, and can bring you more potential benefits LED screen? Just fill in the simple forms below to contact us immediately!