The Developing Trend of Small Pixel LED Display

In the past two years, the led display video wall project has developed rapidly. Only In the first quarter, the sales volume of led display in the domestic market has reached 1.27 billion RMB. Mainly concentrated in application markets such as command and dispatch, video conferencing and information distribution systems. Moreover, with the rapid development of smart cities and safe China, small pixel led display have also used in the mid- to high-end applications where indoor security, conference rooms and other economic needs are strong.

Small Pixels LED Display
By the year of 2010, small pixel led display is blowing up very fast. This mainly benefits from the development of led lamp technology because of the small size leds technology more and more mature and the quality more and more stable. Now the leds smaller than P2 can be called small pitch led display. Currently the main popular models are P2, P1.9, P1.8, P1.6, P1.5 and P1.25 small pitch led display.

small pixel led video wall mainly use the small sizes leds, such as SMD 1515 or SMD 1010. Designs like shortening the space between the leds, Making PCB with 4 layer or 6 layer circuit, Using Die casting aluminum cabinet are to make sure small pitch led display with good quality and stability with following features:

small pixel led wall
high quality led for display

Small Pitch LED Display Features are:

(1) With modular design, the whole screen can realize the seamless stitching, especially when use for displaying news topics or holding video conferences, characters will not be cutting. At the same time, when displaying WORD, EXCEL, And PPT in the video conference room, the contents will not be divide to different parts to make people confused.

(2) the color and brightness of the small Pitch led display are with high consistency and uniformity. It can be point-by-point corrected. In this way, fully avoiding projection fusion, dark corner, dark side and patch when using LCD/PDP flat panel stitching after running it for some time. Especially for the “visual” analysis charts, graphics and other “pure background” content in the conference display, the small pitch high-definition LED display scheme has an unparalleled advantage.

(3) The small pixel led panel brightness supports intelligent adjustment from 0~1200cd/m2, which fully adapts to various indoor display environments.

Small Pitch LED screen cabinet

Small pitch LED lamp Features are:

  1. 4-PIN RGB package, the chips are arranged in a straight line;
  2. Using a black package substrate to improve color contrast;
  3. The product is light in weight, and the weight of a single LED is as small as 1.0 mg;
  4. Full black RGB package can be realized; light loss is 25%;
  5. A small size 0.5*0.5mm RGB package can be realized;
  6. The matte surface treatment making the screen light is softer;
Because the small pitch led display with high technical gold content, appropriate price and more and more humanized applications in the future stimulate the market bigger and bigger.
Researches showing the indoor small pixels led display market grows at an annual rate of 39%, it’s mainly comes from ultra-small developing trend.
In 2018, the global LED small-pitch revenue ratio of P1.2~P1.6 is about 39% and with the gradual increase in consumer demand for display effects and the further decline in costs of led display. In the next couple of years, hd led display with P1.2~P1.6 and even smaller pitches below P1.1 will be the mainstream。The estimated CAGR for 2018-2022 is to be 32% and 62% around.
In recent years, with the development of ultra-small-pitch display technology such as Mini/Micro LED, the market structure is slowly changing. In the field of ultra-small pitch (≤P1.0) display, domestic and foreign display manufacturers have introduced pitches smaller than P1.0. and pixels like P0.7~P0.9 are actively deployed in the field of ultra-small-pitch display. Even many traditional panel manufacturers have actively joined the business war of “competing the right to speak in the future”. They have developed and launched related projects through capital and technology to to seize the market by making new products and develop different channels.
fine pixel LED display
According to the application of fine pixel led display, it can be roughly divided into six categories: broadcast application, security monitoring, enterprise and education, retail, public area and transportation, hotel and theater. From the perspective of accounting, the current most important application of small-pitch led display is from enterprise and education, accounting for 39%, followed by commercial retail, accounting for 19%; from the future growth rate, with the commercial display gradually mature and the improvement of cost and performance, it is estimated that this two markets are also the fastest growing application areas.