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What Can You Do with A Smart LED Poster Display? Just Read This!

The market share of smart LED poster has increased largely since it appeared in the commercial display market. The poster LED has its own special advantages over other kinds of information medias today as a typical information carrier integrated both advertising and entertaining functions.

It can attract people’s eyes at once because of the elegant appearances with a sense of technology, appropriate displying performances in any applications, etc. For people who are feeding with information bombs everyday, it can be a competitive method to impact people and play other roles more than an advertising LED screen.

There are many momentums for the rapid developing of LED poster display, including the potential huge market for post-epidemic “contactless economy”, growing appetite for innovative advertising method, integrated functions that can support more using scenarios, etc.

1. Applications of Indoor Smart LED Poster

(1).Bank LED Poster

The LED poster screen can provides many functions for ritual operations of banks including calling the name in due order, displaying information such as corporate video and financial policy, instructing people how to do handle banking business and so on.

This can also be used to collect data for the whole bank system, improving the working efficiency and offering information for analysing the process. It can short the whole integrated process for collecting and analysing no matter how far the distances between different bank outlets to bring considerable economic benefits.

Bank and hotel LED poster screen

(2).Hosptial Smart Poster LED Display

The smart LED poster can display various information including registration, layout of hispital, avaliable number of wards, policies that benefit people, and so forth. What is more, the smart system can realize interaction between hospital staff and patients, achieving timely support when human traffic is huge. By providing entertaining contents, it can help to relax anxiety of patients.

(3).Hotel LED Poster

The smart LED poster can help to show important information to customers such as price lists, avaliable rooms, meals recommendation, promotion activities, monitoring, etc.

Moreover, it can provide some active services that can be only provided by human resources before such as booking and searching information.

(4).Shopping Mall Smart LED Poster

The market share of smart LED poster screens has gone up for lot because of many shopping malls have already put them into applications. They can be versatile for this using scenarios for their specialities. For instance, in the aspect of commercial advertising, it can be an innovative tool to catch people’s attention immediately.

Besides, it can play the role as guides to instruct customers the layout of shops on different storeys, the best guidelines to wanted shops and the latest information about shopping malls such as promotion activities, and create incomes from sponsorship by displaying their advertisement, etc.

The sizes of such screens are commonly comparatively large, and these displays will be placed in the entrance of mall or elevators to attract more cusotmers.

In a word, it has already became an indispensable part for shopping malls. The smart poster LED can play vital role to help shopping malls that place them to win the advantages in brand image, customer satisfaction and experience over those who don’t own it.

2. Applications of Outdoor Smart LED Poster

The brightness of outdoor environment is high, sometimes even the displays with brightness up to 5000nit can not deal with the problem of reflecting.

The brightness of outdoor LED poster can reach to 7000nit, and the light probe will help to adjust the brightness according to ambinent enviroment so that cater to the high requirement for high brightness.

(1).Bus Station/Train Station Smart LED Poster Screen

This is a typical application for poster LED display, the functions of tickets information inquiring, showing sponsorship advertisements, informing schedule and so on all make LED poster display have more importance for bus and train station than ever before.

What is more, to take advantage of the huge human traffic, smart poster LED display screen can show commercial advertisements, and this is a popular way of propaganda.

Bus station LED poster screen

These smart LED poster will be placed mostly on the entrance, so when people is queueing up, they will watch the contents carefully to allow the displays get the maximum effects.

(2).Community Smart LED Poster

Placing outdoor smart LED poster in community can provide many convinences for residents such as household information, community announcement, safe reminder, inquire about utilities, etc.

This can not only improve the working efficiency of property management company, but also offer more conveniences to people, upgrading the living standard of the whole community.

(3).Scenic Spot/Park Smart LED Poster

LED poster screen can deepen the understanding of tourists about the scenic spots, with its useful information provided to assist people do more correct decisions. These interactive LED displays can provide tourists real-time information such as weather, local news and incoming activities, etc.

Besides, it is also an advertising platform for local enterprises and shops. Viewers can be familiar with local shops and resteruants, thus bringing respectable income to local business.

(4).Urban Construction

It is reported that smart LED poster is one of the key points for the construction of smart city. Many cities all have the plans to invest more in outdoor LED poster screen in the future to integrate citizens with other facilities.

This kinds of LED display screen have high waterproof protection level, and can resist high temperature, also work normally in winter with low temperature. Moreover, it has multiple functions such as low light pollutions, low power consumption and auto brightness adjustment, and so forth.

Urban construction LED smart poster

The plan of urban construction can place smart poster LED screen to many applications such as parks, communities, walking street, bus stations, etc.

The smart LED poster can offer various functions to citizens including reading, searching news, informing important announcements, displaying commertial advertisement, installing games to entertain people, etc.

All these can make people who are in leisure time such as taking a walk to enjoy more pleasure.

3. Smart LED Poster Specification

Linsn 640mmx1920mm LED poster screen supports multiple control methods through mobile phone, PC, notebook and including synchronous & asynchronous control. Just a click on your phone, real-time control and management can be achieved.

Light weight, elegant appearance, efficiency and intelligence are all outstanding features of Linsn poster LED screen. We provide customers with the best-quality poster LED displays which have good prices, adequate stocks and quick delivery in 3 days.

4. The Bottom Line

Smart LED poster has been widely used in many applications today, and enjoys potential rapidly inceasing market. Smart LED posters are reliable both in indoor and outdoor, with its multiple functions such as high protection level, high brightness with adjustable function, high-quality displaying performances and so forth.

Both indoor LED poster and outdoor LED poster are used more and more in hotels, bus stations, hospitals, shopping malls, urban construction and so on. If you want to know more the latest information and professional advice about poster LED display, welcome click here!