Latest Smart Light Pole LED Display! (Full Guidance 2023)

Want to display your wanted content just on the screens people will meet every day? Want to impress your potential customers in daily life, or make more contributions to the construction of smart city? Then you must not miss the smart light pole LED display!

In today’s post, we will dive into deeply smart pole LED display, and discover the most important information about it including functions, structures, costs, management, and so on!

Just read until the end to become a pole LED display expert!

Table of Content

1. What Is Smart Pole LED Display?

Smart pole LED display is typically installed on both sides of highways and streets. It has many functions such as real-time broadcasting, road guidance, road condition broadcasting, information release, advertising promotion, and so on.

In a word, it allows you to use modern LED display to substitute traditional printed advertising banners, monitor the street, and also other additional functions!

smart street pole light led display

7 Features of Pole LED Display

(1) Remote control supported, allow 4G/WIFI/LAN to manage the screen;

(2) Multi-functional system: such as real-time monitoring, automatic brightness adjustment, GPS positioning and so on.

(3) Higher protection ability such as excellent heat dissipation to make sure the screen can work stably in even extreme weather.

(4) Still high-definition LED display with adjustable brightness level and high contrast ratio.

(5) Suitable for outdoor LED display applications.

(6) Quick installation.

You can easily fix the pole led screen within 30 seconds, and the hoop is stainless steel to avoid rust and damage from extreme weather. 

how to install pole led display

(7) Multi-frame design

Pole led display is a uniform cabinet with standard sizes of P4mm, P5mm, P6.67, P8mm, and P10mm, and standard LED module size of 320mmx160mm.

This pole led display support for back maintenance and front maintenance both, and the frame can be open from both sides.

2. How to Realize Management?

You may want to ask: how to achieve remote management for multiple pole LED display?

The answer is not complicated: first, there will be 4G/3G data SIM card within the LED controllers so that they can access the Internet. Then, the software can control and manage these LED controllers through the Internet!

In order to realize synchronizing images and videos, the LED display controllers will have synchronizing modem and GPS modem to keep these screens with the same contents and follow the same commands.

Pole led display support for LAN, wifi and 3G/4G. The cloud system can well locate every pole led display by GPS and supervisor image of every led display. All the images will have a record in the software so that you can educe the excel to check adverts. 

LED Control System of Pole LED Screen

The solution of smart pole LED display should support;

(1) Remote management with cluster management;

(2) Remote power switching;

(3) Multi-screen synchronized display;

(4) Automatically brightness adjustment;

(5) Group management, multi-level permission settings;

(6) Multiple review mechanism;

(7) Free to provide cloud platform server to rely on, users do not need to self-group network;

(8) The cloud platform is certified by Internet Information Security Level 3 for greater security.

LED receiving cardCascading supported; one screen one card for double-sided screen; cost-saving
4G communication moduleProvide the basic equipment for the control card to access the Internet; realize remote cluster management of LED display; multi-screen synchronization, etc
Brightness sensorBrightness sensor; automatically adjust the brightness of the LED display screen; energy saving and environmental protection.
RF synchronous playback moduleRF module based on LoRa technology to achieve multiple LED display content playback simultaneously.
GPS synchronization moduleUsing the way of satellite time correction to achieve multi-screen synchronous playback; GPS positioning.

3. What Functions Can Smart Pole LED Display Achieve for You?

What can smart LED pole display bring to you? Why we call it an “intelligent” display? To figure out this point, we need to know how much value it can bring to people and smart city construction.

Generally, it can provide various benefits such as smart lighting, information release, weather monitor, intelligent security, charging piles, wireless station, etc.

With smart pole LED screen, you can build the street more humanized, more beautiful, more advanced and safer!

Smart lighting

Using the Information sensing equipment

Connect each light into Internet

On-demand lighting control and efficient operation

Energy saving and emission reduction

Information release

LED Display information release

Government public information, alarming information, notification

Combined with intelligent security, to show Road speed limit signs or Abnormal Warning

Weather monitor


Sensor support

Temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality, radiation, precipitation, and wind monitor

Local weather data collection

Intelligent security


Camera, Remote Control System

Digital monitoring, public security management, traffic diversion

Charging pile

USB charging

New enegry vehicle charging

Wireless station

Embedded WiFi hotspot and microbase station

Wireless network communication, wireless RF network, wireless NFO network, 4G / 5G base stations

Three Common Applications

(1) Internet+Smart Community

To build up smart community, smart pole LED screen can be used for emergency call, info release, emergency info release and help call center.

(2) Internet+Safe City

For the safe city, pole LED screen can work as smart video surveillance for monitoring and emergency processing!

(3) Internet+Smart Traffic

The functions can be: traffic guidance, parking instruction, traffic violation recording, FIA Network, traffic flow, etc.

applications of pole led screen

4. 7 Benefits of Smart Street Pole Light LED Display

(1) Occupying smaller room with higher efficiency

Compared to traditional LED display screen which needs to stand on the floor or hanging on the exterior of the building, street light pole LED display will occupy less room.

However, it has higher efficiency. For instance, it can easily change the advertising content through remote control, which can not be achieved by traditional printed posters.

Moreover, the dynamic contents can attract more attention than static images. The passerby can notice what are displaying immediately, improving the efficiency of information transportation.

(2) Multi-control methods

The available control methods include LAN, Wifi, 3G and 4G. Also, Simultaneously multiple devices management is also supported even through your cellphones.

The cloud system can well locate every pole led display by GPS and supervisor image of every led display. All the images will have a record in the software so that you can reduce the excel to check adverts. 

how to control pole light led display

(3) Support double-sided display

This kind of LED display can realize a double-sided display, which means one single screen for two sides displaying, and more viewers will be reached.

(4) Multifunctional features for the city construction

First, it is an innovative media. For example, street pole light LED display can advertise the content in a way that people can accept, and also supports many entertaining contents such as live streaming and rebroadcasting.

Second, it can beautify the street. The modern appearance can blend into the environment perfectly, and the adjustable brightness also makes it safer for drivers.

Third, there is no degradation of the displaying quality because of the high refresh rate, high contrast and brightness adjustment. Better image quality can be offered to all viewers.

(5) Smart city construction

As an important part of smart city, smart pole light LED display have many advanced features such as comprehensive advertising, easy installation and operation, and multiple functions such as monitoring and managing.

For instance, it can broadcast needed content to the public, or collect data to save labor.

And also, smart light LED screens can be connected to the nearby Internet such as video surveillance, face recognition, security monitoring, etc, which helps to manage the whole city in an intelligent way.

(6) Convenience service for citizens

By connecting the mobile phone, computer, Wi-Fi or other devices, it can monitor traffic conditions, weather data, humidity and temperature, slogans and so on. 

It can broadcast useful information such as wind speed and wind temperature, and contents that can help government to build a more friendly society.

What is more, street light LED display can play the important role in constructing smart city by its integrated functions.

(7) Less light pollution compared with traditional LED display

Light pollution will affect the vision of passing drivers then lead to risks of traffic accidents, and pole LED display produce less such pollution compared with other types of LED screens. 

5. What Is the Cost of Smart Street Pole LED Display?

The cost of street pole LED screen is not expensive, however, it is still a little bit higher than a conventional LED display. 

The basic components of pole LED display cost can be described below:

Cabinet Design

Fixed Insta: Use the widely used Common mode, lower cost, Homogenized products

Smart Pole: Cabinet will be designed according to specific project needs, that might need extra cost, around 200-300USD/ Cabinet

Control System

Fixed Insta: These LED Display do not need extra accessories like 4G or lora module to realize the same time image show effect, so only the receiver cards + sending card combination is enough for it’s basic showing requests.

Smart Pole: Different as the requests, these display need the accessories support to fulfil their function, like different sensor, 4G module, wifi control mode, lora synchronization module, but those accessories are cheap for their unit price, range from dozens of dollars only.

Energy Saving Requests

Fixed Insta: Without special energy saving requests, common fixed installation cabinet is not designed into energy saving model, that will be cost saving.

Smart Pole: If need energy saving type, some accessories need to use the specified energy saving type, like IC/ power supply/ or maybe the PCB board. That might add 50-100 USD.

So, why pole LED screen price is typically higher than that of conventional LED displays?

(1) More complex production process: for example, more accessories with more baking varnish and assembly and so on.

(2) More comprehensive system with multiple functions such as error locating, data feedback, brightness adjustment, photo taking, humidity monitoring, temperature monitoring, wind speed detection, face recognition, etc.

(3) High protection ability and high brightness level. For example, better waterproof ability, sunlight resistance, dustproofness, guard against theft, and so on.

(4) Better heat dissipation as the inner cabinet will reach 80 degrees in the hot summer, and there should be fans and more power suppliers.

6. FAQs of Smart Pole LED Display

(1) Higher production cost based on the relatively higher material cost, more fans and power supplies of pole LED screen.

(2) More strict parameters such as higher brightness level, more energy-saving feature, lighter weight and more functions.

(3) More functions such as data collection, data analysing, monitoring and so on.

(4) More parts can be equipped with such as acoustics, Wifi, brightness sensor, temperature controlling, etc.

(1) More complex production process, higher requirements for labor cost.

(2) Compared with other kinds of LED displays, pole LED screens have more comprehensive functions.

(3) Higher-level parameters such as high brightness, waterproofness, etc.

The luminous attenuation of street light pole LED display is comparatively slow, and it can be durable. The common service life can be up to 10 years.

In general, the installation height should be 3m-4m, and the size of the screen can be 0.5-1.5㎡. The maximum consumption can be 800W per screen and the average consumption is 240W per screen.

7. Conclusions

Smart pole light LED displays can be an important part of smart city with its versatile functions, high protection capability, and elegant appearance.

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