Build a Smart Transportation LED Display
Last Part we have shared some ideas about Smart Pole LED Display in smart city project, you may have had a basic acknowledge about it. For this part we’d like to share some typical cases about one similar model of pole LED display in intelligent transportation project — The Smart Transportation LED Board. After reading you’d have a roughly frame on what model to choose and how to save your costs if you are a traffic board project contractor.
Nowadays many cities have speed up the steps in smart city project construction, act as the showing window for smart city, LED Display on road could be divided into some classifications:

Classify of Transportation LED Display

1: Traffic Information Variable LED Board

traffic variable led screen
  • Application Scenarios: Highway
  • Function: Road condition and traffic information show, reduce the jam caused by highway accident.

2: Traffic Information Variable LED Board

traffic speed limit led display
  • Application Scenarios: Complicated road form condition, Key sections of large Bridges
  • Function: Speed limit, Road condition information show. Guide the vehicle to travel according to the limited speed and instruction.

3: Traffic Guiding LED Display

traffic guidance led display
  • Application Scenarios: Urban main road, Congested road
  • Function: Give notification about the ahead road information, unblocked (green)/ crowed (yellow)/ blocking (red), let the drivers choose an uncrowded road in advance.
All we know is, allocate a whole system including detection, data collecting, and information showing system cost higher, how to save cost for this, most builders will choose outsourcing, find a professional supplier, to do the corresponding work. For us, we are experienced in LED screen project, how to save cost in LED screen, see in next Parts.

Specification of the traffic LED Display

1) Specification:

PixelsP6mm, P8mm, P10mm, P16mm, P20mm
LED LampsSMD 3in1, DIP Full Color, DIP Single Color, DIP Double Color
Waterproof LevelIP65, IP68
Energy SavingSupport
Main ColorRed, Green, Yellow, White
The traffic LED board are objected-oriented to the passing vehicles, their stay time in visual distance is short, so complex graph and video should be avoided. The content and color should be as simple as possible. Low gray color like blue is not suitable in this project. Choose the bright and striking color like green, white, yellow or red would be better. Also, try to use words and graph as simple as possible.

2) DIP & SMD, which one should I choose:

Based on those information, DIP dual color and single color LED modules (P10, P16, P20) couldn’t be much more suitable for you. It has the higher brightness and more stable quality for variable environment use, and cheaper price than DIP full color. Most important thing is, it could totally satisfy your demands for outdoor traffic use, just like tailor-made for this.
Dual Color DIP Module
In some outdoor low sun-light places, or the installation place will have coverage, tree shade, or in the tunnel use, you could choose the SMD3in1, (P6, P8, P10, P12.5) these all could surpass 6000-6500 nits brightness, and they are more cheap than DIP model meanwhile.

3.Requirements for Traffic LED Display

1) Brightness: ≥6000nits, Adjustable

The image shown on screen should be readable under directly sunlight. So high brightness is essential, 6000nits or higher is a reasonable brightness for traffic LED board use.
Meanwhile, the brightness need to be automatic adjusted according to the environment light. As screen works 24 hours x 7 days, the operation environment changes variously. Sufficient brightness under ambient illumination during sunny days, lower proper light in rainy day and night are all necessary. Commonly, traffic LED guiding screen should be allocated with automatic brightness adjust function, level above 8.

2) Protective Level

The complex operation environment sets strict requirements for the smart traffic LED Display. It need to be waterproof, anti-corrosion and dust, also lightning protection. Meanwhile, higher heat dispersion is necessary as well. So the cabinet need to be special designed for waterproof, cooling fans need to choose the stable and high quality type, some places need an air conditioner work together with the screen.

3) Remote Control & IoT Detection

As the overall allocation area is huge, for daily maintenance and detection, they are difficult than the common LED screen, so remote control and fault detection functions is indispensable. Use an IoT monitor to detect the device operation data, and upload them to the IoT data processor. Then the city security control central system will receive those data, that will guarantee the system know each screen condition in real time and act timely if needed.

4.The Control Way & Content Information Collection

1) Control Way:

Remote control by centralized control system via communication network
For screen suppliers, they need to use the appointed receiver cards and accessories, also need to get accessed into the control center’s communication protocol, then the signal transcend could be connected.

2) How the content information was collected:

The information showing on the traffic LED board, was collected by fixed vehicle inspection equipment, gate vehicle passing data, signal light changing data. Import these data into the guiding center system, via data processing, algorithm analysis then generate the current traffic information. Control center will send the information to relative controller PC, then the information we see on the screen appeared.
smart transportation control center
What should be payed attention is, build these traffic guiding LED screen need stronger city construction support, what we called it smart city construction, those professional control center need huge financial and tech support, some top company like DAHUA, HIKVISION could provide service for these.

For us, in LED screen industry, we are professional and responsibility enough to give timely support. We have accumulated sufficient LED project undertake experiences. Besides the city control center building, we could satisfy all your demands in LED display outsourcing work. Contact us if any questions you have.