Buy Sphere LED Screen: Production, Prices and Installation All Here!

Sphere LED screen, also known as LED ball display, has a unique 360-degree spherical appearance which is much different from traditional flat LED display.

It is usually applied in indoor applications such as shopping malls, museum halls, airports, and other using scenarios to display images and videos in a modern and eye-catching way.

Table of Content

1. What Can You Do With Sphere LED Screen?

The most outstanding feature of LED sphere screen is the innovative displaying methods that can attract people immediately.

The trapezoidal circuit design allows seamless splicing and high-level flatness of the LED display modules.

This is a very important point for such creative LED display as people will pay much attention to the contents it display.

Unlike other shapes of LED displays such as LED cube display and triangular LED displays that will inevitably have some blind spots, you can see the full contents without distortion on LED ball display from any degree at a reasonable viewing distance.

Due to its customized production and shape, the design of power supply and heat dissipation is more flexible.

You can decide the parameters of the digital ball as what you want, and our professional staff will achieve the screen for you.

2. How to Make A LED Ball Display?

Here are several steps to make a sphere LED screen, and also some differences between it and traditional LED display production.

First, let us clarify what we should do before producing:

(1) Decide what is the size, whether it is a hemisphere or an entire sphere;

(2) What is the using scenarios, indoor or outdoor LED display

(3) Which installation methods will you apply? For example, hanging installation or placing it on the ground;

(4) What is the viewing distance? 

Then, we need to discuss the size with professional staff.

(1) Usually the modules need to be designed especially for the steel structure.

ball led display design
led ball display structure

(2) The design of the steel structure also decides the fixation of LED modules, and the flatness of the surface.

(3) You may need to pay extra money for the additional design of modules. So it is more cost-effective for you to choose existing models.

Pixel Pitch of LED Display

For indoor ball display, P2, P2.5, and P3 are all common parameters. And for outdoor sphere display, P3, P4, P5, and above pixel pitch can be seen frequently.

Here is the point – different pixel pitches and sizes may require additional design. So you can just ask for existing models, like what we have mentioned above.

3. Power and Signal Cables Connection

There are fixed points for flat cables just like the photos below.

Typically, we use standard 110V/220V power supply for most the countries. And the video sources will be transmitted to the ball display through Ethernet cables from controlled computers. 

sphere led display flat cables
how to connect flat cables

4. How to Install Your LED Ball Display?

Typically, we will suspend or place the display on the ground. And the sturdy inside structure makes the installation stable and safe.

Hanging Installation

The LED sphere screen can be hung with a pole, chain, or cable. There will be a pothook on it, and the inner frame also facilitates these installation methods.

Base Mounting

There will be a pole on the bottom, and support the inner structure of LED ball screens

In this way, the screen can stand on the ground stably and easily.

5. Spherical Display Price

The spherical display prices are various based on parameters and other hardware. However, not like other kinds of displays, this creative LED display may also require additional payments if you require a special design, and lead time will be needed.

Linsn LED always provides our customers with the most reasonable prices and favorable quotations with our high-quality LED ball screen.

All the products will be delivered to you timely and safely!

6. Conclusions

Now you may already have some understanding of the production, features, advantages, and pricing of sphere LED screens.

You may want to get a high-standard LED sphere screen with a good price and after-sale services, or a detailed quotation from reliable suppliers.

Either way, just contact us now! Our professional staff will reply to you as soon as possible.