Standard LED Display Module 320mmx160mm

When we talk LED display, the first and most important thing is the LED display module, some is 160mmx160mm, some is 128mmx128, and some is 250mmx250mm, so what is a standard LED display module, We think that, the standard led screen module Size is 320mmx160mm to achieve The Best LED Display Experience.

LED Display with our lives have become inseparable after more than 10 years rapid development, , although the technology matures and the more product line such as creative led display,hd led video wall,but the industry standard has stagnated. LED Module size is the biggest issue,since different led display manufacturers design philosophy or copy other supplier’s led module sizes, not combining the characteristics of led display screen but sacrifice LED display performance to get the orders from clients. Meanwhile, grotesque led module display module lead to grotesque led display screen.even more,some led display factories want the so called ” differentiation” led display to sell high price but with low quality and unreasonable after sales service for led screen customers.
Standard LED Display Module Size 320mmx160mm

For Now, Linsn LED as a professional high performance led display factory that are willing to make the first try to leading the led display industry into standardization development times.advance industry standardization progress.

  1. Unify the standard led screen Module Size: 320mmx160mm.
  2. Unify the Standard LED screen Cabinet Screw Holes for all Kinds of standard led module..
  3. Pay more attention to the standard led screen display performance..
  4. Pay more attention to the Quick Assembling and Maintenance..

All indoor led module and outdoor led module will be the same size of 320mmx160mm,with fixed size,scan way to achieve the best display effect.320mm*160mm module size, the entire LED display industry standard specifications for equipment, high technology development of maturity.

320mmx160mm Standard LED Screen Panel
We believe that, with the powerful advancing completion of the standardization process, by improving the supply chain of compatibility and versatility, all of led display industry practitioner will be better including led display factory,dealers,distributors,customers.

The Advantage of standard LED Display Panel:

The PCB industry: Only One PCB cutting dimensions,from the source to save raw material costs, give customers more cost-effective;

Dealers, Brokers: Share the same led display cabinet, stocking a single products, reducing the unwanted inventories; unified the installation way to save the labour cost.;
The End Consumer: Unified the led module sizes that make shopping simple and easy replacement; no need to change the led display cabinet, you just need to change the led modules for updateing and keeping all old structure including led display cabinet, led power supply,led control card etc. to save a huge cost and time.
Save Cost for LEd display
This is the Gold LED Display Module Size: 320*160mm, industry specifications standard, in order to give consumers real concessions, real benefits, improve the user experience on product satisfaction.we hope more and more led display factory work together to implement the led module size,radically enhance the led display industrial level and promote the industry to the same standard.