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LinsnCloud Smart Pole + Cloud Management

In urban development, smart light poles are emerging as a model that integrates information and communication technology with traditional urban public infrastructure, making them the most promising new public infrastructure in this domain.


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Main Function of Smart LED Pole

There are many functions of smart LED pole such as smart lighting controlling system, weather station, broadcasting speaker, emergency call system, mini base station, wireless Wifi, cameras and surveillance system, and high-quality LED display!


Why Choose LinsnCloud Team?

why choose linsn smart cloud
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Smart Pole Equipment Core Components


Principles of Smart Pole LED Display Cloud Management

The smart pole LED display uses 4G/5G network or network cable to access the Internet and realizes remote management, remote power switch and program release through the LinsnCloud information release system. 

The GPS and RF modules can realize mult-screen synchronous playback, and the visual effect of advertising is more impressive. Brightness sensor allows the display screen to automatically adjust brightness, energy saving, and environmental protection.

principles of smart pole led display components


Using Scenarios of Smart LED Pole in Smart City

Smart Community & Smart Retirement

The aim is to foster a culture of utilization among community residents, businesses, and governments, where all parties have equitable and unrestricted access to the technologies, equipment, services, and resources brought about by the broadband economy. 

One of the primary objectives of smart LED pole is to stimulate economic growth. 

Moreover, residents can create their own businesses and participate in the digital economy, which will also contribute to the growth of the local economy.

smart traffic

Internet & Smart Traffic

  1. Traffic Guidance
  2. Parking Instruction
  3. Traffic Flow
  4. Vehicles Monitoring
  5. EmergencyHelp
  6. Traffic Violation Recording+FIA Network

Internet & Safe City

Video Surveillance Smart Monitoring Integration + City Managing + Group Incidence

+ Emergency Processing

safe city for smart led pole light

Street Pole LED Display, How “Smart Pole LED Display” Can be “ Smart”

A commonly seeing LED display on the road, what might catch your eyesight many times, as pictures shows below: they are street pole LED display.

light pole led display
In our industry term, we usually called them Smart Pole LED Display, or Street Pole LED Display. As we know the common street light solves us the problems of lighting, culture street light build the city image, then how ‘SMART’ of those smart LED street pole display will be?
Give you the authority of street construction, what would you do with those street pole? Build cameras to monitor the real time street situation, use the LED display to replace the old banner type advertisement. Smart Pole Display are what these integration project be.
Shown as the picture model,
integrated LED pole display
Some top competitive company even formed into a mature line of micro station, Edge Computing Gateway, to fulfill the function of Internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence.
In total, Smart pole LED Display is a new generation of urban information infrastructure that integrates smart lighting, weather monitor, air quality detection, video monitoring, charging pile, LED information release, information exchange, and other functions.
Main Function:
function of street pole led display
With the development of smart city construction, the function of integrity smart pole display has become more and more. Main functions are showing in the table (Need extra hardware support) :
Smart lighting
  • Using the Information sensing equipment
  • Connect each light into Internet
  • On-demand lighting control and efficient operation
  • Energy saving and emission reduction
Intelligent security
  • Camera, Remote Control System
  • Digital monitoring, public security management, traffic diversion
Information release
  • LED Display information release
  • Government public information, alarming information, notification
  • Combined with intelligent security, to show Road speed limit signs or Abnormal Warning
Wireless station
  • Embedded WiFi hotspot and microbase station
  • Wireless network communication, wireless RF network, wireless NFO network, 4G / 5G base stations
Charging pile
  • USB charging
  • New enegry vehicle charging
Weather monitor
  • Sensor support
  • Temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality, radiation, precipitation, and wind monitor
  • Local weather data collection

2.How to Allocate one Basic Control System

In our daily use, most functions above are not essential, as it need a mature integrated city security system act as the overall control. Functions we commonly need might be information showing, road condition monitor, or environment monitor. These functions are easy to realize.
Here is one of our commonly used control system case sharing — Huidu Control System, all the items needed are listed, and the functions are take for example for your clearly reference.
Connection Diagram:
Huidu control system connection
Accessories Required:

3.The Advantages for Pole LED Display

Remote ManagementRemote cluster control, no need to operate on spot
Multi-display SynchronizationMultiple LED displays play the same content at the same time, enhance the advertising effect.
Brightness AdjustmentAutomatic brightness or timing brightness adjustment, high brightness during the day, low brightness at night, make energy saving possible.
Environment MonitorSupport wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, PM2.5, noise and other real-time environmental monitoring.
High ResolutionSmart Pole LED Display is designed for further distance viewing, but nowadays small pixel screen became the new trend, with those fine pixel like P2.5/ P3.91/ P4.81, it becomes suitable and fantastic for closer viewing. No granular sensation and clear in image.
Stable and High Waterproof LevelTo make it resist the outdoor worn and erosion, glue filling is strictly required in producing, to make it resist water erosion in heavy rain or storm, also performs better in fast radiate.
Energy SavingMatch with the new energy saving tech, allocate the energy save driving IC, change the power supply into common cathode type (4.2V lower voltage driving) , the display could save around 30%-45% electricity. Also the intelligent power off control mode, could satisfy your 7×24 hours energy saving request.
Size CustomizedAccording to customers needs and expectation, we could provide possible solution and design plan as reasonable and suitable as we could. The cabinet size can be customized and adjustable, could be made bigger or smaller all as your wish.

4. What Are the Differences Compared with Other Types?

(1) Outstanding energy-saving ability

In long term, the cost can be offset by the saved money due to less energy consumption.

For the street pole LED display screens, one of the outstanding advantages is the electricity-saving ability.

This feature can both profit environment and owners – after all, the saved money can offset your costs.

(2) More power suppliers and fans

The smaller structure can lead to high inner temperature, thus more power suppliers and fans are needed.

It also put forward strict requirements for utility and components causing a more serious working environment.

(3) Requirement for software security

It is important for smart street pole LED displays to have high-standard software security as there may be risks of hacker attacks so unwanted contents will spread.

(4) More elegant appearance

The street pole LED screens will have a higher ability to integrate with surrounding environments, which can add more aesthetic feeling to the environment.

Thus, it often has an innovative and more elegant appearance than other types of screens.

5. Prices: Is Smart Pole LED Display expensive?

The factor we considered most important besides quality is, is that expensive? Our answer is “ ABSOLUTLY NOT”.
Pole LED Display is generally ranged in a reasonable and affordable price for most of us. Take our common outdoor use fixed installation LED display for a comparison example, 3 items are the most different places, which might caused price rising.
See as the table showing:
Cabinet Design
  • Fixed Insta: Use the widely used Common mode, lower cost, Homogenized products
  • Smart Pole: Cabinet will be designed according to specific project needs, that might need extra cost, around 200-300USD/ Cabinet
Control System
  • Fixed Insta: These LED Display do not need extra accessories like 4G or lora module to realize the same time image show effect, so only the receiver cards + sending card combination is enough for it’s basic showing requests.
  • Smart Pole: Different as the requests, these display need the accessories support to fulfil their function, like different sensor, 4G module, wifi control mode, lora synchronization module, but those accessories are cheap for their unit price, range from dozens of dollars only.
Energy Saving Requests
  • Fixed Insta: Without special energy saving requests, common fixed installation cabinet is not designed into energy saving model, that will be cost saving.
  • Smart Pole: If need energy saving type, some accessories need to use the specified energy saving type, like IC/ power supply/ or maybe the PCB board. That might add 50-100 USD.

6. FAQs of Smart Light Pole LED Display

(1) What temperature can street pole light LED displays stand?

Street pole LED displays can stand temperature up to 80 degrees as the installation site is usually with high temperature such as highway and sides of road.

Moreover, even the display does not work, the inner temperature can be up to 60 degrees in summer.

(2) What are the differences between pole LED display with conventional LED displays?

a. Production cost: compared with convential LED display screens, street pole LED displays need higher production cost.

b. Utility: street pole LED displays have higher utility as parameters and quality have more strict requirements. For example, brightness, weight, functions, heat dissipation ability and so on.

c. Energy consumption: generally speaking, pole LED screens will spend less electricity thus is more energy saving.

d. Functions: for street pole LED screens, some smart functions such as data collection and analysing are indispensable.

e. Auxiliaries needed: there are many additional equippment a pole LED screen should equip, for instance, WIFI, acoustics, automatic brightness adjustment, automatic temperature controlling, etc.

(3) What are the general standards of a street pole LED screen?

Generally speaking, the installation height should be 3m to 4m, and the size of the screen can be 0.5㎡ to 1.5㎡. The maximum consumption can be 800W for per screen, and the average consumption is 240W per screen.

(4) Why do pole LED displays need higher costs than conventional LED displays?

a. LED light pole screens need more complex production process, for example, multiple baking varnish and accessories assembly.

b. It has more comprehensive systems which is multi-functional. For example, it usually contains functions like error locating, data feedback, brightness adjustment, monitoring, and the like.

c. Higher requirements for its performances include higher brightness level up to 7000 nits, better protection ability, sunlight resistance, many other smart functions, and so on.

(5) What equipment should the street pole LED display screen should have?

Here we give you two equipment that you may ignore:  light dependent resistors and temperature-controlled fans.

The reason for installing them are simple: safery, and saving you more electricity charges. 

Because almost all street light pole LED displays are installed on the highway, thus the ambient brightness and temperature are changeable. 

To achieve timely and accurate brightness and temperature adjustment, there should be automatic management. For example, when the ambient brightness become higher, the screen brightness should be correspondingly higher, too.

This is when a light dependent resistor can work for you: the resistence will reduce when the ambinent brightness get higher, leading to higher screen brightness.

(6) How can street pole LED displays resist high temperature?

Here is a typical question for users: how can street pole LED display stand over heat? As we know, the ambient temperature can be up to 40 degree in summer, and the inner temperature can even be 80 degree! Thus, many customers will worry about whether the displays have significant heat dissipation. 

(7) We will give you answers below: 

a. Reasonable inner design: the arrangment for sending card, receiving card, power supply, fans and so forth.

b. Shorter inner trace to improve the thermal convection.

c. Adding more fans to improve ventilation so as to strenghthen heat dissipation.

d. Better quality components such as sending card, fans and cables, which can resist higher temperature than standard ones.

e. Bigger capacitance for sending card as it is the core component for the display. Typically, it must meet industrial grade of 1G memory.

f. More power supplies should be installed as the conversion efficiency will reduce with the rising of temperature, so there should be more power units.

(8) How long the service life of LED pole screen?

The common service life can be up to 10 years as the luminous attenuation of street pole LED displays can be relatively low.

7. Pole LED Display Case Show

Linsn LED pole LED Display Case Show

For other questions or specific project solution about the street pole LED Display, contact us online or email us directly. We’ll give you sufficient suggestions or help for your headache problems. Contact us if you have any questions about smart pole LED Screen.