Studio LED Background Screen: How to Choose?

When incorporating an LED Video Display into a studio set design, it is important to think of more than just what looks good in a static environment. A studio LED background screen has to hold up in live broadcast situations to communicate clearly.

For LED Video Displays that appear on camera, the important factor that needs to considerations should be high refresh rate. The higher refresh rate measures the number of times a second the display hardware draws data. 

When display the indoor LED screen needs to shoot by the camera, and a quick refresh rate is necessary to avoid lag time. Lag time is disastrous in the world of live TV.

One of the many benefits of LED Video Display over LCD Video Display, it’s bezel-free design. with the UHD LED Video Display series, it will look impeccable on camera.

studio led background screen1

1. The main factor to infect LED display works fo r studio application.

1. Easy on the Budget — 

For studios that air live events and news. find a professional manufacturer to supply a full solution including LED displays with a control system can help clients to control the budget without compromising quality.

2. Small Pixel Pitch — 

Pixel pitch is the measurement of the space between a screen’s pixels. In many ways, different pitches work well for various shots. Broadcasters who need tight shots will need smaller pitch led screens. 

3. No Glares — 

LED displays offering a crisp picture instead. an additional benefit of LED Video Display is the elimination of glare. Because LED Video Displays don’t have reflective properties, there will never glare or awkward reflection coming from behind the news desk.

4. Custom LED Solutions — 

UHD LED screens not only offer vibrantly clear images that will meet the customer needs among the customize size, refresh rates and pixel pitch selection, but the clarity and visual impact that viewers enjoy as well.

5. High Refresh rates — 

The high refresh rate of the LED display screen with small spacing can effectively reduce the water ripple, so that the mobile phone or camera shooting can restore the true image as much as possible, close to the effect seen by the naked eye, and make the publicity twice the result with half the effort.

2. The main Features of UHD LED display

Main Features — our UHD LED Video Display series include:

  • Simple design for a seamless look
  • Industry-leading 3840 Hz refresh rate
  • Optional power and data backup
  • Pixel pitches ranging from 1.25mm to 1.86mm
  • 600×337.5mm cabinet size 16:9 golden ratio
  • The Aluminum Die-cast cabinet guarantees you a flat and seamless screen. Good uniformity. Dot-to-dot correction technology provides you with pure image with great gradation.

With a cabinet ratio 16 : 9, the LED display is bespoke in size, flexible in installation and compatible with all the prevailing video formats, making it easier to create FHD, 2K, 4K and 8K video walls.

LINSN LED can provide a suitable solution for the broadcast studio with our LED background screen. 

With ultra-fine pixel pitch, customized displays, and other great features. It can be applied to live broadcasts of sports LED display, news displays, and other types of LED screens for events, etc. The stable picture effect and bright colors can not only reflect every inch of detail but also restore the brilliance as much as possible.