Advantages of Linsn LED Taxi LED Display!

(1) Low power design, using high-brightness LED screen.

(2) Patented structural design with aluminum casing that undergoes default oxidation treatment, and can be coated with anti-UV and anti-powder outdoor paint to prevent rusting and aging.

(3) High-transparency frosted PC material: UV resistant, ensuring no yellowing or aging for 10 years.

(4) Patented high-performance power control unit provides overvoltage, overload, and short-circuit protection, as well as delayed power on/off function, suitable for environments ranging from -40°C to +70°C.

(5) Network cluster control and management allows operations and management to be carried out at any time and from any location through network terminals. Administration can be done by accessing the server via a web browser, without the need to install any software on the management terminal.

(6) Equipped with standard installation brackets for quick installation onto structures, saving time and effort.

(7) Quick-maintenance structural design.

(8) Compatible with various pixel pitch requirements while maintaining the same outer dimensions. Customization of specifications is also possible.


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Features of Taxi Top LED Display

What features of taxi top LED display can bring benefits to you?

(1) Extruded aluminum and sheet metal processing methods, the outer surface of the cabinet undergoes oxidation treatment to prevent rusting, ensuring a sleek and attractive appearance. 

The design is lightweight, and the protective cover can be quickly removed, making maintenance convenient.

(2) The entire screen strictly controls power consumption and weight according to the requirements of the onboard system. 

It utilizes a patented design with a delay control power system, ensuring the safety of onboard equipment is perfectly protected.

(3) The same size is compatible with various pixel pitch requirements, and the actual dimensions can also be customized according to customer need.



Product Details

taxi roof screen front

Screen Front

taxi advertising screen side

Screen Side

taxi led screen display bottom

Screen Bottom

inlet of power cable

Inlet of Power Cable

GPS Positioning and Wifi Antenna

Screen Top

Customer Cases Gallary!

Video Center

Functions Provided by Taxi Roof LED Display

What functions can our taxi LED display provide you?

taxi roof led screen

(1) Double-sided full-color LED display with 256-level grayscale, supporting various effects such as text, images, and animations.

(2) Supports 4G/WiFi wireless transmission, with high efficiency and good stability.

(3) High brightness, high refresh rate, and good clarity. Low current, low power consumption, and long screen lifespan.

(4) Remote switch function, timed switch function, brightness adjustment function, information cycle setting function, and information partitioning function.

Operation Guidance

(1) It is necessary to determine whether the vehicles that will install the display can withstand the weight of this product.

(2) It is important to ensure that the vehicles have sufficient power supply for the display. If there is insufficient power, additional power supply equipment should be added.

(3) The maximum power supply for this product is 12VDC/36ADC±15%. It is essential to differentiate the positive and negative polarity connections. The default color for the positive (anode) wire is yellow (red), and the negative (cathode) wire is black.

(4) Powering on/off the display: After toggling the external device switch, the power supply will start with a delay of approximately 10 seconds. 

During the startup, the screen may flicker momentarily, and then it will display normal images after about 1 minute (the startup delay is intended to avoid affecting the performance of other vehicle devices during rapid startup and to protect the safety of the screen and the vehicle’s power system). 

Power will be cut off with a delay of approximately 10 seconds after shutting down (to prevent frequent screen switching when the vehicle engine is turned off).

(5) The protective panel on the casing is made of frosted PC material. It should be protected from scratches and can be cleaned using general cleansers and soft cloth.

(6) If the user needs to modify the control circuit (e.g., backlight control method, screen switching control method), it should be done by professionals.


Taxi LED Display Comprehensive Guidance 2024: Operation, Price and Products!

Taxi LED display, all called taxi top LED display, is a new type of advertising media that can display advertisements innovatively and attractively. It is mainly installed on taxis, cars, buses, and other kinds of vehicles, and should have many features such as high waterproof capability, high brightness, low electricity consumption, user-friendly installation, and maintenance to meet the requirement of long-time operating and outdoor working environments.

Table of Contents

1. Taxi LED Display Features

taxi led display

Customizable contents

Various video sources and contents are supported by taxi LED display, and you can control and manage the contents automatically or simulteneously. It is enough for you to convey advertisements in different locations, and in an attractive way.

Strong storage capability

You can store the advertisements in the taxi top LED display in advance, and do not need to be worried about the storage room. That means, you can store hundreds or even thousands of advertisements of your firm or sponsers to generate considerable profits!

High movability

As the LED display screen will be carried on vehicles, high movability is the instrinctive advantage.

Generally speaking, movability means more reached audiences, and more audiences lead to more profits and expanded brand image.

Double-sided view

Our taxi advertising LED display supports double-sided LED display, and can show the same contents at the same time.

This function can help advertisements to reach to more viewers because people can see the content regardless of which side of the road they are on.

1.1 Design Pictures


Please be informed that this design is based on standard taxi LED cabinets. For more special installation methods and design, just contact us and see your requirements!

1.2 Product Features

(1) Light weight design;

(2) 3G/4G wireless communication;

(3) IP65 protection level;

(4) Adjustable high brightness from 3000 to 7000 nits;

(5) Easy and reliable mounting on the top of taxi and car;

(6) Low power consumption

(7) User-friendly management and control system

(8) Supporting 7/24 hours working.

1.3 Content Supported

Almost any type of digital contents including text messages, images and videos is compatible with digital taxi LED display.

That means, you can customize contents beforehand, and just upload to the management platform in advance to play on the screen.

taxi led screen

1.4 Protection Level

The protection level of taxi LED display can be jueged from several aspects shown before:

Water resistance: the IP rating of Linsn taxi LED display is IP65, meaning it can resist water jet and rainwater. It is indispensable for outdoor LED display.

Dust proofness: Linsn taxi LED screen can protect the inner components from dust-entering, which will cause damages to the electrical components and impair life span.

Quake resistance: taxi LED top display have to resist quake, which is apparently important to vehicle display screen as it will always in a jerky motion.

Anti-rust level: the aluminum coating that undergo an electrostatic spraying process improve the anti-rust capability a lot.

In a word, Linsn taxi LED display can ensure high protection ability, which can protect the screen from water, dust, quake and rust effectively.

1.5 Recommanded Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch refers to the distance between neighboring LED lamp beads, and decides the optimal viewing distance for its audiences.

For taxi LED display screens, the most common pixel pitch is 2.5mm. And for P2.5 taxi LED screens, the closest viewing distance is 2.5m, and the optimal viewing distance is 5m. 

The most suitable pixel pitch will be different based on specific requirement, you can contact the sales team to give you detailed guidance!

1.6 Size of Taxi LED Screen

The basic feature of taxi LED screen is the thin, slim, elegant and innovative appearance. Taxi LED screens can be customized according to vehicle sizes. Generally, LED display manufacturers can produce customized LED screen sizes based on your requirements. Just send a message to us, and we can create it for you.

2. Types of Taxi Advertising

These taxi ads can spread your information between districts and cities, and reach more targeted audiences compared with static advertising billboards.

There are typically several formats of taxi advertising such as taxi top, taxi top video, taxi trunk, taxi interior advertising, door ads, tablets and taxi full wrap.

(1) Taxi Top: This refers to advertising displays that are mounted on the roof of a taxi. These displays can show static images or digital content and are typically used for outdoor advertising.

(2) Taxi Top Video: Similar to a taxi top, but specifically refers to the type of advertising display that can show video content on the roof of a taxi.

This is a dynamic form of advertising designed to capture attention and convey messages through moving images.

(3) Taxi Trunk: Taxi trunk advertising involves placing advertisements on the exterior surface of the trunk, often for visibility to vehicles traveling behind the taxi.

(4) Taxi Interior Advertising: This refers to advertisements placed inside the interior of a taxi, such as on the back of the front seats or on the walls within the passenger area. These ads are intended to target passengers during their ride.

(5) Door Ads: Advertisements placed on the exterior doors of a taxi. These ads are visible to pedestrians and other vehicles while the taxi is stationary or in motion.

(6) Tablets: Refers to the use of tablet devices installed inside taxis to display advertisements or interactive content. These tablets can be placed in the backseat area for passengers to view during their ride.

(7) Taxi Full Wrap Advertising: This method involves completely covering the exterior of a taxi with advertising material, effectively turning the vehicle into a mobile billboard. The entire surface of the taxi is utilized for branding and messaging.

2.1 Examples of Taxi Ads

Example 1. Uber

In 2020, Uber ride-sharing services had already implemented monetization through taxi roof sign advertisements. The content of the ads can change with time and location. 

Additionally, apart from taxi rooftop ads, many ride-sharing companies also install advertising screens inside the vehicles to attract businesses for ad placement, and then share the revenue with the drivers. 

This model makes ad monetization more flexible and diverse, providing additional business opportunities for both companies and drivers.

Example 2. Firefly

In June 2021, Firefly announced the acquisition of Curb Taxi Media, which allowed Firefly to connect with over ten thousand roof taxi signs and expand its disruptive technology and network. 

This positioned Firefly as the undisputed leader in taxi media in the United States. In December of the same year, Firefly made another acquisition by acquiring Las Vegas Taxi Advertising.

All these examples can explain why taxi advertising becomes more and more popular – high exposure rate, diverse coverage, high mobility, high visibility and enhancing brand images.

2.2 Advantages of Taxi Top Advertising / Taxi Cab Advertising

From the examples and definitions above, you may have already understand why taxi advertising screens can gain such high market share in OOH fields.

Taxi top advertising, compared with other kinds of taxi ads, have its special advantages to help you gain more accurate traffics. It can be one of the best car advertising method. Here we will list some of them for you.

(1) Higher visibility: roof sign is placed on the top of the car, and can be noticed by passengers easier.

(2) Clearer content with better visual performances: LED screens support bright colors and unique designs to make them easier fo people to remember and recognize. IP65 protection ability and fine pixel pitch between P2.5 and P5 enable the displays stable running and high definition.

(3) Greater creative space: wider design space allows for a variety of creative designs to present contents in a more attractive way.

3. How to Install Taxi Top LED Display? 12 Steps!

A taxi LED display can be installed on any kind of vehicles. The most common method is placed on the roof rack on the top of the vehicle. This method allows easy assembling and disassembling of the taxi LED displays.

Another installation method is to directly attach the screen on the rooftop of your vehicles by drilling holes and bolts.

Here is no need for additional batteries when you install an LED taxi roof sign. And 12V battery vehicle can power your taxi LED advertising display directly. Moreover, you can turn on or turn off the display whenever you want.

3.1 Installation Guidance Video

There are 12 steps for you to install taxi top LED display quickly. You can refer to the video guidance.

Step 1: remove screws and brackets;

Step 2: place the crossbar in the center;

Step 3: install screws and secure the bracket, and do not tighten the screws until the end;

Step 4: connect the power supply

Step 5: lift the taxi advertising screens on the top of the car, and place it in the center;

Step 6: slide the four pivot points of the luggage rack, and make sure the bracket is on the edge of the car;

Step 7: choose the suitable hook, and hook the door frame;

Step 8: hook the door frame and tighten the hook;

Step 9: connect the power cord to the power battery;

Step 10: the yellow wire connects to the positive terminal, and the black wires should connect to the negative terminal;

Step 11: install the wire along the sealing strip, and insert the red lighter and red button;

Step 12: glue the GPS to the car and tie it.

3.2 General Installation Bracket Assembly

install general bracket

(1) Components a\b\c\d\e

(2) Connect components a\b\d using nuts for assembly

(3)Assembly of component c

(4) Key in the open state

(5) Lock lever pulled open

(6) Component e

(7) Completed assembly state of component e

3.3 Installation Steps

installation steps

The installation bracket varies for each vehicle model. Depending on the vehicle type, different lengths of installation brackets can be chosen for assembly. The installation method can be designed accordingly for different vehicle models.

4. What Are the Differences between Taxi LED Display and Taxi LCD Display?

LED display screen has many differences with LCD display. Here we will list some of them to you.

First of all, LED displays have higher brightness level but the brightness of LCD display is not enough for outdoor use.

Second, power consumption, and the ratio is about 10:1 compared with LCD. The comparative lower energy consumption is because of the structure of these two displays.

Third, LED display has a wider viewing angle which can up to 160°but LCD screen display does not have.

Fourth, LED taxi displays have higher contrast which will increase visibility even the direct sunlight. For example, even in the daytime with strong sunlight, outdoor LED display can still have excellent display performance.

Fifth, LED taxi advertising displays have longer life span up to 50,000 hours (around 15 years of use at 10 hours per day), and that of LCD display is only 30,000 hours (8 years of use at 10 hours per day).

Last but not least, durability. LED display can work normally over a wide range of low and high temperatures, but LCD displays are sensitive to both low and high temperatures.

5. Taxi Top LED Display Price

The price can be around one thousand US dollars based on the modes, brands of LED lamp beads, driver ICs, etc.

The price cost of a taxi top LED display depends on various factors. For example, pixel pitch, size, prices, and other factors. 

Generally speaking, the finer the pixel pitch, the larger the size, the higher the price. However, there are many other potential factors such as the raw materials of the cabinet.

If you need further assistance with these LED taxi screens, just contact us and we will give you a throughful assistance for everything you need.

6. How to Operate LED Taxi Top Advertising Display?

Digital taxi top advertising LED displays can be operated and controlled manually or remotely. The software can control the screens in real-time and effectively.

Here we give you several steps to follow:

(1) First, you need to register an account. 

(2) Second, install and set up the software needed to operate the display such as preferred language and connection type including WIFI and 4G.

(3) Log in to the account you created before. And upload the files of the program that want to play on the advertising screen. You need to edit the video program before saving it for playing.

7. How to Improve ROI of Taxi Advertising Placement?

In this part, we will discuss how to improve the ROI of taxi ads placement.

First, there are several steps for you to decide the proposal.

(1) Understand demands: understand the target audience’s travel needs, preferences, and behaviors

(2) Decide the proposal: according to the market demands and competitor analysis, advertisement placement strategy can be decided.

For example, you can refer to the age, gender, audiences’ income and many other factors to determine the the proposal.

(3) Choose right formats: for instance, words, images, audios and videos. Decisions should be based on specific research.

(4) Decide the budgets and placement time:

Based on the operating patterns of taxis and the travel times of the target audience, determine the advertising placement time.

Consider peak hours, off-peak hours, holidays, and other factors to ensure that the advertisement generates the maximum impact among the target audiences.

Second, follow the tips to make your contents more attractive and impressive:

(1) Keep it concise: Make sure the information is concise and clear, avoiding visual clutter.

(2) Be eye-catching: Use vibrant colors and attention-grabbing designs to make the advertisement stand out on the road.

(3) Target audience: Ensure that the content of the advertisement is relevant to the target audience, capturing their attention.

(4) Contact information: Display contact information on the ad, making it easy for potential customers to gather more information or get in touch with you.

(5) Consider road conditions: Design the advertisement while considering the visual impact during vehicle movement, ensuring that the message can be conveyed despite speed or distance.

By following these tips, you can increase the exposure and attractiveness of taxi rooftop advertising, leading to better advertising results.

8. Why China Taxi Top LED Display from Linsnled?

As one of the China taxi top LED display manufacturers, Linsn LED has outstanding production capability and delivery ability. We have professional experience in LED display manufacturing for more than 11 years, and a skilled team that can handle no matter sales problems or technical problems.

(1) Over 10 Years of Experience

(2) 110+ Countries Solutions

(3) 8,000㎡ Factory Areas

(4) 5000㎡+ Production Capacity

(5) 7/24 Hours Service

(6) 3 Years Warranty & 5% Spare Parts

8.1 Strict Quality Control Management

With comprehensive equipment and processes such as raw material inspection, SMT production optical inspection, calibration equipment, vibration measurement, and professional and clean testing rooms, our LED screen modules can deliver customers high-quality products and then bring you clear and enjoyable visual experiences.

8.2 Module Aging Test

With comprehensive equipment and professional testing rooms, our LED screen modules can deliver high-quality products and bring you a clear and enjoyable visual experience.

8.3 72 Hours Aging Test

72 hours aging test enable the stable performance of Linsn LED display modules and to all products, we have strict aging test process.

8.4 Sales&Technical Support

Based on the cooperation of different departments such as the sales department, technical department and logistic department, Linsn LED provides customers with excellent pre-sale services and after-sale services.

9. To Sum up

Taxi LED display, one of the innovative advertising LED screens, can help to expand the movibility of advertisements, thus reaching more people and improving users’ profits. It has many unique and outstanding features such as double-sided viewing, high protection level, and excellent viewing performance. Linsn LED provides you with high-quality taxi LED displays at a good price, and if you want to know more about it, just contact us and we can offer you all-around pre-sales services!