Three-Sided LED Display

We have seen so many creative LED displays such as double-side LED wall, ball LED screen or 90° Right Angle LED display, etc. but today we want to share another innovative LED display case with you, it is amazing, interesting and attractive, that is three-sided LED display. First Let’s take a close look at the three-sided LED screen and enjoy the excellent visual appeals. We believe most people will be attracted by the amazing display when they see it.

threee sided led display

Three-sided LED display is alse called as three faces LED display. As the name implies, the LED display has three sides screen and each side can display images, texts, videos and more.  The following image will give you basic idea of what it is. As is shown in the picture, Its outline roughly forms an equilateral triangle with three curved angle .

threee sided led display

So, let’s dive into the details and see what about our three faces LED display is to be. First, Let’s see the structure chart of three faces LED display.

Structure chart

Structure chart of threee-sided led display

As the figure above shows, the three sided LED sign has 9pcs Linsn OF800 series LED display cabinet with 800*1200mm size and 3pcs customized cabinet with curved angle. so the height of LED display is 1200mm and the lenght of each side is 2400mm (not including the arc length). Having looked briefly at the sturcure, we now turn to an overview of what these components is about and how they connect together.

800*1200mm LED Cabinet

The three sided LED screen use Linsn OF800 series LED screen cabinet as the main components, which is used for splicing the three side of the LED wall.  As you can see from the above images, there are 9pcs 800*1200mm LED Cabinets to assamble the 3 faces LED screen, and there are 3pcs in each side. The size of cabinet 800mm wide and 1200mm high, and features double service design (frontal and Rear), multi function, sleamless splicing, high performance visual display, energy saving and easy fixed installation. If you are interested in further details, check here.

800*1200mm LED display cabinet

400*300mm LED Panel

As noted above, This three sided LED video wall adopts 400*300mm LED display module for assembling 800*1200mm LED Cabinet. These special panels adopts Linsn latest design with module Lock and humanitarian handle, supports Hot Plugging, frontal & rear service and high waterproof protection.

Curved LED Screen Cabinet

Curved LED Screen Cabinet is another crucial part of this three sides LED screen, without these 3pcs LED Cabinet, the three-sided LED display hardly to customize any angle. The structure of curved cabinet, as shown in the following figure, is similar to the structure of a arched tunnels. The angle is free, that means that we can design any angle arched cabinet to meet the installation and use requirement. 

Curved LED display Cabinet

50*300mm LED Display Panel

So what about the module of curved LED cabinet? In fact, it is Linsn OF800 serice LED screen panel with small size. As the titile said, the mini LED panel size is just only 50mm width and 300mm hight as you see in the image below . Because of there small size LED screen panel, the curved LED cabinet can be custom-made with angles. Besides, if you look carefully, you will know that curved LED screen cabinet consists of 48pcs 50*300mm LED display panels, and each row has 12pcs 50mm width LED panels.

Three sided LED display
50×300mm led display module
50×300mm led display module

Three Sided LED display Project Case

  • Installation Country: Itally
  • Display Height: 1200mm
  • Display Length: 9000mm
  • Perimeter: 9000mm
  • Pixel Pitch: P4.16mm
  • 400*300mm Module Resolution: 96X72dots
  • 50*300mm Module Resolution: 12X72dots
  • Module Size: 480X320mm
  • Cabinet Size: 960X960mm
  • Cabinet Material: Aluminum Material Cabinet
  • 800*1200mm Cabinet Resolution: 192X288dots
  • Curved LED Cabinet Resolution: 144X288dots
  • Refresh Rate: ≥1,920Hz
  • Project Date: 2021.04.28
threee sided led video wall

Three Sided LED display Video