6 Most Useful Tips to Buy LED Video Wall!

After understanding how to choose an outdoor advertising LED Display, this article will teach you tips to buy LED video wall, and how to purchase a cost-effective indoor LED display without changing the screen effect.

Before you make the decision, there are several factors that you must understand: use environment, the detailed requirements of the led screen, Project budget, etc., which can be divided into the following parts:

how to choose indoor LED wall

1. How to choose an indoor LED Screen according to the operation environment?

Talk about the use environment, 3 factors should be considered for you: Using Occasion, Installation type, and control ways.

1)Where would your screen be installed?

Usually, indoor LED Display will be used for Meeting room, fitness room, exhibition room, marketing, station or plane waiting hall.

Adopt the LED Display show the information, it will be eyesight- catching. The installation method of the video wall will vary depending on the place and it will ultimately affect the choice of the LED Screen style.

Hanging Type: You could hang the screen up with hanging bar and structure. Some market store prefer to use this way to show advertising.

Ground Standing Type: If there were enough space or suitable occasion for you to install a screen on the ground, choose a ground stand model is also a good choice.

Use a poster LED display for store information show such like season discount activity, will get a good effect. Or if you wanna make a bigger one, use a ground stand structure for installing LED cabinet is also OK.

Wall Mounting Type: Mount the display on the wall, will make the total environment looks tidy and save environment.

LED video wall installation methods

But for ground standing model and wall mounting model, the back maintenance need a sufficient space, which need to think about in advance, at least 50cm space should be left for human pass through and operate. If the space won’t be enough, choose a front maintenance type is alright.

2)Which installation type of your indoor video wall? 

According to your event or project demand, the model are divided into rental type and fixed installation type. 

If the LED Display will be assembled often, such as indoor commercial publicity, the screen in stage will be disassembled after event finished, then you need choose a rental type for easily move. 

If the LED display Panel will not be removed once installed, then fixed installation type is alright. Such as market indoor screen for advertising use.

3)Which control way you would choose?

There are 2 control methods for LED Display, synchronous model and asynchronous model. Differences are whether there need a control PC to work synchronously with the screen. 

For asynchronous type, you could control the screen via cloud platform, with PC, mobile phone, ipad, use 4G or Wifi signal. 

Still take the market advertising screen for example, when the screen is installed, you wouldn’t change the content on screen too often, and for convenience, tidy requests, control it by mobile terminal will be good than put a computer on the ground. 

But for some temporary LED screens for events use, like rental screen, take a PC to control the screen will make much more function be reliable, especially with the use of video processors.

What Is the Benefit of LED Wall?

I think the most useful benefits of LED wall is that it can bring you high ROI. 

For example, you can use it in various ways such as impressing your audiences with your brand, products and services.

Also, you can use it to generate more an additional revenues by sponsorship!

We all know a good advertising position and more exposure for any company are desireable, right?

Here are some obvious advantages you can get from LED video wall immediately:

(1) High brightness and contrast: LED walls are known for their exceptional brightness and contrast, making them suitable for use in bright environments or outdoor settings. 

The brightness can be adjusted to match the lighting conditions, and the contrast ratio is typically much higher than other display technologies.

(2) Flexibility: LED walls can be configured in any size or shape, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. 

They can be curved LED screen, angled, or even made into a cylindrical shape, offering design flexibility that is unmatched by other display technologies.

(3) Energy efficiency: LED walls are highly energy-efficient, consuming significantly less power than traditional display technologies. This translates into significant cost savings over time.

(4) Long lifespan: LED technology has a long lifespan, lasting tens of thousands of hours before replacement is needed. 

This means that LED walls require less maintenance and can last for many years, providing a reliable and durable display solution.

(5) Easy maintenance: LED walls are easy to maintain and repair. Individual LED modules can be easily replaced if they fail, and the overall system can be serviced by trained technicians, making maintenance and repairs straightforward and efficient.

(6) High resolution: LED walls can display high-resolution content, making them ideal for displaying detailed graphics, text, and video. 

This makes LED walls suitable for a range of applications, from advertising and branding to broadcasting and entertainment.

2. Which configuration is suitable for your indoor led screen?


Warranty is a crucial factor that need to take it into consideration when purchasing a indoor LED display. The longer the warranty period provided by the supplier, the more secure the quality of the product, and the more it can enable consumers to purchase and use the product with confidence.

The length of the LED display warranty mainly depends on the brand of LED lamp and the bond wire material of the lamp.

LED lamp beads

Different brands have different production technology, so the warranty is different. 

Different bond wire material of the lamp, the durability of the product is different, and the warranty is different. The main warranty in the LED display market as follows:


For indoor LED display, high brightness≠good performance. The normal brightness of indoor LED display is about 800-1000cd/m². Generally speaking, 600-800cd/m² is enough for indoor use, is the best brightness for human eyes. 

Too high brightness will cause discomfort to human eyes and make it difficult to see what is displayed on the screen.

Sometimes, there are some special indoor display screens will face the sun directly. At this case, a high-brightness display screen is needed. 

We can use the Nationstar gold line lamp or outdoor modules to achieve indoor 1000-1500cd/m² high-brightness performance.


Some customers may have follow questions. The LED display is very clear when viewed with the naked eye on site, but after taking it with a mobile phone or camera, it is found that the display screen in the photo has something like water ripples on the screen, which will have a great impact on the performance of the LED display. 

We generally call this phenomenon “water ripples”.The best way to solve this problem is adopting high refresh 3840hz LED display.

LED display refresh rate

The generally viewing distance of indoor display screens is 1-5 meters. The closer the distance, the more details that the naked eye can see. High refresh 3840hz can bring the viewer an excellent viewing experience, regardless of whether it is under the naked eye, mobile phone or camera. There will be no water ripples. 

3. How to buy LED video walls when the project budget is fixed?

Before answering this question, you need to know the screen size and configuration requirements of the LED Display. But if you want to buy super high-quality LED Screen at super low prices, then this article will not help you. What we can do is to get you the highest possible configuration at the right price. Details are as follows:

1)Low budget, the screen only needs show images and text normally

Although it is fine as long as it can display images and text normally, the LED screen is a high-cost product after all, so the product quality still needs to withstand a certain test. 

In this case, We recommend choosing SAN’AN’s large chip LED and Chipone’s driver IC with low refresh (960HZ ). Meanwhile, DON’T CHOOSE THE SAN’AN STEEL WIRE LED TYPE.

2)Specify the relevant configuration and cabinet, no requirement for power supply

When the IC, LED type, cabinet and maintenance method are all determined, you can save costs by replacing the power supply of the same quality. 

For example, change from Meanwell power supply to G-energy power supply / Powerld power supply and so on. Although these power supplies are not so famous, their quality has been recognized by many customers.

3)Specify configuration and power supply, but the budget is insufficient

In this case, you can consider switching to other low-cost LED Cabinet, such as custom Steel Cabinet or simple steel cabinet.

For example, the project ask for indoor wall mount, Nationstar led, 3840hz, screen size:1.92*1.92m. It matches our Die-casting aluminum cabinet-640*480mm series exactly, so this is our first choice. But consider the budget, you can replace it by Simple steel cabinet. 

The gap between the steel cabinets may be larger than the Die-cast cabinets, but if you pay attention to the installation, it will not affect the viewing greatly.

4)No designated configuration, need high refresh, Clear installation location

If you have no idea about the configuration and just want to buy a high-refresh led display, then we have 3 suggestions as follows:

Solution A: San’an Cooper wire big chip+3840HZ+Novastar/Linsn

Solution B: Kinglight Cooper wire+3840HZ+Novastar/Linsn

Sloution C: Nationstar Cooper wire+3840HZ+Novastar/Linsn

The costcomparison: A>B>C

The cofiguration comparison: A<B<C

Meanwhile, if you want front maintenance, the cost will be higher.

4. How Much Would An LED Wall Cost?

The cost of a video wall can vary significantly depending on its size and type. The price of a whole screen can range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

On average, an LED wall panel measuring 500 x 500 mm can cost between $1,000 and $3,000 per panel.

To give you a rough estimate, a 10ft x 10ft LED wall with a pixel pitch of 3mm could cost anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 or more. However, prices can vary significantly based on specific requirements and specifications.

Here is the point: you need to pay for other parts of the screen operation such as installation, electricity consumption,  transportation and maintenance. However, a reliable LED display supplier will save you much budget on these things.


5.Client Case: Buy LED Video Wall From Us

Some of the latest representative indoor cases are shared with you. These different indoor project cases from different countries include large-size stage displays, medium-size shopping mall displays and small-size display screens for family leisure and entertainment. 

We hope these different cases can give you some reference and help!

1)Screen size: 17.28*2.88m

Project country: Korean

Pixel pitch: P2.5mm

LED: Kinglight LED

Refresh rate: 1920HZ

Cabinet used: Customize construction

Linsn LED indoor screen case

2)P2.5 indoor fixed video wall for fitness center

Country: England

Pixel pitch: P2.5mm

LED: San’an LED

Refresh rate: 1920HZ

Cabinet: Simple steel cabinet-640*480mm

Control system: Linsn

Linsn LED indoor screen case 2

3)Screen size: 70m*18m P5 indoor LED screen

Country: Phuket, Thailand

Pixel pitch: P5mm

LED: Nationstar LED

Refresh rate: 1920HZ

Cabinet: steel cabinet-960*960mm

Control system: LINSN

Company name: C*** M***Company Limited

Order amount:700000USD

Linsn indoor LED display case 3

6. FAQs of LED Video Wall

(1) What is the lifespan of LED wall?

The industry standard for LED lifespan is 100,000 hours, or about 10 years. The actual life span depends on the using environment and daily maintenance. However, the life span for LED video wall is long as it is not consumer product but commercial LED display.

(2) Do LED wall use a lot of electricity?

Well, the answer depends on specific configuration but LED display is energy-saving compared with other kinds of displaying technologies.

If you choose energy-saving LED display like our EV960 series, it will save you bunch of money in long-term.

100sqm EV960 series compared with normal cabinet
 Update P10 7000nitsNormal P10 6000 nitsMoney you save
Saving power consumptionAverage 150W/SQMAverage 300W/SQM 
1 Day288KW $18.72
1 Year10KKW $6,832.80
3 Year30KKW $20,498.40
5 Year50KKW $34,165.00
2019 US Industrial/Commercial electricity rate: 0.065/KW

(3) How to make an LED wall?

First of all, you need to know the components of LED wall such as LED panel, power supply, control card, cable and so on.

And then, connect them in the right way. And you have to know how to light up the screen and use control system like Novastar.

Here is a practical post for you to learn how to make LED display with Novastar, just click to see more useful information you want!

7. Product Recommendations

MA640 indoor led wall

MA640 Indoor LED Display Wall

1. Convenient handles: easy to move and lift the cabinet, reducing risks, and facilitating installation and maintenance.

2. Fast locks. the fast locks make the whole cabinet is suitable for assembling indoor LED video walls. 

3. Neat and clear cabling. 

4. Magnesium alloy cabinet: the lightweight can save labor and energy, also storage room and transportation fees.

ModelPixel PitchModule SizeScan MethodCabinet SizeCabinet WeightBrightness (CD/m2)
MA640-1.251.25mm320x160mm1/32 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-1.371.37mm320x160mm1/29 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-1.531.53mm320x160mm1/26 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-1.661.66mm320x160mm1/32 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-1.831.83mm320x160mm1/29 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-1.861.86mm320x160mm1/43 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-22mm320x160mm1/40 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-2.52.5mm320x160mm1/32 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-3.073.07mm320x160mm1/26 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-44mm320x160mm1/20 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-55mm320x160mm1/16 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200

If you still have any problem with it, the best choice is contact with us.

Today we discussed the tips to buy indoor LED wall. For more information about LED display screen, please send us message.