Trade Show LED Display Solutions

Linsn LED provides LED trade show displays with high definition, golden aspect ratio, high contrast raio and multiple customized-shapes. Meeting requirements for catching audiences’ attention, showing your products vividly and stable running for long time!

ma640 indoor led display

MA640 Series

N169S Series

MA-Y Series


Just fill the sizes, and get your LED screen budget right now !

High-standard Trade Show LED Displays

Linsn LED has abundant experiences in providing trade show LED displays and technical supports to add LED screen rentals or purchases to make your booth stand out from competitors!

(1) Design: Linsn LED has worked with various LED display projects worldwide. We design the LED screen suitable to your trade booth, and also LED control system that deliver your contents to consumers fluently.

(2) Installation: how to make your screens blending in trade show involves some profesisonal integration. Our staff ensure your display seamlessly integrated both show.

(3) Technic support: In Linsn LED, we own a professional support team offering 7/24 hours technic support. We understand every technic problems you may encounter and have the ability to solve them quickly!

(4) 3 Years warranty: our products enjoys 3 years warranty and 5% free spare part, relieving your worries from the begining.


Applications in Trade Shows

led trade show displays

Large LED Display Showing Your Products

Linsn LED provides LED screens that allow you to show your customers whatever kinds of contents you want to display such as videos, slides, pictures to make you gain more edge over your competitors!

High contrast ratio, fine pixel pitch available, adjustable brightness level, vivid display performances and seamless splicing – all these features make our LED screen for trade show have the best visual performances.

Just apply one screen to improve the exposure rates, and increase the efficiency of branding of your companies!

led trade show booth

LED Trade Show Booth

(1) Higher engagement: visitors are captivated and left with a lasting impression through the use of LED screens. These screens create an immersive experience by displaying interactive content, videos, animations, and live feeds, leading to improved engagement from attendees.

(2) Increase information sharing: LED displays are a valuable tool for sharing information. They effectively communicate the advantages of your products and services, showcasing their features and benefits. 

By using visually appealing graphics and multimedia presentations, these displays ensure that visitors grasp the key messages and product details, leading to greater understanding and retention.

Creative LED Screen

Except traditional rental LED display, Linsn LED also provides flexible creative LED display to create different shapes for trade fairs.

These screens can easily be fixed on the structure with a simple structure; some support magnet adsorption to install the panel super quickly, and many of these screens have high definition.

These creative screens, no only can push more potential customers into your booth, but also create opportunities for people the share your booth on social medias!


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Trade show LED displays, which are very important tools for you to increase your exposure rate, and attract more attention to exhibitions to boost your profits and expand brand awareness. In this post, we will discuss types of trade show video displays you can adopt, why they can help you, tips for you to attract more attention, and reliable products!


1. 5 Types of Trade Show LED Display

(1) Large flat trade show LED display

This can be the most common trade show LED displays type. They are usually mounted on the wall, hung on the ceiling, or stand on the floor.

It typically needs high resolution LED display as the close viewing distance for indoor trade shows. And you can rent LED screens for events if you do not need to use it all the time.

(2) Trade show booth

Trade show LED booth allows images to be displayed on any surface: walls, columns, arches, etc. This LED booth has no gap on the surface and can stand on the floor steadily.

LED exhibit booths can blend in when placed together, and not only attract attendees immediately but also bring you a state-of-the-art visual experience.

(3) LED poster display

LED poster display will expand the range of attendees your advertisements can reach. It is lighter, more portable, and easier to managements than other types of LED display screen.

This type of trade show LED display is usually popular for small venues where a large LED video wall is not feasible.

(4) Trade show booth banner

If you want to save more budgets but also own opportunities to get more exposure, then trade show booth banner can be a wide choice.

You can incorporate LED banner with your stand, and it will help you get enough attention when displaying your texts and messages in a noticeable way.

(5) Creative LED display

Want to attract more attendees than other competitors who only apply conventional advertising ways?

Just adopt creative LED display such as ball LED display and 360° aerial LED display! They all can attract your potential customers from other sides of the hall. 

Also, there are many other kinds of creative LED screens like flexible LED display, curved LED display, and ribbon LED display…anyway, they will help you get more attention.

(6) Immersive LED display design

Immersive LED display can create immersive experiences for customers, and impact them deeply, thus giving you more possibility for potential profits, and reaching more targeted customers!

It allows audiences to experience a world that you can not meet in the real world with an attractive and realistic method, bringing you a truly fantastic and entertaining experience!

Immersive design can be adopted by trade show booth arrangement

These immersive LED displays can be combined to create a variety of surrounding environments, or create more engaging content like 3D content to attract more attention than you believe!

2. Linsn Trade Show LED Display Solutions!

ma640 indoor led display

MA640 Series

Linsn LED MA640 indoor full color LED display applies high-standard components and small pixel pitches including P1.25mm, P1.37mm, P1.53mm, P1.66mm, P2.5mm, P4mm, P5mm, and so on.

  • Perfect Cabinet Design
  • Frontal Service Available
  • Golden-ratio LED Cabinet
  • High-definition Display Performance

The ultra-light and thin cabinet, detailed and thoughtful cabinet design, and outstanding and stable functions, all made the MA640 series a wise choice for your indoor trade show LED screen!

ModelPixel PitchModule SizeScan MethodCabinet SizeCabinet WeightBrightness (CD/m2)
MA640-1.251.25mm320x160mm1/32 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-1.371.37mm320x160mm1/29 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-1.531.53mm320x160mm1/26 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-1.661.66mm320x160mm1/32 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-1.831.83mm320x160mm1/29 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-1.861.86mm320x160mm1/43 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-22mm320x160mm1/40 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-2.52.5mm320x160mm1/32 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-3.073.07mm320x160mm1/26 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-44mm320x160mm1/20 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-55mm320x160mm1/16 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
16:9 LED display

N169S Series

Linsn N169S series LED cabinet owns 16:9 golden ratio and perfect cabinet design. It supports fine pixel pitch including 1.25mm, 1.56mm, 1.875mm and 1.875mm.

  • 600×337.5mm Size Cabinet
  • SMD 3 in 1 LED Encapsulation technology
  • Frontal Service Design for Easy Installation
  • CE, RoHS, FCC Approved
  • 3 Year Warranty and 5% Spare Part

Linsn N169S Series HD LED Display is 16:9 golden ratio LED display, it features with cabinet’s 16:9 resolution, Die cast aluminum cabinet with 600×337.5mm size, seamless splicing to offer you ultimate viewing experience.

Pixel Pitch1.25mm1.56mm1.875mm2.5mm
Pixel configurationSMD2010/1010SMD1212/1010SMD1515/1010SMD1515
Pixel Density (dots/m2)640000409600286225160000
Module resolution (W×H)120×13596×108160×9060×135
Module size (mm)150(W)×168.75(H)150(W)×168.75(H)300(W)×168.75(H)150(W)×337.5(H)
Module weight (kg)
Module of cabinet (W×H)4×24×22×24×1
Cabinet resolution (W×H)480×270384×216320×180240×135
Cabinet size (mm)600(W)×337.5(H)×80(D)600(W)×337.5(H)×80(D)600(W)×337.5(H)×80(D)600(W)×337.5(H)×80(D)
Cabinet area (m2)0.20250.20250.20250.2025
Cabinet weight (kg)
Maintenance modeFrontFrontFrontFront
Cabinet raw materialDie-casting aluminumDie-casting aluminumDie-casting aluminumDie-casting aluminum
White Balance Brightness (nits)≥800(6500K)≥800(6500K)≥800(6500K)≥800(6500K)
Viewing Angle (H/V)170/170170/170170/170170/170
Peak power consumption800800800800
Average power consumption250250250250
Drive mode1/271/271/301/27
Grayscale level65536655366553665536
Refresh rate (Hz)≥3840≥3840≥3840≥3840

3. What Are the Advantages of Trade Show Video Displays?

(1) Engage audiences immediately

Trade show video displays can engage audiences immediately due to their high visual performances. Also, it can keep the audience entertained and involved.

(2) Impress audiences deeply

You can choose the contents on the LED displays freely, and show them in an impressive way. Here is the other point: managing the contents can be very easy, and you can change them whenever you want.

Various types of LED displays like transparent LED display, flexible LED display, and other types will also make sure you get enough exposure.

(3) Higher efficiency in promoting your brands

Unlike a traditional printed billboard or static booths, LED display booths or LED screens can show people dynamic pictures which will attract their attention immediately.

Moreover, it can replace the contents as you want just within seconds. Dynamic images also have more attractiveness than traditional static advertising methods.

4. How to Place Your LED Trade Show Displays?

(1) Appropriate location with good arrangement

Choose a location near the path walk or aisle if you can. Also, make sure you have good lighting in the booth.

Moreover, a good-designed trade show LED banner will help a lot to make other people notice you.

(2) Decorate the booth accordingly

No matter the style, arrangement, or content displayed on the screen, you need to create them based on your customers’ habits, lifestyles, and interests.

(3) Display engaging contents

Try to give audiences some contents that can engage them immediately – not only a logo, or an image. For instance, you can display some interesting videos and games to engage them!

Or you can use immersive LED displays to create immersive visual experiences.

5. 5 Tips Stand Out Your Trade Show LED Displays!

Want to make sure your trade show LED display can stand out from the competitor’s, and get more attention than any of them? There are some points you have to know to bring you more possibilities!

(1) Try to impress your audiences

The key point of your trade show LED display should be creating an intriguing visual effect with multiple and interacting layers of color and intensity.

Therefore, it should not only end with a simple illumination, but with the task of impressing them, and making them linger at your booth! 

(2) Keep the content precise

Maybe you only have 3 seconds or less to attract people’s eyes, or just miss the chance and waste your time and budget.

However, how to keep them focused on your content? Just keep the content simple and precise to improve reading experiences because people prefer short and thematic content. 

For instance, making your text brief, big and bold can increase readability a lot.


(3) Animated or static?

Creating animated content will cost your budget but can help to attract people’s attention immediately. And sometimes the static effect can highlight your core point much more. 

(4) Ask a question to engage

If there is no one noticing your content, then there will be no one advertised. This is helpful for you to display some engaging content such as asking a question that they have to answer – by games or other ways to engage them first, then advertise.

(5) Highlight the main points

Just try to highlight the most important areas on your LED screens, for example, choose a bold font or add some font shadow effects. 

The high-contrast colors and brightness of your foreground content can impress audiences from a distance, too. 

6. Conclusions

Trade show LED displays can engage audiences, and impress them with brand images, and the most important point is – to make your booth stand out!

Want to get a high-quality LED screen for the trade show? Linsn LED provides a series of related products from fixed LED displays to rental LED displays!

Just send us a message you can get the detailed, reasonable and the latest quotations.