Factory Price Transparent LED Window Display with High Transparency!

Transparent LED window display, which is often used in shopping malls and office buildings, can play wanted contents of various formats while still enabling the visibility of the indoor environment.

In this post, I am going to review Linsn LED window display – transparent LED poster display series to examine how it can improve your human traffic, carry brand images and guarantee visual effects while still providing customers a good price!

Quick Introduction of Linsn Transparent LED Poster Display

Linsn transparent LED poster owns delicate size of 700*1000mm, and high transparency up to 85%. 

It is designed for glass window walls to advertise your content in an eye-catching way but also enables high visibility. 

Linsn LED Window Displays Features

thin led window display

Thin cabinet, light weight

The thickness of cabinet is only around 60mm, and the weight is light.

The thin and light cabinet is perfect for mounted and lifting installation.

Delicate ventilation hole

Linsn transparent LED display has specially designed ventilation holes for improving heat dissipation ability.

The shapes of the hole are elegant, which can enhance the aesthetics of the whole cabinet.

ventilation hole of led transparent posters
cable connection hole of transparent LED window displays

Quick and realiable connection

The connection of this cabinet is super quick and reliable.

Only within seconds, you can plug the cables into the hole.

This connection method guarantees the safety and stability of the whole installation.

High transparency, matured technics

Linsn transparent LED poster owns high transparency that up to 85%.

Meanwhile, the matured and advanced production technology lowers the failure rate further, and avoid the SMD lamp beads from falling out.

high transparency

Simple and high-effective steel structure

One of the most typical installation ways is to mount the screen on the inner or outer surface of the glass wall.

A simple steel structure will be needed to hold the structure for the transparent LED poster screen, and LED display cabinet will be mounted on it.

As you can see, the cabling is also simple and easy to understand, even a novice can complete the installation by himself.

Professional Production Factory

The professinal production factory of Linsn enables high-quality LED display products with strict quality testing.

Transparent LED Display Factory
Transparent LED Display Factory
Transparent LED Display Factory
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What Can LED Poster Window Display Bring to You?

Choosing the right LED display sometimes may be confusing, especially for people who face so many choices of many kinds of different LED display screens.

Therefore, reading this chapter until to the end is important for you to think about whether you need to choose a transparent LED poster display!

Creating a natural interior atmosphere

The high transparency of Linsn LED window display can create a natural indoor atmosphere while showing eye-catching videos on the front of the display.

It is very suitable for storefront installation and delivering attractive, bright images and messages to passersby.

Bring your LED video display to life and get the attention it deserves

This LED window display can create an impressive effect to enhance your brand image and impress your potential customers.

As we all know, nowadays attention is a scare resource, thus grabbing people’s attention is intensely competitive.

Energy efficient, longer lifetime

LED window display has many additional benefits such as long lifespan, smooth running, improved picture quality, faster switching and so on.

Easy setup and installation

The whole set-up and installation is easy to finish. First, power suppliers are built into the supporting frame, which makes it easier and faster to maintain. Second, the displays support multiple installation methods with fast locks and reliable connecting holes.

connecting holes of led window screen
quick lock of transparent led display

What Should Be Considered When Choosing LED Window Display?

Now we have already known the benefits LED window displays can bring to you. So, it is time for us to figure out how to pick up the most suitable screen for your shop! Here we list several features for you to take into consideration.

(1) Room of your store

What is the size of your room? How big is your windows? You need to pick one that suits your store as sizes of displays are various.

(2) LED display design

The styles can come in many shapes such as square, horizontal or vertical style.

So make sure the shape matches your preference.

(3) Pixel pitch

It depends on your viewing distance. Just contact the sales staff to get the best parameters!

(4) Rear maintenance

As you may mount the screen on windows, thus whether the screen supports rear maintanence or not can be important.

(5) Find the right suppliers

When choosing LED display supplier, you should not only consider the price, but also many other features such as delivery ability, quality control, 

To Sum Up

LED window display can bring customers with innovative and impressive visual effects while still enables adequate brightness of indoor environment.

Want to get your ideal LED window displays or get a good price of our transparent LED poster display? With Linsn, your windows will be lit up like never before!

Just contact us by filling out the contact form on the right! Linsnled promises to provide all our customers with high-quality LED screen displays with excellent after-sale service and favorable prices!