Common Troubles of LED Display Configuration – How to Locate and Solve

Today we’re going to take a look at the most common troubleshooting about software and LED display configuration that our customers met on their LED display. Some problems are mostly caused by setting or something that we didn’t realize. Due to problems caused by hardware and other reasons, we will talk about it in another article, so we won’t talk about it here.

Q1: Why is it not clear when the video is played on the LED Video Wall?

Case: Take one of our UK customer’s problem-the small text is hard to read.

The LED Screen resolution: 640(W)*384(H)=245,760 pixel dots.

The resolution of the video & sender box is 1080P: 1920(W)*1080(H)= 2,073,600 pixel dots.

novastar led configuration

Reason: The resolution of the video> the resolution of LED Display, content is compressed.

Solution: Reduce the resolution of the target video. Of course, if your budget is sufficient, replace this LED Video Wall by high-resolution LED Screen (Smaller pixel pitch and Larger LED screen).

Q2: Why the LED Display can only display part of the content, not the full content?

Case: Thailand customer’s problem – display misalignment.

P3.91 outdoor, 500×500, array: 6*4, the resolution is 768(W) * 512 (H) dots.

The resolution of the computer is 1920*1280 dots, the resolution of the sender box is 768*512 dots.

novastar display configuration

Reason: Setting problem of sender box and Computer – dot to dot & Zoom display issues

Solution: The resolution of the computer graphics card is different from the resolution of the sender card/box, which makes the screen unable to achieve dot-to-dot display.

Both of them, set up the same resolution. Meanwhile, the broadcast software can adjust the broadcast situation of the program.

Tips: When the resolution of the LED Screen>the resolution of the computer, we need to use the extended mode of the computer or change to a 4G graphics card without adding a video processor. Otherwise, when the settings are okay, the video processor needs to be used to achieve the zoom display of the target file or videos.

Q3: Right connection/configuration, Why does the LED Screen display abnormally?

Case: Saudi Arabia customer’s problem-Abnormal display

led display configuration

Reason 1: All connections & relevant settings are right, it’s the setting problem of receiving cards.


1. Check the version of receiving card.

2. If the version of the receiving card is different, you’ll need to upgrade the lower version ones, or to degrade the higher version ones, to make sure all the receiving cards are on the same version.

3. Reload the configure file, then it will perform normally.

Tips: As the LED display is configured before delivery from our factory, most occasions when the customer buys accessories and assembles the LED panels by himself or replace the new receiving card with a higher version. For this situation.

It is best to ask the supplier to uniformly the version of receiving card before shipment, or let the supplier provide the corresponding upgrade file to facilitate future maintenance and replacement.

Reason 2: If it is asynchronous system control the screen, it may be data storage problem of the control box.

Solution: Reset the control box.

Q4: Unified version receiving card &Right connection, Why the screen still can’t work?

Before the analysis, I hope you understand two concepts: configuration file and connection file.

Usually, the configuration file we are talking about refers to the former, but if you want the LED screen to work well, the connect file is also necessary.

Configuration file: According to the design and configuration of the module, the program file that can make the LED on the module carried by a single receiving card display the content according to a certain law and set the brightness, refresh rate, and gray according to the design and configuration of the module. (Linsn: RCG /Novastar: RCFG /Huidu: SSX)

Connection file: According to the arrangement of the cabinets, all cabinets can be connected into a whole program file. (Linsn: CON /Novastar: SCR /Huidu: BIN)

led screen configuration

Case A: Same LED Cabinet has different brightness.


1. Playback software setting problem.

2. One cabinet with multiple cards, sent the error configuration file.

1. Turn down the brightness setting in the software.

2. This problem generally occurs when the loading of each receiving card in the cabinet is different. So we must send the corresponding configuration files separately.

Case B: Each cabinet displays its own content and cannot be connected as a whole.

Reason: No connection file

Solution: Make the connection file according to the actual connection between the Cabinets. The connection files in the software are all viewed from the front of the LED display screen.

Case C: The LED Billboard display is chaotic and irregular.

Reason: Configuration file error

Solution: Reset the configuration file, each control system, its operation is a little different, you can consult us for details.

Q5: Novastar Taurus series, The control box can’t control the LED billboard?

Case: Bosnia and Herzegovina customer’s problem-Can’t connect the control card and control the screen.

Reason 1: If it is a network cable connection, the LED panel cannot be connected to the control system, the IP automatically obtained by the computer and the IP of the control box are not in the same segment, causing the screen and the control system to always be automatically disconnected.

Solution: Set both the computer and the control box to a fixed IP in the same interval, such as

Reason 2: If it is a WIFI/Vonnex connection, the software has not done binding settings, or the phone and the LED Display are not in the same local area network.


1. If it does not have binding settings, you need to do binding settings on Viplex and Vnnox so that it can be directly controlled through the Cloud Platform-Vnnox.

2. Replace the mobile phone with the same LAN as the LED Screen.

Tips: If your controller box is TB1/TB2/TB4, considering it hasn’t Dual-WIFI settings, in order to connect the Cloud Platform-Vnnox to control the LED Billboard.

You need to be bridged the internet or the network cable is directly connected to the controller box and the router. For more details, please contact us. If you want to know how to connect the control box, pls check:

Q6: Why the LED Panel display misalignment?

Case: Thailand and Hungary customer’s problem-Display misalignment.

LED display screen troubleshooting


1. Cable connection problem.

2. Configuration file problem.


1. Check whether the signal connection is wrong. If your module is connected through an adapter board, after troubleshooting the connection error, the most likely problem is the adapter board.

2. For the configuration file problems, please check the Q4.

Q7: Add the video processor, the LED Video wall still can’t work in full screen?

Reason 1: Video processor setting problem.


1. Set the “output width” value of the video processor as the pixel of the LED screen width, and the “output height” value as the pixel of the LED screen height.

2. When the input signal is computer signal, the video processor should be set to “full screen display” state.

Reason 2: VGA input, screen offset


1. Select VGA input and keep displaying VGA signal.

2. Ensure that the signal entering the VGA input port is free from interference and the signal amplitude meets the requirements.

Q8: Why does the LED Display have ghosting, burrs, shadowing, afterglow?

Case: Bengal and Cyprus customer’s problem-Refresh rate setting problem

how to config led display

Reason: IC itself refresh is not high, but too high tone refresh, leading to flash, shadowing, afterglow and other phenomena. Because ICN2037 can’t be on 1920hz at all. When it’s on, it will flash and drag. When it’s down to 960, it will display normally.

Solution: Adjust and set different refresh, adjust to the corresponding refresh according to different IC.

For example, IC and refresh, such as Jichuang 2027, ICN2037, FM6124 and MBI5020, are all considered as conventional IC refresh, which can only flash to 960 or 1920. ICN2038s, MBI5124 are 1920HZ refresh rate, And high refresh Jichuang 2153, 2163, fm6353, mbi5153 can be 3840 refresh.

If there are any other questions or technical problems about the LED display and LED display configuration, welcome turn to our LED FAQ or just contact us!