Truck LED Display Screen 3 Mins Quick Guidance (2024)

With the strong growth of the demand in the domestic advertising market, it drives the continuous penetration of on-board advertising, and the truck LED display ushers in a high-speed growth period. In the highly competitive market, keep up with the technology trend and focus on truck led display products and solutions. This article mainly gives you a detailed introduction.

Chapter 1. Introduction of Truck LED Display

1.1 What is Truck LED Screen?

Truck Led Screen is a device installed on the vehicle/ bus/taxi, powered by a special power supply, receives and outputs data to the dot matrix LED unit board through the control card, and displays text, pictures, animation, and video by controlling the lighting of the dot matrix. It also can be divided into fixed LED display and rental LED display. If you want to know more about mobile rental LED display, please turn to Mobile LED Display Rental Price.

Generally, taxis, buses and police cars are equipped with LED on-board screens. It is an independent set of LED on-board display systems with the rapid development of LED display screens.

The Truck LED display screen is can move and play led through vehicle loading. Compared with ordinary fixed and immovable led display screen, it has higher requirements for stability, anti-interference, anti-vibration, dust prevention, and so on.

Compared with the TV notice on the bus, it has the advantages of high brightness, large area, waterproof, anti-noise, wide range, and so on.

1.2. Main Feature of the Truck LED Display

There are several key points as below:

1. Variety of information entry methods, including USB flash disk, GPRS wireless, WiFi wireless etc.

2. There are various ways to play text stunts, and customers can change them according to their needs.

3. By playing advertisements in sections and time-sharing, the advertising effect in primetime is more prominent, and the cost performance of customer investment in other time periods is higher.

4. Multi program cycle playback, customers can adjust according to the situation.

5. The brightness can be adjusted by time and section, and the brightness can be reduced at night to reduce light pollution.

6. It supports dot matrix picture broadcasting and can broadcast public welfare information, government publicity information, enterprise advertising, etc.

7. High energy efficiency switching power supply, 9 ~ 36V normal pressure operation.

1.3. Application

The mobile/vehicle LED screen is easy moving for wide viewing area & more audiences, it’s the best carrier for advertisements.

The most common ones are the taxi LED signs, mobile LED trailers, etc. The feature of mobile anytime makes it possible to appears in many places, such as streets, timing, drive-in ceremony during Pandemic, and other events.

Considering the cost and practicality, we can choose different models for us in different places. The details as follows:

a. Commercial advertisement/DOOH & entertainment events

1. Rear window LED display: In terms of display on the rear window of taxis, bus, and engineering vehicles, the display is generally in single and double colors, displaying text information, and transmission methods include wireless, wired, U disk, etc.

2. Roof LED screen: used on the roof of the taxi, not only plays the role of the taxi light box, but also displays advertisements. Let mobile media run all over the city. It is mostly used to display text information through GSM, GPRS, and GPS.

3. Mobile LED Display truck: Mostly used for advertisements, public welfare publicity, performances, etc. It mainly plays videos, pictures, and other information.

Generally, it is refitted on a large vehicle and customized according to different needs, which can lift the vehicle-mounted LED display. Used in square celebrations, outdoor performance stage backgrounds, etc., limited investment brings unlimited business opportunities for advertising investors.

4. Bus LED display: The good image of the bus plays an important role. It can obtain timely news, weather forecast advertisements and other information wirelessly, and can simultaneously display comprehensive information such as stop announcement information. It not only provides passengers with a higher level of service but also brings significant benefits to operators.

Suggested model: P4 around (P3, P5) full color LED: taxi roof LED signs, P6.67 around (P5 & P6) full color LED: mobile LED trailer.

b. Smart city/Government traffic system

The common applications are LED traffic signals, LED indicators on buses, (bullet) trains, subway, etc. As part of smart city, the intelligent bus with a central control screen helps citizens easier & more convenient traveling. Meanwhile, it is used for Highway Administration, Patrol Police, Administrative Law Enforcement vehicles. Not only can the flashing light be installed, but also information can be displayed, and the information content can be changed at any time.

For example, in Changsha city, the smart synchronize signal screen on the back window, allows the car driver behind them to know the traffic status easily, and avoid running red lights by accident due to obstructed vision.

What’s more, communicate with the traffic lights is also workable, to shorten the time of red light & extend the time of green light according to the traffic status. Makes the traffic more smoothly, safer & more humanized. That might be also one of the reasons why Changsha city is “The happiest city in China”.

Suggested model: Single color, double color & full color P10 for bus signs.

c. Smart private car experience

Well-known car brands such as Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, etc. have joined the “revolution” of the smart car association, creating more intelligent interactive scenes through on-board displays and car system upgrades. It requires high/auto-adjustable brightness, high reliability, low latency & high resolution.

Suitable model: Micro LED

Chapter 2. How Mobile LED Truck Works?

2.1. Control System

For advertisement signs and traffic signs on bus & taxi, usually asyn. The Control system is better, with wifi, 4G or USB would allow the screen to be controlled remotely after all set up on the central body, for some bus & taxi display, the GPS function is also needed to track & update the route timely.

Take our P4 double-sided standard size taxi top dual-LED sign for example

Novastar wifi & 4G control

Screen size               960mm(W)*320mm(H)*2(Sides)

Resolution               240(W)*80(H)*2(Sides)= 38400 pixel dots

Multimedia player      Novastar T3 card built in + 4G module matches your area

Receiving card            Novastar MRV336

If need GPS function, Colorlight, Xixun or Huidu would be workable.

For events/live shows that require sounds & music that needs HDMI input, sync, control system is better, with video processor can realize this function.

For private car micro screen & smart central communicable control system, an OEM control system is needed.

2.2. Electricity supply/Input

For 110V Country: Such as US, Canada etc.

If keep previous electricity input from mobile itself, then the screen has to be with 12vDC power supply, usually like Lavalee Vehicle LED Screen Power Supply, the quantity has to be double compared to other traditional LED Billboard. While we have to be frank with you, this option is not so efficient & stable.

The other option is to use diesel generator to transfer 12V DC into 220 AC, then it will like the traditional LED Panel and can work directly.

For 220V Country: Such as UK, Middle East, etc.

If keep previous electricity input from the mobile/truck itself, then the screen has to be with 24vDC power supply, this option is not so efficient & stable as mentioned.

The other option is to use diesel generator to transfer 24V DC into 220 AC too.

Actually, if you don’t want to use generators as the power supply system, the environmentally friendly solution is to adopt optional solar battery power supply: independent power supply, high performance, uninterrupted power supply, not restricted by geographic location, safe and reliable, pollution-free, noise-free, environmentally friendly and beautiful, without much maintenance.

led truck screen

Chapter 3. Is There Anything We Need to Noticed for Truck LED Screen?

1. Considering that some places have higher requirements for noise, we suggest that choose power supply without Fan to reduce noise according to your project.

2. For Truck LED Display, in order to extend the life of the LED Screen, adopts shockproof chassis and anti-vibration pad to protect it.

3. You also can choose the connector with anti-vibration function.

4. The flat cable and power cable are all reinforced displays with self-locking buckles to prevent the module from falling off after vibration.

5. Brightness problem:

For Bus/Taxi/Truck LED Screen, its brightness will affect vision and traffic safety issues. The brightness of the screen is too bright to affect travel safety, and if it’s too lower affects the visual experience of passengers and pedestrians. So how much should the brightness of the LED display on the bus be adjusted to be appropriate?

Take the Taxi LED display of Linsn LED as an example. In fact, you can determine the brightness according to the environment. You can first adjust it to 50 and then manually adjust it.

If there is direct sunlight, it needs 7000-8000 cd/㎡ Brightness to be displayed clearly. If the LED Display brightness is low.

To Sum up

In this article, we introduce truck LED display, the types of LED display screen which is occupying increasing market share nowadays, and its functions, how it works and how to choose the right one. If there is any more information about it, please contact us.