What Is LINSN LED Control Card?

What Is linsn led Control Card? Linsn led control system is a led display controller system. It including: single color/dual color LED control card, and full color led control system and the accessories like multi function card with sensor for brightness and temperature adjustment.

Linsn LED Card

For the single and dual color led control system:it has the DS801/DS802 led sending card, and RV901,RV908 led receiving card.

For the full color led display controller:it has the TS801,TS802 led sending card,and RV901,Rv908 led receiver for the full color led display module.

Accessories including:The EX901D multi function card with light sensor,SC801/MC801 fiber converter and CN701 signal repeater and EB701 signal distributor.

For the TS852 led sender Box:it has the TS802 led sending card inside,it is easy to connect with the laptop to control the led display module. if you want to install the led sending card in the control box,you can buy the SB-8 LED Sender Box.