Top Cabinet for XR LED Wall: NG500 Series

XR LED wall, as a new-trending virtual production for filming and studio, is now occupying more market shares than ever before, and enjoying a bright prospect. 

As the heart of XR stage, LED wall must ensure high-quality image quality, wide grayscale and also reasonable brightness level. Thus, choosing such display needs to have a wise investment on good products and reliable suppliers.

In today’s post, I am going to show you everything about XR LED wall – from its technology, working principles, necessary parts for combining a outstanding one, and good product you should be recommended!

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1. What Is An XR Wall?

Take it literally, XR wall is an innovative way for filming and entertaining which combines both technology of LED display wall and XR.

The heart of XR stage is LED wall, which play the vital role of displaying images, videos and showing the superior effect. The other components includes  camera tracking system, controller, graphic engine, rendering server and virtual production pipeline.

1.1 How Do XR Stages Work?

Although this question seems to involve some complex technical terms, the working principles behinds it are still simple.

LED virtual production technology combines the technologies of a large wraparound LED wall, game engine (UE4 game engine), and camera with a tracking device on top. Next, we will explain these components separately.

First, the game engine, often the UE4 game engine, is a kind of software that can create special effects which will be displayed on the LED display screen.

Second, LED wall. It is the background and displays the special effects. The whole structures often like the picture shows:

xr stage construction

Third, the camera with a tracking device. This kind of camera can capture the relative location of the screen and actors , and send the tracking data to the game engine to help game engine produce special effect to display on the LED wall.

1.2 Whole Process of XR Stage Working

How XR Studio Works

2. NG500 Series - Top LED Cabinet for LED Walls for Filming

NG500 series is specially designed for high-definition LED displays such as XR LED wall. We will dive into deeply from five points to discover why it is one of the top choices for LED XR production.

The aspects we will discuss include: 

ng500 xr led wall

2.1 NG500, How About the Visual Performance?

We all know that visual performance is the key factor that decides the final quality of virtual production LED wall. Linsn NG500 series XR LED cabinet can show you high-standard visual effect from all aspects:

(1) High definition: the pixel pitch is P2.604, making the screen a small pixel LED display.

(2) High refresh rate: high refresh rate up to 7680Hz, enabling stable visual performance without flickering when filming.

(3) Wide grayscale: 16 bit grayscale, more delicate image quality.

(4) Support almost all types of contents: 4K HD videos allowed.

2.2 Multiple Installation Supported

For the construction of XR LED stage, multiple installation such as hanging installation and curved installation are indispensable.

These two installations require high safety and delicated design of LED screen. 

Linsn NG500 series achieves these two points perfectly.

Hanging installation

NG500 Hanging Installation
NG500 Hanging Installation
NG500 Hanging Installation
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Curved Installation

Just as you see, Linsn NG500 series supports seamless curved LED display installation with high surface flatness.

For LED wall virtual production, this is an important feature when needing this structure.

2.3 Creative LED Screen Shapes

Based on the quick lock system and highly compatible design, NG500 series supports various screen shapes such as cylinder LED display, curved LED display, and other kinds of creative LED display.

In this way, Linsn NG500 can play multiple roles of the construction of XR LED stages to create more unexpected using scenarios for you.

3. What Are the Benefits of XR LED Screen?

The benefits of XR LED screen are mainly reflected in two aspects: reducing workload of post production and creating more realistic environment. For example:

(1) Simplifying image matting such as the very arduous process of translucent glass;

(2) Giving out light that emulates the real light source in the real world to create right reflected light;

(3) Directors and cinematographers can see and modify background locations and visual effects when shooting the film;

(4) Helping to reduce workload of set extensions;

(5) Saving time and money for the time-consuming scene changes;

(6) Entertaining and attracting people by this surreal scenarios brought by XR technology and LED display screen;

(7) Actors The actors will have more reference instead of taking using the green screen as the a substitute for the Computer Generated(CG) computer generated (CG) elements and pretending there is something.

4. Conclusions

XR LED wall is a new trend for filming, advertising and entertaining. 

It can engage viewers effectively, and also impress them with what you want to display or advertise.

Linsn LED provides customers with high-standard LED display at a reasonable price! For XR stage, we have NG500 series can be your first choice.

Want to get a detailed quotation, or any information you want to know about virtual production LED wall? 

Then just contact us now! Our professional staff will response to you as fast as possible.