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Linsn LED Control System

Linsn LED Control System is a LED Display Controller that including the LED Sending Card,LED Receiving Card which is most used for fullcolor synchronous led control system and double color asynchronous led controller.

linsn led control system

The Software-LEDStudio is highly praised by the LED Control System's Clients. Now there are editions diverse languages available, Including:English, Traditional Chinese, Janpanese, French, Russian,Spanish,Poturguese,Italian, can download the latest LEDStudio Software and LED Control System Manuals from Download Center.
Linsn LED Control Card Pricelist including LED Sending Card,LED Receiving Card.
.901 Series LED Receiving Card Support the Driving IC MY9269,MBI5050.
iron.How to connect the Linsn LED Card with the Controlling Computer and LED Display
iron.How To Install TS801,SD801D LED Sending Card to SB-8 LED Sender Box
iron How to Config Real and Virtual Pixel by LEDStudio Software
iron The Difference between Linsn LED Fiber Converter SC801 and MC801
iron How to Connect the LED Fiber Converter of LED Display Screen
iron How to cascade control the led display by linsn led card
iron EX901/EX902/EX903 Multi Function LED Control Card Difference

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