How to Make 3D Billboard? Simple and Quick Guidance!

How to make 3D billboard? If you have such a question then it is right for you to read this post. We will introduce to you why such amazing 3D effect can be created, and what are the critical points when you try to pick the proper 3D display.

How Do 3D Billboards Work?

We can explain this principle in a simple manner:

There are two images that will be displayed on the LED screen. However, they are taken from two different perspectives and can be combined into single footage.

It is just like a little trick for your eyes – the 3D effect is achieved by this special processing technology, but the screen itself is still 2D dimension.

So, what is the detail? 

For the 3D naked-eye screen, two different images are displayed, and both photos are taken from two different angles to be combined. 

Therefore, our left and right eyes see different images with no obvious perception, resulting in the depth observed in 3D video clips.

3d-led-billboard technology

Just like the picture shows, right eyes and left eyes will receive different images thus 3D visual effect will be created.

Now, you may have already understood how to make a 3D billboard: A high-quality 2D LED display + display contents.

So, is there any key points for you to make sure these two parts can all work well to bring you ideal visual effect?

Of course! Now we will start explain to you what you should notice when choose your right 3D LED screen, and content providers.

How to Make A 3D Billboard?

Here we will list the needed features of 3D LED displays for you. 

1. Seamless curved LED displays

First, you need to choose a seamless LED display, especially when needing a curved LED display.

how to make 3d billboard

Just as the pictures show many of 3D LED billboards will have a corner, thus it is important for them to have a seamless surface and smooth connection. Otherwise, the visual effect will become not so real at all.

Linsn provides perfect curved LED displays as we can combine a 90-degree LED display with a common flat LED screen to create the best final effect!

of800 3d

Like the product pictures above, we manufactured special curved LED display to connect with our high-quality LED display screen to make the perfect corner.

2. High-standard configurations

As 3D digital billboard need to display high-definition 3D contents, the configurations should be high standard. Here are the requirements for its refreshment, grayscale, and dynamic contrast.

(1) high refreshment: ≥3840hz

(2) High grayscale: ≥14bit

(3) High dynamic contrast

(4) Configure multi-graphics card

A professional decoder and 3D video source are also needed. And for outdoor LED billboard, the brightness level should reach certain level to show the images clearly even under sunlight.

3. 3D content for displaying

To get the ideal 3D contents you want, generally, there are some steps to do:

(1) Discuss creative pre-design/preview/style: PDF, image, design drawings, creative explanation, etc.

(2) Customer data organization: such as LOGO, character IP, copywriting, etc.

(3) Data collection: it is formulated for on-site information

(4) Effect reference: It is formulated for on-site information

Also, there are more things to do after these preparations. But do not worry, 3D content provider will take hold for you. We will discuss how to ensure you get satisfied 3D videos then.

How to Make Satisfied 3D Advertising Contents?

Typically, 3D advertising contents are produced by professional providers, and some details you need to give to them for making better 3D effect.

1. The brands and products introduction

Helps designers understand the brand or product

2. Provide relevant KV main visual diagram

PSD layered images with above 1080P resolution

3. Creative appeal points

Discuss some important creative points expresses about the brand or product

4. Related AI information

Such as LOGO, standard characters, etc.

The more accurate the material, the better the effect.

Official production period

1. Static mirroring
2. Dynamic mirroring, mirroring refinement
3. LED scene restoration
4. Three-dimensional scene
5. Character, product animation
6. Rendering output
7. Post synthesis
8. Finished output
9. Finished video correction
10. Upload the screen

How to Make 3D Billboard Videos on Curved Screen?

In this video, the process of how to make 3D billboard on curved screen used Blender is described in detail.


(1) Determine the screen size and height, as well as the ideal position of the viewer.

(2) Set the camera’s focal length and angle to capture the screen optimally.

Step 1: Modeling the Screen:

(1) Create a model representing the screen in Blender.

(2) Separate the screen into a separate object.

Step 2: Setting up 3D Content:

(1) Import your 3D models and set up lighting and materials.

(2) Add animation effects to the 3D content.

Step 3: Setting up the Screen:

(1) Use UV project modifier to project the images rendered by the camera onto the screen.

(2) Adjust projection settings to match the screen’s viewing angle and size.

Step 4: Adjusting Materials and Borders:

(1) Set up screen material to make it look like a realistic display screen.

(2) Add border loops to ensure the video does not distort.

Step 4: Rendering Test Images:

Render single frame images to check the alignment of the screen and 3D content.

Step 5: Creating the Anamorphic Video:

(1) Set the screen to play the 3D content’s UV-mapped region.

(2) Align the camera to the screen to capture the anamorphic effect video.

(3) Render the entire video sequence and save it as MP4 format.

By following these organized steps, you can effectively create stunning 3D anamorphic illusion videos in Blender.

How Much Does It Cost to Make A 3D Billboard?

There are many factors to decide the final prices including sizes and complexity, design and graphics, materials, location, installation process, maintenance, quantity of cabinets, etc.

The prices vary due to numerous factors influencing the final cost. Let’s break down this point into several parts:

(1) Video Complexity: 

The intricacy of the video content significantly impacts the overall pricing.

(2) Screen Specifications: 

Various aspects of the screen, such as size, resolution, and technology, contribute to the pricing.

(3) Production Complexity: 

The level of complexity involved in producing the content, including graphics, animation, and special effects, influences the cost.

(4) Video Duration: 

The length of the video affects the pricing, with longer videos generally incurring higher costs.

(5) Production Timeline: 

The urgency of the project and turnaround time required may impact pricing.

(6) Indoor or Outdoor Installation: 

Whether the display will be placed indoors or outdoors affects the pricing due to different environmental considerations and requirements.

(7) LED Control System: 

The type and sophistication of the LED control system employed influence the pricing.

(8) Location: 

The geographical location of the installation site may affect logistical considerations and associated costs.

(9) Lease Duration: 

The duration of the lease agreement for the display space may impact the pricing structure.

(10) Construction Fees: 

Any additional construction or installation fees required for the display setup contribute to the overall cost. 


(1) Are 3D billboards in China real?

Yes, there are many amazing 3D billboards in China such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, etc.

These 3D displays are renowned worldwide, attracting significant foot traffic and generating substantial profits.

If you want to know these China 3D billboards further, just turn to this page:

China 3D Billboard Introduction 2024

(2) Which company makes 3D billboard?

Linsn LED is a professional 3D LED display company that make high-quality 3D billboard. 

This company owns 12,000 square meters factory and a skilled team of production and sales. It provides high-standard curved LED screens, reliable LED controllers, 7/24 hours services, etc.

(3) Are digital billboards profitable?

Yes, digital billboard is profitable and can bring you good return in long-term run.

Here are several noteworthy discoveries:

a. A study conducted by Nielsen revealed that 58% of U.S. adults actively engage with roadside billboards. Additionally, it highlighted the effectiveness of billboards in reaching younger demographics, particularly individuals aged 18-34.

b. As per a report by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, billboards have the potential to achieve substantial ad recall and engage a diverse audience. 

The research indicates that 66% of drivers frequently or occasionally notice billboards during their daily commute.

c. Research conducted by the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement demonstrated the significant impact of billboards on brand awareness. 

The study found that 71% of participants recalled specific billboard messages, even after exposure to digital and mobile advertising campaigns.

There are more factors deciding its high profit margin: long service life up to 10,000 hours; easy maintenance saving labor costs and maintenance costs; high protection ability preventing the screen from damages; low power consumption, and so on.

(4) Which cities have 3D billboards?

There are such large screens worldwide – America, China, Japan, Korea, Russia, etc.

The cities have 3D billboards including New York City, Tokyo, London, Shanghai, and Dubai. However, the use of 3D billboards is not limited to these cities, as they can be found in many urban centers globally, where advertisers seek innovative ways to capture the attention of passersby.

To Sum up

How to make 3D billboard? You may have answers now after reading this short post: high-quality 3D LED displays and 3D contents. Also, we give you the process of creating 3D advertising contents and the required index for chosen LED display.

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